30+ Crazy Burger Toppings And Ideas

There’s nothing quite like a big, juicy burger for dinner with a side of fries.

The great thing about burgers is how versatile they are! You can pair the standard burger with a variety of different toppings to turn them into an exciting meal.

Fun Burger Toppings And Ideas

In this post, I will cover 31 fun burger toppings and ideas.

Homemade Pickles

It doesn’t get much more classic than adding pickles to your burger. Top your cheeseburger with your homemade pickles, and you’ll see why you went to the trouble of making your own!

Caramelized Onions

If you’re looking for a sweet, rich addition to your burger, these caramelized onions are a winner every time. Add a generous portion of fried onions on top of your burger. Delicious.


It’s rare to find a burger that doesn’t work well with bacon, and it’s easy to see why! Adding good quality smoked bacon that has been fried until it is almost crispy is an excellent addition to your burger.


There’s no denying that cheese is the ultimate topping when it comes to making your own burgers at home. You just can’t beat the humble cheeseburger!


Many would argue that a burger isn’t a burger without fresh, crunchy lettuce. Lettuce can really lift a dense and meaty burger, adding another layer of texture and a delicious, refreshing crunch as you bite through.

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