Best Small and Compact Toasters: Top Picks for 2024

Small and compact toasters are a perfect addition to any kitchen, especially those with limited counter space. Toasting bread is a daily ritual for many, providing a simple yet delicious way to kickstart your day with a warm, crispy breakfast. With a small and compact toaster on your countertop, you can effortlessly add a touch of warmth and comfort to your morning routine.

Small and compact toasters not only save space but also offer efficiency and convenience. They often come with features specifically designed for individuals prioritizing space, such as slim profiles, cord storage, and easy-to-clean crumb trays. These compact models can still deliver the same evenly toasted bread as their full-sized counterparts, while providing the added benefit of consuming less energy.

When choosing the best small and compact toaster, it’s essential to consider factors such as slot size, browning controls, durability, and ease of use. Slot size determines the range of bread types and thicknesses the toaster can accommodate, while browning controls ensure you can achieve your desired level of crispiness. In addition, a durable and reliable appliance will ensure your toaster can withstand daily use for years to come.

We have dedicated time to researching and testing various small and compact toasters to help you in the pursuit of finding the best one for your needs. Our selections are based on performance, construction, and user-friendly features, ensuring that every option provides exceptional toasting quality for your daily breakfast routine.

Best Small and Compact Toasters

We’ve put together a list of the best small and compact toasters for your kitchen. Save space and enjoy perfectly toasted bread with these top-rated products.

Cuisinart 2-Slice Compact Toaster

Cuisinart 2-Slice Toaster

This toaster is a perfect choice for those seeking a small and versatile appliance for their kitchen countertop.


  • Compact design fits easily in small spaces
  • 7-setting shade dial provides customizable toasting
  • Convenient slide-out crumb tray for effortless cleaning


  • May not evenly toast both sides of the bread
  • Toasting slots might be too small for some types of bread
  • Plastic sides may feel less durable

Our experience with the Cuisinart 2-Slice Compact Toaster has been largely positive. We appreciated its space-saving design, as it easily fits into our limited kitchen space without any clutter. The 7-setting shade dial gives us great control over the level of toasting we prefer, while the slide-out crumb tray makes cleaning a breeze.

The toaster has a few shortcomings, though. We noticed that sometimes one side of the bread toasts more than the other, which can be a slight annoyance. Additionally, the toasting slots tend to be a bit narrow, so if you’re planning to use wider bread or artisan loaves, it might not fit perfectly. The plastic sides may not feel as durable as other materials, but given the price point and the compact nature of the toaster, this is a minor trade-off.

Overall, the Cuisinart 2-Slice Compact Toaster impressed us with its functionality and ease of use. It’s a solid choice for anyone in search of a small, versatile toaster that can handle various toasting tasks. Despite a few drawbacks, we would still recommend this toaster for those looking for a compact, affordable, and efficient appliance.

iSiLER 2 Slice Toaster

iSiLER 2 Slice Toaster

This compact iSiLER toaster is a great addition to any kitchen, with customizable settings and easy cleaning.


  • Accommodates thick slices of bread
  • Seven browning levels for even toasting
  • Easy cleaning with removable crumb tray


  • Outer plastic body feels less sturdy
  • Bread may toast unevenly at times
  • Control numbers can be confusing

We recently tried the iSiLER 2 Slice Toaster, and it has been a welcome addition to our kitchen. The toaster’s extra-wide slots are perfect for toasting different types of bread like bagels, muffins, and waffles. It’s a compact size, which helps save counter space, and the 750-watt power ensures quick and efficient toasting.

One of the features we enjoyed is the seven selectable browning levels for double-sided baking. This allows for optimal crispness and even browning with precise control. The defrost and reheat modes help avoid overcooking or burning, while the cancel button lets us shut the toaster down in a hurry if needed.

However, the outer plastic body feels a bit less sturdy than we would have liked. Additionally, we observed that the bread sometimes toasted unevenly, which can be a downside for those seeking perfectly consistent results. The control numbers can also be a little confusing– we had to experiment with different settings before finding the perfect level for us.

