Best Hand Mixers with Dough Hooks

Hand mixers are a staple in any kitchen, providing a versatile and efficient tool for mixing, whisking, and blending a variety of ingredients. They are perfect for any home cook or baker who needs a convenient and compact tool that doesn’t take up as much space as a full-sized stand mixer. One of the key attachments that can make a hand mixer even more useful is a dough hook.

Dough hooks are designed specifically to tackle heavy and often sticky doughs, such as bread, pizza, and pastry doughs. They mimic the essential kneading motion, making it so much easier to prepare dough without the mess and effort of doing it by hand. When considering a hand mixer with a dough hook, it is essential to focus on features such as power, durability, and ease of use, in order to ensure that your baking tasks are as efficient and effortless as possible.

A hand mixer with a dough hook should have a powerful motor, capable of handling the thickest and heaviest doughs. Additionally, the material and design of the dough hooks should be sturdy enough to endure long kneading sessions without bending or breaking. It’s also crucial to look for a mixer with multiple speed settings, allowing you to control the intensity and duration of the kneading process. Other factors, such as comfort and ease of cleaning, should also be taken into account.

With these criteria in mind, we devoted our time to investigating a variety of hand mixers, paying particular attention to those equipped with reliable dough hooks. We tested them rigorously, ensuring that they make kneading dough an enjoyable and efficient task, and we are confident our selections will aid you in finding the perfect hand mixer to suit your needs.

Best Hand Mixers with Dough Hooks

We’ve put together a list of the best hand mixers with dough hooks for your convenience. These versatile kitchen gadgets will make baking and mixing all your favorite dough recipes a breeze. Browse our top picks and find the perfect hand mixer to suit your needs.

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Whisk, Traditional Beaters, Snap-On Storage Case, Dough Hooks, Red

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

If you’re in the market for a versatile and efficient hand mixer, this Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer should be at the top of your list.


  • Powerful 275-watt motor for complex recipes
  • Six speeds with QuickBurst for precise control
  • Snap-on storage case for easy organization


  • Beaters can be difficult to remove
  • Lowest speed still quite fast
  • Turbo button slightly challenging to use

We recently used the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer for various recipes and were impressed by its performance. With its powerful 275-watt motor, it handles both simple and complex recipes with ease. We especially appreciated the six different speed settings, allowing us to adjust the mixer for perfect results every time.

The QuickBurst button is an innovative feature that provides an extra boost of power at any setting. This proved useful when mixing thicker batters and doughs, ensuring a smooth and even consistency. We also found the snap-on storage case to be a convenient addition as it kept all the attachments and cord organized and easily accessible.

Although we love the functionality of this hand mixer, there are a few areas that could use improvement. The beaters can be challenging to remove, and the lowest speed setting is still somewhat fast, causing ingredients to splatter. Additionally, the turbo button is a bit difficult to use, which can be frustrating at times.

Overall, despite the minor drawbacks, we believe the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Whisk, Traditional Beaters, Snap-On Storage Case, Dough Hooks, and Red color is a worthwhile investment. Its performance, versatility, and convenient storage case make it an excellent kitchen tool for various mixing tasks.

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Whisk, Dough Hooks and Easy Clean Beaters, Snap-On Storage Case, White

The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is a versatile and reliable choice for any baking enthusiast.


  • 7 versatile attachments for various mixing tasks
  • Snap-on storage case for easy organization
  • Powerful 275-watt motor for efficient mixing


  • Lowest speed setting may be too fast for some tasks
  • Speed control button may be difficult to operate for some users
  • Non-stick beaters not suitable for all tasks

We put the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer to the test, and it left us quite impressed with its performance. The smooth design of the beaters and the powerful 275-watt motor made quick work of various mixing tasks, from whipping cream to kneading dough.

One standout feature we loved is the inclusion of seven attachments that allow for versatile usage. The dough hooks were particularly helpful when dealing with tough bread dough, while the whisk made it a breeze to incorporate air into egg whites. The mixer also has six-speed settings, allowing us to adjust the speed to match our needs. The QuickBurst function provided that extra boost when necessary.

