26 Fall Cocktails to Cozy Up With

We tend to think of hot summer nights when we think about sitting back and enjoying a cocktail.

The fall is a particular season where we start to say goodbye to the summer and its scorching temperatures and hello to cool, crisp air, color-turning leaves, and some of our favorite cozy fall cocktails. Many fall cocktails are designed to warm your bones while exciting your taste buds.

However, there are some excellent fall cocktails that we think everyone should try.

Fall is a season of anticipation of celebrations and what better way to celebrate than with autumn cocktails?

Hard apple cider cocktail with fall cinnamon, cardamom and star anise

As the leaves begin to change color and the air turns crisp, it’s time to start transitioning your cocktail menu to embrace the flavors of fall. The season offers a plethora of rich, warm, and inviting tastes that pair perfectly with cooler weather. From spicy cinnamon accents to classic apple delights, these autumn-inspired cocktails will add a touch of sophistication to your gatherings and help you celebrate the season in style.

In fact, there is a good argument to be made that fall is the perfect time to sit back and enjoy a cocktail with friends and family.

We have decided that it’s time to share some of our favorite fall drinks. Fall alcoholic drinks are all over the internet this time of year, and below, we have shared 26 of our favorite fall cocktail recipes.

Bottoms up, and cheers!

Source: acouplecooks.com

1. Fireball and Apple Cider

Let’s start this list of autumn cocktails off with a bang with a tangy and spicy apple cider cocktail.

Fireball is a cinnamon whiskey that is as spicy as it sounds. The spicy cinnamon pairs beautifully with tangy apple cider.

This spicy liquor isn’t just for doing shots when you’re on vacation. When you mix it up well with other ingredients, it can be completely sophisticated.

The Fireball Cider cocktail delivers a bang, and it will definitely warm you up from your toes to the top of your head.

To garnish this cocktail, use a lemon peel and a cinnamon stick.

Source: winemag.com

2. Hot Buttered Rum

If comfort food could be bottled up as a spirit, it would be the classic autumn cocktail called hot buttered rum.

This is more than a cocktail. It’s liquid soul food, and it absolutely warms both soul and body.

The ingredient list for this classic cocktail is a bit long, but it’s worth it.

Spices include ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and salt. Pure vanilla extract adds flavor, and you use four ounces of unsalted butter.

Aged or dark rum works beautifully in this classic fall drink. Garnish with a cinnamon stick for flavor and aroma.

Source: wellplated.com

3. Mulled Wine

If you’re a person who enjoys fall cocktails, you have probably had a glass of mulled wine at one time or another.

This delicious wine is a traditional Christmas drink, but it’s also delicious for fall.

For entertaining a large group of people, this cocktail is perfect because it is made in huge batches in your slow cooker. How easy is that?

You can also heat it on your stovetop if you prefer that. It smells wonderful thanks to the cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, orange, apple cider, and star anise.

Making this wine with a bit of blood orange juice can give this alcoholic drink an interesting flavor.

Brandy or mulled cider gives this mulled wine its nice kick. Apple brandy would make a great choice for this drink, too.

Source: berkshireroots.com

4. Sparkling Honey Roasted Pear Mocktail

How does honey-roasted pear sound to you?

When you add honey to that phrase, it sounds absolutely decadent to us!

This little glass of heaven has not just the roasted pears, but also some wonderful spices, including cinnamon, ground nutmeg, ground clove, and a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract.

A tablespoon of balsamic vinegar gives this cocktail a refreshing and interesting kick.

You can mix your drink with grapefruit juice or sparkling white grape juice. Alternatively, you can use sparkling wine or champagne.

Source: thecourntrycook.net

5. Pumpkin Spice White Russian

A White Russian fall cocktail is usually made with coffee, cream, and vodka. Just those three wonderful little ingredients create an absolutely heavenly cocktail.

However, to make this Pumpkin Spice White Russian, you’re going to substitute Kahlua (coffee-flavored liqueur) for the coffee.

Technically, it’s not precisely a White Russian if you don’t have vodka, but it’s fall, so we’re going to be flexible.