Overall, the iSiLER 2 Slice Toaster is a functional and compact option for those looking for a simple toaster that can handle various types of bread. With a little trial and error, you should be able to find the perfect setting to toast your bread evenly. The easy operation and cleaning, along with a budget-friendly price, make this toaster a worthwhile addition to any kitchen.

Ninja ST100 Foodi 2-in-1 Flip Toaster

Ninja ST100 Foodi 2-in-1 Flip Toaster

The Ninja ST100 Foodi 2-in-1 Flip Toaster is a versatile and efficient choice for those seeking a compact, multi-functional toaster for their kitchen.


  • 2-in-1 flip functionality for toaster and compact oven modes
  • Even toasting and 7 shade settings for customization
  • Rapid oven technology for faster cooking


  • Limited oven capacity
  • Controls might require a learning curve
  • Bulkier than a traditional toaster

We recently tried out the Ninja ST100 Foodi 2-in-1 Flip Toaster, and we’re impressed by its versatility and performance. The 2-in-1 flip functionality allows us to switch between a toaster and a compact oven effortlessly. This is a huge space-saver in our small kitchen, and it’s perfect for toasting artisan breads or bakery-style bagels.

One of the standout features of this toaster is its even toasting capabilities and the customization provided by the 7 shade settings. We found that our toast came out perfectly every time, and we appreciate having the ability to adjust the toasting level to our liking. Additionally, the rapid oven technology heats up quickly, allowing us to cook our food up to 35% faster than a full-size electric oven.

However, there are a few downsides to this product. The compact oven capacity can feel limiting, especially when trying to cook larger food items. It can fit items like thick-cut bread and pizza bagels, but anything bigger might be a tight squeeze. Additionally, while the controls offer a lot of customization, they might take some time to get used to.

In conclusion, the Ninja ST100 Foodi 2-in-1 Flip Toaster is a great addition to any small kitchen seeking a multi-functional toaster with even toasting and faster cooking capabilities. Although it has a limited oven capacity, its versatility and performance more than make up for this minor drawback.

Hommater Compact 2 Slice Toaster

Hommater Toaster

The Hommater Compact 2 Slice Toaster is an ideal choice for those with limited counter space and a desire for consistent toasting results every morning.


  • Wide slot allows for various bread sizes
  • 7 customizable toasting settings
  • Easy cleanup with removable crumb tray


  • Lightweight, which may feel less durable
  • Bagel function doesn’t seem to do anything different
  • Toast darkness control not the easiest to master

Our mornings have become more enjoyable with the Hommater Compact 2 Slice Toaster. We’ve noticed that the wide slot accommodates diverse bread types, making it perfect for both thin and thick slices. The 7 toasting settings let us adjust the toastiness according to our preferences, ensuring a delicious breakfast for the whole family.

We particularly appreciate the removable crumb tray that comes with this toaster. It makes cleanup a breeze and keeps our countertop tidy. Additionally, its compact design proves ideal for our small kitchen, fitting comfortably on any open counter space.

However, there are a few drawbacks we encountered when using this toaster. Although it is lightweight, it may feel less durable compared to heavier models. Moreover, the bagel function doesn’t seem to make a significant difference in toasting, and mastering the darkness control can be challenging. Despite these minor downsides, the Hommater Compact 2 Slice Toaster remains a reliable and efficient addition to our kitchen, upgrading our breakfast routine to a new level.

Cuisinart CPT-320P1 Compact 2-Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless

Cuisinart CPT-320P1

We recommend the Cuisinart CPT-320P1 Compact 2-Slice Toaster for those seeking a reliable, compact toaster for daily use.


  • Versatile toasting functions for various needs
  • Customizable shade control settings
  • Compact design with 1.5-inch wide slots


  • Bagel setting toasts unevenly
  • Some users report a burning odor
  • Shorter cord wrap underneath the unit

The Cuisinart CPT-320P1 Compact 2-Slice Toaster is a great option when it comes to small and compact toasters. Its multiple toasting functions, including Toast, Bagel, Defrost, Reheat, and Cancel, ensure that all of our toasting needs are met. We especially appreciate the custom shade control settings, which offer a range of browning options for the perfect slice of toast every time.