The snap-on storage case for the attachments is an incredibly handy feature, reducing the risk of losing or misplacing them. Plus, the case keeps everything neat and organized when not in use.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The lowest speed setting on this mixer might be too fast for certain tasks, so keeping a gentle hand is important. Additionally, some users may find the speed control button challenging to use with one hand. Lastly, the non-stick beaters aren’t suitable for all mixing tasks, so be sure to use the appropriate attachment for the job.

In conclusion, the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with dough hooks is a convenient and versatile tool for any home baker. With its variety of attachments, powerful motor, and handy storage case, it’s sure to become an indispensable part of your baking arsenal.

Mueller Electric Hand Mixer

Mueller Electric Hand Mixer

We highly recommend the Mueller Electric Hand Mixer for its power, convenience, and versatility in mixing and kneading.


  • 5 speeds & turbo mode for precise control
  • Compact design with snap-on storage case
  • Capable of mixing and kneading yeast dough


  • Can be too powerful for some tasks
  • May struggle with dense mixtures
  • Not as durable as high-end models

As avid bakers, we were pleasantly surprised by the power and control we got when using the Mueller Electric Hand Mixer. With its 5 speeds and turbo mode, we were able to whip up cakes, cookies, and bread dough without any trouble. The lightweight mixer was comfortable to hold, making it easy for us to mix and knead various recipes.

One of the features we appreciated about this hand mixer is its compact design and snap-on storage case for the beaters and dough hooks. No more searching for attachments, as they’re stored right with the mixer, making it easy to keep everything organized in our kitchen drawer.

While the Mueller Electric Hand Mixer is quite versatile, we found that the lowest setting can still be too powerful for some tasks, like gently folding in ingredients or whipping cream. As a result, we had to be extra cautious to avoid making a mess. Additionally, while it performed well with most recipes, it struggled with denser mixtures, like heavy cookie dough.

The build quality is good but doesn’t match up to high-end mixers. However, considering its affordable price, it is still an excellent choice for home bakers looking for a powerful, convenient, and versatile mixer. Overall, we’re impressed with what the Mueller Electric Hand Mixer has to offer, and we believe it’s a great addition to any kitchen.

HOMICOZY 3Pcs Hand Mixer Electric Attachments Set for Drill

HOMICOZY Hand Mixer Attachments

The HOMICOZY drill attachments will transform your cordless drill into a versatile and powerful hand mixer suitable for multiple tasks in your kitchen.


  • Compatible with various cordless drills
  • Multifunctional and portable
  • Strong stainless steel attachments


  • Drill not included
  • Some attachments may be less effective
  • Longer stem would be preferable

After using the HOMICOZY Hand Mixer Electric Attachments Set for Drill, we found it to be an excellent addition to our baking routine. The attachments feel durable, made from stainless steel, and are dishwasher safe – a big plus for us.

The mixer attachments work great with most cordless drills we tried, including Dewalt, BLACK+DECKER, Bosch, and Makita. By turning your drill into a versatile hand mixer, you’ll have better control over speed, which is essential when whipping eggs, kneading dough, or mixing cake batter.

Being able to switch between the beater, dough hook, and whisk attachments makes this set perfect for a variety of baking tasks. Even with a smaller size than traditional hand mixers, these attachments save space in your kitchen and are portable, allowing you to carry them to different locations.

However, there are a couple of minor drawbacks we noticed. Firstly, the cordless drill is not included in the set, so you’ll need to buy one separately or already own one. Additionally, the beater and whisk attachments could be more effective with some improvements. And lastly, having a longer stem for these attachments would be helpful in reaching deeper into mixing bowls.

In summary, the HOMICOZY 3Pcs Hand Mixer Electric Attachments Set for Drill is a convenient, space-saving, and versatile tool for every baking enthusiast. Despite a couple of minor drawbacks, we recommend it to those who already own a cordless drill and want to save time and space in their kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Professional 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Professional Hand Mixer

We highly recommend this hand mixer for its powerful performance, user-friendly design, and versatile attachments.


  • Powerful DC motor for effortless mixing
  • Slow starting speed to prevent splatters
  • Snap-on storage case with dishwasher-safe attachments


  • Slightly heavier than some competitors
  • Cord may be inconvenient for some users
  • Color may vary slightly from the photo

We recently tried out the Hamilton Beach Professional 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer, and we were thoroughly impressed. The DC motor in this mixer provided powerful and effortless mixing, making it easy for us to tackle everything from whipping cream to mixing heavier bread dough.

