50+ Easy & Delicious Soup Recipes You Must Try

It doesn’t matter if it’s thick or thin, hot or cold, if there’s one thing we all know, soup always hits the right spot.

These savory and hearty soup recipes feature a range of flavors sure to appeal to your tastes, from subtle to robustly seasoned.

Easy Soup Recipes

Here are 51 of the best homemade soup recipes.

Potato Soup

It doesn’t get much simpler than cheesy, creamy, hearty potato soup when it comes to simple soup recipes. In this recipe, you have flavorful chunks of potatoes, garlic, carrots, better than bouillon chicken base, parsley, butter, flour, whole milk, salt, and pepper.

Clam Chowder

Along with the beautiful fall leaves, authentic New England clam chowder is one of the most savory soup ideas that brings thousands of folks up to the frigid coast.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

One of our favorite creamy homemade soup recipes is this Cream of Mushroom Soup. In this recipe, we have two types of delicious mushrooms: crimini and shitake.

Creamy Cauliflower Soup

If you’re looking for new healthy soup recipes, then you can’t go wrong with this recipe for creamy cauliflower soup. This soup is the perfect way to get more veggies in your diet.

Lasagna Soup

Rich, filling, hearty, and loaded with savory Italian sausage, this soup also features thick lasagna noodles swimming in a deliciously-seasoned tomato broth.

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