However, we did notice some issues with the bagel setting – it tends to toast unevenly and on both sides. Additionally, a few users have reported a burning odor when using the toaster. We recommend closely monitoring the toaster when in use to prevent potential fire hazards.

Despite these concerns, the compact design and 1.5-inch wide slots make this toaster a space-saving and versatile option. The high lift lever easily pops up to signal when toast is finished, and the removable crumb tray, along with the cord wrap, help keep our countertops neat and tidy.

In conclusion, the Cuisinart CPT-320P1 Compact 2-Slice Toaster is a good choice for those looking for an efficient and space-saving toaster with varied toasting functions and customizable shade control. Just make sure to keep an eye on it when in use, especially during the bagel setting, to ensure even toasting and prevent any potential hazards.

Buying Guide

As we begin our journey to find the best small and compact toasters, let’s discuss the features that are important for making the right choice.

Size and Capacity

When we’re talking about compact toasters, size is a crucial factor. We need to consider both the counter space it takes up and the maximum number of slices it can accommodate. Generally, compact toasters hold two slices, but some models can hold up to four. Make sure to measure the available space in your kitchen before choosing the perfect toaster.

Power and Cooking Time

The power of a toaster, measured in watts, affects its speed and ability to toast bread evenly. A higher wattage means faster toasting but might consume more energy. It’s important to strike a balance between power and efficiency.

Browning Options

We all have our preferences when it comes to the perfect shade of toast. To accommodate these preferences, a good toaster should offer multiple browning settings. The more settings it has, the more control we have over the final result.

Easy to Clean

A toaster that is easy to clean can save us time and effort. Look for models with removable crumb trays and a smooth exterior finish, as these features will help make cleanup a breeze.

Extra Features

Some extra features can make life easier when using a toaster:

  • Defrost: Allows us to toast frozen bread without the need to defrost it first.
  • Reheat: Gently warms our toast if we’re not ready to eat it right away.
  • Bagel Function: This will only toast one side of your bagel while warming the other side.

By considering these key features and functions, we can find the best small and compact toaster that meets our needs and preferences. Happy toasting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top-rated compact toasters for small kitchens?

We’ve found that some of the top-rated compact toasters for small kitchens include Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster, KitchenAid KMT2116CU 2-Slice Toaster, and the Cuisinart CPT-122 Compact 2-Slice Toaster. Each of these models offers great performance, durability, and a sleek design that won’t take up much counter space.

Which toasters are best for saving counter space?

Toasters with a compact design are best for saving counter space. Some top choices include the Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster, the Cuisinart CPT-122 Compact 2-Slice Toaster, and the Space Saving Toaster by Igenix. These models offer slim designs and smaller footprints, allowing you to make better use of your kitchen’s limited counter space.

What is the most efficient 2-slice toaster for 2023?

Based on our research, the most efficient 2-slice toaster for 2023 is the Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster. Its “A Bit More” button allows for precise toasting, so you don’t waste time and energy by re-toasting bread multiple times. Plus, its high-quality construction ensures better heat distribution, leading to consistent results.

Which toaster brands offer small and high-quality models?

Several toaster brands offer small and high-quality models. Breville, KitchenAid, and Cuisinart are well-known brands that consistently design and manufacture compact toasters with top-of-the-line features and durability. Other notable brands include Hamilton Beach, Igenix, and Smeg, all of which offer stylish and compact toasters for your small kitchen.

What’s the best toaster for even toasting of bagels and bread?

For evenly toasting bagels and bread, we recommend the Dualit 2-Slice Lite Toaster. This toaster offers extra-wide slots and variable browning control, ensuring that your bagels, bread, and other pastries are toasted to perfection. Additionally, its high-lift mechanism makes it easy to remove smaller items without burning your fingers.

Are there any long-slot toasters that are compact in design?

Yes, there are some long-slot toasters with compact designs. The Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster and the Russel Hobbs 2-Slice Glass Accent Long Toaster are two such examples. These toasters accommodate longer slices of bread while maintaining a slim profile, ensuring that your kitchen counter remains clutter-free.

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