This recipe calls for whole milk, but you can use almond milk if you like.

You can also use pumpkin spice creamer if you don’t have pumpkin pie spice in your pantry.

Source: punchfork.com

6. Autumn Apple Bourbon Fizz

How does a fizzy ginger beer that’s laced with warming bourbon sound to you?

Throw in some apple butter and you’ve basically got October in a glass.

Cinnamon adds even more to the autumn flavors in this decadent cocktail.

If you don’t have ginger beer, you can use ginger ale with equally delicious results.

Garnish this gorgeous fall cocktail with an orange wedge and a fresh fig. For the rim, use sugar and cinnamon to add some goodness.

Source: theblondcook.com

7. Cranberry Mimosa

Cranberry juice and champagne are so perfect together that it’s like a match made in heaven.

This is one of those cocktails that are so impressive but also so incredibly easy to make.

The sprig of rosemary adds a beautiful garnish and also a lovely aroma.

To make these gorgeous Cranberry Mimosas, you need your favorite champagne, an orange liqueur like Triple Sec, and cranberry juice cocktail.

One thing you can do to make this cocktail even more perfect is to sugar the rim. Yum!

Source: cookieandkate.com

8. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Nothing warms the bones like a steaming hot toddy, and we are here with a whiskey cocktail just for autumn.

Like many of the drinks on our list of favorite fall cocktail recipes, this one makes use of apple cider. Whiskey and lemon give this toddy the medicinal goodness that makes it so popular.

However, this drink isn’t just about the therapeutic benefits of whiskey (real that they may be) or bourbon. This toddy also has green tea in it, so it brings some solid feel-good mojo.

Use the juice from half of a small lemon and you’ve got a nice dose of vitamin C to go with your whiskey or bourbon.

Source: foodschmooze.org

9. Brown Turkey Fig Bubbly with Brown Sugar

Fresh figs are incredibly versatile.

If your primary experience with figs is the popular Fig Newton cookie, it’s time to try something new with this delicious fruit.

The Brown Turkey cocktail was created by a bartender named Justin Chamberlin.

The Austin, Texas bartender tasted fig in a Thanksgiving stuffing and knew he had to make a cocktail out of this interesting fruit.

This interesting cocktail combines the subtle flavors of aged rum with the dark sweetness of figs. Add in a pop of bubbly sparkling wine and you have a masterpiece.

Source: recipegirl.com

10. Apple Cider Sangria

If you love sangria, you don’t want to miss trying sangria made with apple cider.

There are several different ways to make sangria and this is definitely one of our favorites.

This sangria gets its flavor from some delicious autumn fruits like pears and apples.

Pomegranate seeds are used to add color and flavor, and brandy and apple whiskey bring the warmth. You can also use bourbon or apple brandy in this autumn cocktail.

This sangria is made with Prosecco, but you can substitute sparkling cider if you want to.

Garnish this gorgeous drink with star anise and cinnamon.

Source: savoredsips.com

11. Ginger Pear Bourbon Cocktail

To make this decadent cocktail, you need to make some homemade simple syrup with ginger pears. However, don’t let that sway you. It’s super easy.

Also, once you make your ginger pear simple syrup, you can use it in other cocktail recipes or keep it in the fridge to make more of these beauties.

This ginger pear bourbon martini has a delightfully warm undertone, and the pear adds sweet notes.

The ginger simple syrup brings the spicy finish that we are all craving this time of year.

Source: gimmesomeoven.com

12. Maple Old Fashioned

A classic Old Fashioned cocktail is perfect just as it is, but when you add a little fall twist, you can’t go wrong.

To make this Maple Old Fashioned, you’re going to use maple syrup to sweeten it.

The syrup really evens out the aromatic Angostura bitters.

For the alcohol, you can use either bourbon or rye in this new twist on an old classic.

Garnish your Maple Old Fashioned with a maraschino cherry and an orange peel.

Source: kitchenswagger.com

13. Caramel Apple Martini

Caramel apples always make us think of fall carnivals and this Caramel Apple Martini is here just in time for autumn.

