Easy Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions & Recipe

How good are you at cooking rice? Fret not if you struggle with different recipes and end up with soggy or crunchy rice. You are not alone.

Many people find cooking rice challenging, especially when using a rice cooker. Despite being supposed to be easy to use, less messy, and efficient, not following instructions can mess up your rice.

We have compiled this article detailing Aroma rice cooker instructions. The rice cookers we have covered are the popular Aroma Select Stainless® Rice & Grain Cooker and Aroma Digital Rice & Grain Multicooker.

In it are also the correct rice recipes that will enable you to cook rice perfectly, whether white, brown, jasmine or basmati rice. Let’s get to it.

Insights of the Aroma Rice Cookers that We Tested

These two rice cookers are arguably the best for cooking any rice, such as white rice, brown rice, jasmine, and basmati rice. Here are the details about them.

Aroma Select Stainless® Rice & Grain Cooker

Aroma Select Stainless Rice Cooker

This simple compact-sized digital rice cooker is ideal for efficient cooking. Its cooking pot is coating-free and made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, making it durable and easy to clean since it’s dishwasher-friendly.

The Aroma Select rice cooker comes with a single-button system. It is the most suitable if you are new to using such kitchen appliances.

Its automatic cooking feature also makes it ideal for cooking perfect rice. You won’t have to check if the price is ready since it automatically detects when it is and switches off.

It comes as a complete set which includes a measuring cup and rice serving spatula. Other foods you can prepare in it include pasta, oatmeal, and omelets.

Aroma Digital Rice & Grain Multicooker

Aroma Rice and Grain Multicooker

This model is another notable Aroma rice cooker that doubles up as a vegetable steamer. Besides its use in rice cooking, it can also prepare other grains like Khorasan wheat and farro.

This model of Aroma rice cooker is versatile yet user-friendly, which makes it a must-have. For a digital rice cooker of its caliber, it comes with only four easy-to-use preset digital functions. 

It has a non-stick food-safe inner pot, which is durable. With its programmable digital controls, you can set it to keep the food warm automatically.

This digital aroma rice cooker also has brown rice and white rice functions, and it can increase the cooking time of brown rice since it takes longer. When you buy this model, you will get a rice measuring cup, condensation collector, serving spatula, and rice cooker recipes.

Of the two models, the Aroma Digital Rice & Grain Multicooker is better since it prepares consistent rice grain. You can set it to a slow cooker to allow the rice to cook evenly by utilizing the excess moisture as you fix a side dish.

Its compact feature makes it ideal for fixing individual meals and side dishes like beef stew. You can use it to steam meat or vegetables as your rice cooks in the beneath compartment.

Aroma Rice Cooker Instruction Manual

Each of these models of Aroma rice cookers comes with instruction manuals that perfectly guide you on cooking rice and other dishes. Some of the information in the instruction manuals include necessary safeguards, usage direction, how to clean, and troubleshooting in case of a technical hitch.

You will also find detailed instructions on how to cook rice and other grains. The manufacturer will provide a grain and wheat measurement table to guide you on the correct quantity to cook at a time. Also included is how to use the kitchen appliance for cooking soup, stew, and chili. You will also find different recipes and support.

Soft copies are available online if you displace the hard copy of your user manual. Note that reading it for safety purposes and better-cooked rice is essential. You can find the one for Stainless® Rice & Grain Cooker manual here and the one for Aroma Digital Rice & Grain Multicooker here.

What Is the Suitable Rice Quantity?

The quantity of rice you cook is essential since it determines how well it will come out. When selecting an Aroma rice cooker, it’d be best to take note of its capacity, which is how much raw rice it can contain. The rice cooker’s capacity and size can be confusing since not all retailers follow standard descriptions. Of importance is noting whether the cooker relates to raw or cooked rice.

The Aroma Digital Rice & Grain Multicooker can contain two to eight cups of cooked rice. In comparison, the Stainless® Rice & Grain Cooker does two to six cups.

Note that these cups refer to the handy rice measuring cup that these rice cookers come with. It’s essential to strictly use measuring cups because of their difference from the normal household ones.

A standard household cup is 240 holds milliliters, whereas the measuring cup is 180 milliliters. Therefore, it’d be best to stick to the measuring cup provided since it coordinates with the water line in the rice cooker.

However, cooking white rice or brown rice requires different quantities to cook well. A cup of white rice yields three cups of cooked rice, and a cup of brown rice yields 2½ cups of cooked rice.

Reasons Why You Should Wash Rice Before Cooking

Rinsing white rice

It’s essential to rinse or soak rice before you begin cooking it. Washing or rinsing removes residual starch, gelatinizing in hot water, causing the rice to stick, especially the sticky varieties like arborio and glutinous rice.

Removing the excess starch from the rice will make it more separated when ready. Doing so also reduces the level of arsenic acid in the rice.

Since cooking rice is hydration, soaking hydrates and swells it. As a result, you will have fluffy and coherent rice. Soaking also improves the aroma of basmati and jasmine rice which are famous for their fragrance.

Rice to Water Ratio When Using Aroma Rice Cooker

Brown rice in a glass

The secret to cooking perfect rice is following the Aroma rice cooker instructions, including but not limited to the correct water-to-rice ratio. The ratio refers to the water your rice cooker needs to cook a cup of rice.

