30+ Authentic Soul Food Recipes

Soul food is Southern cooking that feeds the spirit. You could say it’s comfort food because it’s food that many southerners grew up eating at their family dinner table.

Soul food dishes are just what they sound like: food for the soul. These delicious recipes are made with love and inspired by long-held southern traditions.

Authentic Soul Food Recipes

Let’s dive in and explore some of the best soul food Sunday dinner ideas out there. 

Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese

This delicious baked macaroni and cheese is basically a masterpiece. This is one of the most traditional soul food recipes and it’s rich, creamy, and absolutely perfect.


Surely cornbread was invented in heaven because it’s just that delicious. Whether you like your cornbread sweet or savory, it’s still pure comfort food.

Baked Beans

Southern baked beans are the perfect side dish for outdoor cookouts and picnics. Baked beans go wonderfully with BBQ, hamburgers, hot dogs, and more.

Shepherd’s Pie

The truth is, shepherd’s pie that’s made with beef is supposed to be called cottage pie, but you will invoke a war if you try to call it that.

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