20+ Creative Breakfast Bowl Ideas

Every breakfast bowl recipe on this list has a ton of healthy ingredients that won’t just get your day started but they’ll keep you full until it’s time for lunch.

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What’s even better is just how easy they are to make. You can even prep most of them on Sunday so that when you need a quick breakfast they are ready to go.

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Whether you’re looking for something more on the sweet side or a savory bowl that will make a statement in the morning, this list of breakfast bowl ideas will get you started.

Green Smoothie Bowl

This is the smoothie bowl for anyone looking to stay healthy with their filling breakfast. This recipe is so easy to make because this mixture doesn’t take long at all and it’s made in the blender.

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Granola and Yogurt Bowls

If you’re a big fan of granola then this is going to be your new go-to recipe because the combination of smooth yogurt pairs perfectly with the crunchy granola.

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Breakfast Bacon Bread Bowls

It’s so filling you won’t need anything extra after having this breakfast in the morning, but if you do want something else just pair it with some fruit.

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Acai Bowl

It’s light and healthy with a super tasty berry flavor that everyone will love. The addition of bananas, granola, and coconut flakes makes this one incredible breakfast option you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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