Each type of rice has a specific rice-to-water ratio. And to give your rice a flavor, you can change the cooking liquid to chicken broth. Using broth won’t change anything apart from adding more flavor.

Our findings when testing these rice cookers are as follows: the best ratio for Aroma Digital is 1:1.33. In comparison, the Aroma Select Stainless is 1:1. However, note that this is for rinsed white rice.

The ratio is different for the unrinsed rice, with the long-grain white rice being 1:1.75 and medium white rice being 1:1.5. The water ratio of long-grain brown rice is 1.2.25. While basmati rice and jasmine rice cook with a rice to water ratio of 1.1.5. 

Easy Aroma Select Stainless® Rice & Grain Cooker instructions

Try these options and let us know.
5 from 8 votes
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Rest time 10 minutes
Total Time 31 minutes
Course Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine Asian, Japanese, Vietnamese
Servings 2 cups
Calories 223 kcal


  • 2 cups of white rice
  • Water
  • Salt


  • You will first measure the rice using a scooping cup. Then rinse it using cold running water while in a filter, and you will do so until the running water is clear.
  • After washing, fill the inner pot with the rice, water, and an appropriate amount of salt. Take note of the waterline, which should be the second line for two cups of rice. Note that water comes after putting the rice.
  • Tightly secure the lid, then press the rice cooker's button to switch the "COOK" light on.
  • The rice will cook automatically then the "WARM" light will turn on. It'd be best to watch for around 10 minutes before opening the lid. Doing so allows the rice to absorb excess moisture in the cooker.


Calories: 223kcal
Keyword aroma select stainless rice & grain cooker
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Aroma Digital Rice & Grain Multicooker Rice Recipe

Another great Aroma option
5 from 1 vote
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 32 minutes
Course Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese
Servings 2 cups
Calories 222 kcal


  • 2 cups of rice
  • Water
  • Salt


  • Like in the more straightforward Aroma rice cooker, you will start by rinsing the rice in a strainer until the running water is clear. You will then put the clean rice inside the cooker's inner chamber pot then, add water as directed in the user manual, and salt
  • You will close the lid and press the "KEEP WARM" button to turn it on. Pressing the "RICE" button follows for the grains to start cooking.
  • The cooker will display a running pattern, a sign of heating up. After that, it will cook for about ten minutes, automatically counting down.
  • When done, the rice cooker will notify you through a beep and automatically switch to the warming function. For perfectly cooked rice, you should stir it with a serving spatula to distribute excess moisture.
  • After you finish serving rice, ensure you unplug the power cord to switch the cooker. Note that you should be careful when handling the cooker, especially when hot.


Calories: 222kcal
Keyword Aroma Digital Rice & Grain Multicooker
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How to Troubleshoot Recipe When You Mess Up

Mistakes happen, and you might mess up somewhere when preparing your rice. Should that happen, you might end up with crunchy or soggy rice. Here is how to correct such errors.

Dry or Crunchy Rice

This problem arises from cooking with less water, which leaves the rice not fully cooked. In some cases, it’s a result of the rice cooking at high temperatures affecting water absorption. Adding more water inside the rice cooker is the best way to solve this problem, and how hard the rice is will determine the amount of water you will add.

However, it shouldn’t be over ½ cup of water, with the minimum being ¼ cup. After adding water, stir the rice, replace the lid securely, and set the Aroma rice cooker to the “RICE” function. You will then leave it to cook for about five minutes, after which it will be ready. 

Soggy Rice

Sometimes the rice will be wet and soft despite being ready. In such a case, it’d be best to distribute the remaining moisture by stirring the rice using a spatula. You will then replace the lid and set the cooker at “WARM.” The heat inside it should give you perfect rice. Supposedly the rice is overcooked; you can add milk and beans to it to make rice pudding. 

Common Rice Cooking Mistakes You Should Avoid

You might have tried following instructions provided by the manufacturer but still messed the rise up. It might be due to the following mistakes, which you should avoid.

Treating All Types of Rice the Same

There are different types of rice, each with a specific cooking method. It’d be best to carefully review the manual to ensure that you are using the right recipe for the type of rice. You can go a step further and search in other cooking forums.

Not Soaking or Rinsing the Rice

You might be busy and be tempted to fill the grains directly in the rice cooker instead of soaking or rinsing fast. Avoid this if you fancy getting perfect rice to make a good meal.

Ignoring Rice to Water Ratio

This is essential, and you should follow it in the letter. Suppose you can’t find clear information on the ratio in the Aroma rice cooker instructions manual. In that case, you can turn to cook forums with professional chefs and ask for the correct ratio for the rice you intend to cook.

How to Deep-Clean Aroma Rice Cooker

Like other cooking appliances, you must deep-clean your Aroma rice cooker. Fortunately, these appliances are dishwasher safe, and you can use the top rack of the washer. You will have to take the cooker parts, like the steam vent and condenser, apart after it has completely cooled. Soapy water is suitable for washing parts like the inner chamber and the lid inside a sink.


Rice is arguably the easiest dish to fix. Unfortunately, it’s also the easiest to mess up, especially if you use cooking appliances like the Aroma digital rice cooker. These appliances come with a user manual which you should strictly follow if you want perfectly cooked rice. Therefore, it’d be best if you used these detailed Aroma rice cooker instructions and enjoyed your meal of rice and the side dish of your choice.

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