Our 35+ Delicious Kidney Bean Recipes (You'll Love)


If you’ve got a can of red kidney beans (or a bag of kidney beans) in your pantry, you’re probably wondering if there are any interesting kidney bean recipes out there.

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Recipes with kidney beans can save your dinner, and a good kidney bean recipe also makes an excellent Meatless Monday meal. Whatever you’re craving, there are kidney beans recipes on this list for you and your family.

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One Pot Kidney Beans Recipe

These kidney beans have a wonderful Mediterranean flavor, with onion, garlic, turmeric, tomato paste, cumin, dried mint, Italian seasoning, cilantro, and black pepper.

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Chicken Bolognese Sauce

Kidney beans are rich in protein and other nutrients, so they’re a great add-in for any salad.

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Vegan Jambalaya

Spices in this jambalaya are onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, and oregano.

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Roasted Pepper and Red Bean Hummus

This recipe calls for white beans, but just substitute red kidney beans for a super nutritious that is great for pita chips or veggies.

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Kidney Bean Coconut Curry

In India, this curry made with kidney beans and coconut milk is called rajma chawal or rajma masala. For this recipe, you can use canned kidney beans or cooked kidney beans.

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