This delicious martini is made with caramel vodka (who knew that was a thing???), apple cider, and vanilla vodka.

Apparently, there is even a salted caramel vodka. Where have these guys been all our lives?

You can also optionally use a bit of sour apple pucker to give this cocktail even more apple flavor.

Garnish this gorgeous drink with a sliced apple. This autumn cocktail tastes as decadent as a freshly baked apple pie.

Source: whitneybond.com

14. Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule

Cranberries are the beloved berries of autumn and winter, and they deliver quite a kick in this Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule Punch.

You can serve this at holiday parties right on into the new year. It’s a seasonal beverage for more than one season, much like cranberries are for more than one holiday.

To make this fall cocktail, use cranberry apple juice, ginger beer, and fresh lime juice.

The liquor to use is vodka, and the diced apples and cranberries floating on top are just gorgeous. Garnish this fall drink with lime.

Source: foxeslovelemons.com

15. Caramel Apple Cider Mule

Did you know that caramel vodka is a thing? Yes, yes, it is.

This cocktail is a twist on one of our favorite classic cocktails, the Moscow Mule.

The Moscow Mule we all know and love has ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice. This cocktail adds a fresh fall-tasting spin.

This caramel vodka version has nutmeg seed, a cinnamon stick, sugar, and water in the spiced simple syrup.

Traditionally, the Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug. They say copper helps keep the cocktail nice and cold.

Source: thecookierookie.com

16. Apple Cider Mimosa

Who can resist a mimosa in any season of the year?

When it comes to fall, this apple cider mimosa is all about autumn flavors.

We harvest apples in the fall, and that’s why there are so many apple-flavored treats at this time of year.

Apple cider is a timeless beverage, so it only makes sense to use it in fall cocktail recipes and fall mixed drinks.

This mimosa is made with apple cider and champagne.

For the glass, use gold and silver sugar sprinkles. Garnish with two apple slices.

Source: crownroyal.com

17. Vanilla Chai Old Fashioned

Do you want another twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail? This Vanilla Chai Old Fashioned made with Crown Royal will warm your heart (and your tummy).

This beautiful cocktail gets its sweet flavor from chai tea syrup, which perfectly balances out the orange bitters.

To make this Old Fashioned, we recommend using Crown Royal Vanilla. Yes, it’s just as amazing as it sounds.

An ounce of lemon juice adds flavor and some vitamin C, so this is totally good for you.

Garnish this fall drink with star anise, an orange slice, and cinnamon.

Source: withsaltandwit.com

18. Pumpkin Apple Shandy

Autumn cocktails seem to be all about pumpkins and apples, so why not combine the two for this delicious Pumpkin Apple Shandy?

The typical shandy is a beer mixed with other beverages, including ginger beer, lemonade, apple juice, orange juice, or ginger ale.

This Pumpkin Apple Shandy starts with a base of apple cider. Added to pumpkin beer, how can this possibly be anything but wonderful?

The juice of half of an orange adds some wonderful zing and even more autumn flavor.

Garnish this cocktail with slices of oranges and apples.

Source: creative-culinary.com

19. Apple Cider Bellini

Anytime we can use rosemary in a cocktail, it’s a good day.

You can enjoy this Apple Cider Bellini Cocktail for brunch or other holiday meals.

This delicious and energizing cocktail makes use of orange liqueur, along with apple cider.

The star of this cocktail is the Prosecco, and of course, the fresh rosemary sprigs for garnish are only a close second.

The rosemary sprigs add not just flavor but also a luscious aroma.

This bellini gets its sweetness from maple syrup, another timeless fall flavor.

Source: acouplecooks.com

20. Cranberry Margarita

We love a good margarita, and when it comes to seasonal and holiday margaritas, bring it on!

This bright red margarita is bursting with both flavor and color and it’s delicious enough to be served year-round.

To make these Cranberry Margaritas, buy 100% cranberry juice, not the sweetened cranberry juice cocktail.

For tequila, the author of this recipe recommends reposado or tequila blanco. Cointreau adds just the right flavor.

