What To Serve with Scallops (23 Side Dishes)

A tasty seafood, scallops are a scrumptious dish loved by many all over the world.

We love pan-seared scallops, and they are perfect with simple side dishes. Whether you want an easy green salad or a hot baked potato, there's something for you.

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Serve with Scallops

Every single one of these dishes will be the perfect compliment for fresh scallops.

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Asparagus and lemon risotto

Lemon makes the perfect alternative to classic tomato dishes as it freshens up scallops without being too overwhelming. This tasty asparagus and lemon risotto gives you the perfect bed for your scallops and allows them to become the star of the dish.

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Brussels sprouts in a creamy lemon sauce

Scallops are accompanied by fried Brussels sprouts and salty pancetta, which is then smothered in a divine lemon sauce. These flavors combine incredibly well without overpowering the tasty scallops themselves.

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Creamy fettuccine

Creamy fettuccine, or fettuccine alfredo as it is sometimes known, makes a wonderful accompaniment to scallops. This particular dish combines rich cheesy flavors which beautifully contrast with the sweet scallops.

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Grilled shrimp

You can’t go wrong with seafood. If you love scallops, chances are you’ll love pairing them with grilled shrimp. This is the perfect dish to opt for if you’re a passionate seafood lover!

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