Easy & Quick Rice Cooker Recipes

The last few decades have given us an explosion of small kitchen appliances that can do amazing things. From the Instant Pot to the air fryer, there is something for everyone. 

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However, a lot of people swear by their rice cooker, and with good reason. Rice cookers aren’t just for rice.

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Here are 21 rice cooker recipes guaranteed to make you see your rice cooker, instant pot, or mini rice cooker in a brand new light.

Rice Cooker Saffron Rice

This dish has a mild earthy flavor and sweet taste that’s absolutely addictive!  You can even freeze your leftover rice for future meals.

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Spanish Rice With Chicken

Enjoy juicy, savory chunks of well-seasoned chicken breast along with bright and colorful rice with the perfect blend of spices for superb flavor.

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Toasted Coconut Rice Using A Rice Cooker

If you want to try something a little different with your white rice, then this toasted coconut rice dish is the perfect recipe for your rice cooker.

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Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese

You can make this classic dish in your rice cooker. It’s honestly one of the most simple “set it and forget it” rice cooker recipes you’ll ever make!

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