To sweeten your Cranberry Margarita, use maple syrup or simple syrup.

Garnish this gorgeous fall cocktail with a rosemary sprig and cranberries.

Source: nospoonnecessary.com

21. Pumpkin Pie Martini

How does autumn in a chilled glass sound?

It was bound to happen. Pumpkin-flavored stuff is all over the place in the autumn, and pumpkin spice is hugely popular.

So of course, there has to be a pumpkin pie martini. It just makes sense.

Oh, and it’s completely delicious, too.

Unlike a lot of pumpkin spice flavored foods and beverages, this martini actually has pumpkin in it, and we are delighted.

Use half and half to make this cocktail incredibly creamy. Also, dark rum or spiced rum is what makes it so delicious.

Source: freutcake.com

22. Pumpkin Pie Moscow Mule

As we’ve already mentioned, Moscow Mules are traditionally served in copper mugs.

Besides keeping your cocktail nice and cold, the original creator of this classic cocktail apparently had a girlfriend who owned a copper factory. Who knew, right?

This version of the Moscow Mule has vanilla vodka. Other ingredients include pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, lime, and ginger beer.

What a time to be alive, when such wonderfully flavored liquors exist!

Source: thecookierookie.com

23. Apple Cider Margarita

Are you ready to go to Margaritaville? Apple cider can take you there!

This delicious and unique twist on the classic margarita is perfect to enjoy this fall.

These Apple Cider Margaritas are sweetened with maple syrup and the glass has a tasty cinnamon and sugar rim.

To make these margaritas, you need apple cider, white tequila, Triple Sec or Cointreau, maple syrup, and fresh lime juice.

After you add all of the ingredients to your glass, use a cocktail shaker to shake it all up. Garnish with an apple slice.

Source: floridadancingjuice.com

24. Toasted Pecan Old-Fashioned

Are you a fan of pecan pie? But honestly, most people are.

Pecans start to fall in the autumn, and we are there to pick them up and make delicious pecan desserts, quick bread, cookies, and now, this cocktail.

This Old Fashioned cocktail uses a homemade pecan-flavored simple syrup to give it the delightful pecan flavor.

Try this fall cocktail recipe with rye whiskey or bourbon for interest.

We love how this cocktail is garnished with a pecan and a maraschino cherry.

Also, this is wonderful and whimsical: the crushed graham crackers for the cocktail’s rim.

Source: garnishwithlemon.com

25. Pomegranate Gin Cocktail

The pomegranate is an absolutely decadent fruit, and we love the flavor.

Besides being delicious, pomegranates are antioxidant-rich, so you’re getting some wholesome goodness with your gin in this case.

To make this gorgeous cocktail, you use not just gin, but also elderflower liqueur, which is both fragrant and flavorful.

The pomegranate juice adds to the rich red color and flavor.

For garnish, a lemon wedge is perfect, but if you don’t have lemon, you can use an orange slice.

Source: acouplecooks.com

26. Black Russian

If a White Russian is made with Kahlua, vodka, and cream, what is a Black Russian made from?

Well, you just leave out the cream!

The Black Russian made its appearance in 1949 and was first served by a Belgian bartender named Gustave Tops. Mr. Tops created the cocktail at Brussels’ Hotel Metropole to honor Perle Mesta, an American ambassador.

The name of the cocktail has Russian in it as a nod to Russia’s beloved vodka.

A Black Russian is made with vodka and Kahlua. We like to garnish ours with a cherry.

Watch the video below for more great fall cocktails.

Hard apple cider cocktail with fall cinnamon, cardamom and star anise

26 Fall Cocktails to Cozy Up With (+Fireball And Apple Cider)

These recipes are sure to please. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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  • 2 oz Fireball whisky
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 3 oz apple cider
  • Ice try using clear ice
  • Optional: Lemon peel and cinnamon stick for garnish


  • Stir the Fireball whisky, lemon juice, and apple cider together in a lowball glass.
  • Finally, fill it with your ice (preferably clear ice) and serve.


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