30+ Easy Nutella Recipes You'll Love


Nutella is rich and creamy chocolate and hazelnut spread that has been popular in Europe for years. There are so many great things you can do with Nutella, so creamy goodness awaits.

Here, we’ve pulled together the best Nutella recipes we could find, including easy Nutella desserts, unique Nutella ideas such as Nutella donuts, and indulgent Nutella snacks like Nutella cookies.

Creamy Nutella Mousse

You can eat Nutella out of the jar with a spoon and it’s as creamy as mousse, but it’s also super simple to make homemade Nutella mousse.

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Why haven’t we thought of Nutella hot chocolate before? This is an excellent idea! You need to cook this Nutella hot chocolate on the stovetop in a small saucepan for the best results.

Grilled Banana Nutella Sandwich

If you love a chocolate and banana sandwich, this grilled Nutella sandwich with bananas will be right up your alley. To make this Nutella and banana sandwich, use a nice wheat bread.

Nutella Ice Cream

With Nutella, you can have a hazelnut and chocolate flavored frozen treat that will make your friends and family swoon. This Nutella ice cream recipe produces ice cream that is rich and creamy.

Nutella Pops

We love a delicious frozen chocolate fudge pop, so we’re all about this frozen Nutella pops recipe. To make these Nutella frozen treats, you need Nutella, milk, and heavy cream.

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