One feature that stood out was the slow starting speed, similar to KitchenAid mixers. This prevented splatters when we began mixing, saving us from a messy kitchen. Additionally, the mixer has a total of five speeds with QuickBurst at every level, giving us more control at each speed.

The snap-on storage case that comes with the mixer is a game-changer. It easily stores the stainless steel beaters, dough hooks, and whisk, keeping everything in one place and making it convenient for us when we need an attachment. The fact that these attachments are dishwasher-safe makes clean up a breeze.

However, we did notice that the mixer is slightly heavier than some of its competitors at 3 pounds. Additionally, the swivel cord might be inconvenient for some users, although it does adjust and lock into place. Lastly, the color of the mixer may vary slightly from the photo, but this does not impact its performance.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Professional 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is a great investment for anyone looking for a high-performance mixer with a user-friendly design. Its powerful motor, slow start, and convenient storage case make it a top choice for all your mixing needs.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best hand mixer with dough hooks, there are several factors to consider. We’ve compiled a list of important features to help you choose the perfect mixer for your needs.

Motor Power: A hand mixer with a powerful motor is essential for kneading dough effectively. We recommend choosing a mixer with at least 200 watts of power to ensure it can handle your dough recipes with ease.

Speed Settings: Different dough types require different speeds for optimal mixing. It is essential to have a hand mixer that offers a range of speed settings, allowing you to find the perfect speed for your dough. Ideally, look for a mixer with at least 5 speed settings.

Quality Dough Hooks: The dough hooks themselves are crucial as they will be in direct contact with your dough. Look for heavy-duty, stainless steel dough hooks for durability and rust resistance. Additionally, make sure they are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Comfortable Grip: You will likely be using the hand mixer for extended periods, so it’s essential to find a model with a comfortable grip. Look for ergonomic designs to alleviate hand and wrist fatigue during use.

Size and Weight: It’s also important to consider the size and weight of the hand mixer. A lighter and compact mixer is easier to maneuver and store when not in use.

Additional Attachments: Some hand mixers come with additional attachments like whisks or beaters, which add versatility to your kitchen gadget collection. Although not required for dough mixing, these extra attachments can be highly useful for other recipes.

Tips for choosing the best hand mixer with dough hooks:

  1. Read customer reviews to learn about the potential benefits and drawbacks of each mixer.
  2. Consider your budget and choose a mixer that offers the best value for your money.
  3. Test the mixer in-store if possible to gauge its handling and performance.

By considering these factors and tips, you can confidently choose the best hand mixer with dough hooks for your needs. Happy baking!

Frequently Asked Questions

What hand mixer can easily handle dough?

We recommend looking for hand mixers with powerful motors, usually around 250-350W, for easy handling of dough. Some popular options include the KitchenAid Ultra Power Hand Mixer and the Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer. These devices tend to include dough hooks and are designed to handle thick batters and dough without struggling.

Which hand mixers are top-rated for baking?

Top-rated hand mixers for baking include the Breville Handy Mix Scraper, KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer, and the Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer. These models offer varying speed settings, efficiency in mixing, and overall durability. They are well-loved for their performance in mixing batters, doughs, and whipping creams.

What are some reputable hand mixer brands?

Some reputable hand mixer brands known for their quality and performance include KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Breville, Hamilton Beach, and BLACK+DECKER. These brands offer a range of hand mixers with different features and capabilities, catering to various baking needs and budgets.

Which hand mixers are great for bread dough attachments?

Hand mixers that come with bread dough attachments include the KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer, Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer, and the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case. These models provide dough hooks that can effectively handle and mix the dense and stiff bread dough, making baking bread at home hassle-free.

What cordless hand mixers perform well with dough?

Cordless hand mixers such as the KitchenAid Cordless 7 Speed Hand Mixer and the Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Hand Mixer perform well with dough. These cordless mixers offer the convenience of portability without compromising on power and efficiency. Keep in mind, however, that cordless mixers often need to be charged regularly to maintain their performance.

Which hand mixer is best for cookie dough?

For cookie dough, we recommend hand mixers like the KitchenAid Ultra Power Hand Mixer, Breville Handy Mix Scraper, and the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Hand Mixer. These models have the ability to mix cookie dough efficiently, thanks to their motors and suitable speed settings.

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