Our Favorite Picks: 9 Best Cheese Slicers

Cheese slicers are an essential if you like to host parties or want to make a lovely looking cheese plate. However, with so many options on the market including a cheese knife, which cheese slicer is the best?

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You want to make sure that the slicer is made from high quality, durable materials. There are different types of cheese slicers so think about what kind of cheese you’ll be slicing as well as how often you’ll be using it.

With varying properties such as adjustable thickness, spare wires, size, design and ease to maintain changing depending on the model you look at, it’s important to know what you want to get from your cheese slicer before making your final decision.

This will help to prevent any disappointment. 

In this article, we’ve gathered everything you need to know when it comes to cheese slicers.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a deeper understanding into the different kinds of cheese slicers as well as which models are the best on the market. 

Choosing the right cheese slicer

Cheese slicers are often seen as a necessity in many kitchens. If you like to incorporate semi-soft, semi-hard or hard cheeses into your diet then you will definitely need a cheese slicer within your utensils.

The first thing to learn about are the different types of cheese slicers available.

There are three kinds of cheese slicers that you should consider that have different functionalities and purposes so knowing which cheese slicer is going to work best for you is the first step. 

Cheese plane

The original model cheese slicer is the cheese plane. The cheese plane slicer has a flat metal base that is then attached to the handle and the one hole in the metal base allows for thinner cheese slices to slide out.

This is a great cheese slicer for cutting harder cheeses such as parmesan and is also great for semi-hard cheeses as well. 

Rolling cheese slicer 

The second type of cheese slicer available is the rolling cheese slicer which has a different structure as it has a T-shape appearance that is similar to a vegetable peeler.

The cheese slicing part is made up from a roller and wire which is best used on semi-soft and semi-hard cheeses. 

Wire cheese slicer 

The last kind of cheese slicer you should consider is the wire cheese slicer which is also known as a cheese cutter. It is a device that resembles a cutting board with an attached wire mechanism which slices the cheese.

It works by manually raising and lowering the cutting arm via the wire which then slices the cheese.

This cheese slicer is ideal if you have very soft and sticky cheeses but if you purchase a high quality slicer that has a premium wire, you can also use it for semi-soft and hard cheeses. 

As stated previously, always choose your cheese slicer depending on what kind of cheeses you eat the most or plan on eating.

For example, if you primarily eat hard cheeses and select a wire cheese slicer that does not have a premium wire, then it will break or damage the slicer, wasting your money and time.

Without further ado, here are the top 9 best cheese slicers available on the market:


Prodyne - 126-B Prodyne Bamboo Cheese Slicer, 12' x 6'

Our top recommendation is the Prodyne Bamboo Cheese Slicer which is a wire cheese slicer. Boasting a 12” x 6” bamboo two tone cheese slicer cutting board, this is one of the most durable models on the market.

With a replaceable stainless steel cutting wire, this board requires little to no maintenance thanks to its high grade materials. S

uitable for cutting all kinds of cheeses, this cheese slicer is ideal for the avid foodie who likes to host parties and want to make sure that they have consistent results with equal slices time and time again.

What makes this a great choice to consider is that it comes with a lifetime warranty against wire breakage so you can be assured that your wire is designed to last a long time.

You can purchase this with peace of mind that there is no extra cost even if the wire breaks over time.

A great addition to any kitchen, the non slip feet protect tabletops meaning that you can place this cheese slicer anywhere and no worry about any potential damage. 

With an exclusive Prodyne design, you can be assured that this cheese slicer has been designed with reliability and durability. 


Fox Run Brands Marble Cheese Slicer with 1 Replacement Wire, 5 x 8.25 x 1.25 inches, White

Our second selection is the Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer is made from the highest quality materials with a 100% marble cutting board complete with a stainless steel wire cutter and lever.

The marble surface will always stay cool and the natural non stick properties make it an ideal surface for cutting and serving all kinds of cheese.

The stainless steel wire will never need sharpening unlike a knife as it maintains its strength and it can easily slice through hard and soft cheeses with precision whether you want wafer thin slices or thick chunky slices according to your personal preference. 

The great thing about this cheese slicer is that it comes with two replacement wires so you will always have one on hand in case of emergency.

The plastic feet on the bottom provides protection for your countertop, preventing any damage to the board and your counter.

The cutting board measures 8” x 5” making it the perfect size for all kinds of cheeses.

Easy to clean and maintain, this cheese slicer requires a simple hand wash with mild soap and water as any detergents or soap can leave a trace taste or scent on the marble. 


Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer Angle Adjustable (Grey),7' x 3.9' x 0.2' -

Our third choice is the Westmark Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer which boasts an adjustable thickness depending on the angle which the slicer is held.

Made from the highest quality materials, this cheese slicer has a stainless steel wire with an aluminum handle which makes it extremely durable.

This slicer is easy to use and can cut through soft and semi hard cheeses whilst also giving you control as to the thickness of the slices.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle, this product is comfortable to use and extremely efficient. 

Westmark is a renowned brand that always uses the most innovative designs in their products and makes them with the highest grade materials.

This slicer is extremely easy to clean and maintain as you can simply use soap and water to clean it once you’re done.

It comes with a 5 year guarantee so you can have peace of mind that this product is going to last a long time.


BOSKA Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer - Copenhagen For All Types of Cheese - Multi-Functional Cheese Slicer - Handheld Slicer - Silver Non-Stick - Dishwasher Safe - For Kitchen Cooking

Our fourth recommendation is the BOSKA Copenhagen Cheese Slicer which is made from stainless steel making it reliable and durable.

Guaranteed to last a long time and see you through many years of use, this slicer is ideal for all kinds of cheeses, especially semi hard and hard cheeses The inside of the slicer is hollow which makes it extremely lightweight making it comfortable and convenient to use.

The sleek design brings extra stability which results in more control. This slicer makes clean and repeatable slices which is great for those who pride themselves on their presentation. 

What puts this slicer on our list is that it will maintain its quality after long periods of use. The slicer will remain sharp after intense use and the ergonomic handle lies comfortably in your hand.

This is one of the best slicers for cleaning and maintenance as it is dishwasher friendly and it also comes with a 10 year warranty so you’ll be assured that you are getting years of use out of this product.


Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Cheese and Food Slicer with Board and Adjustable Thickness Dial (White) -

Our fifth selection is the Westmark Cheese and Food Slicer which is made in Germany and is among the best brands in the world for kitchenware so you can be assured of its quality.

The blade is made from high quality grade stainless steel and the handle is aluminum meaning that this is one of the most durable models on our list.

The cutting board itself is made from ABS with a polypropylene adjustable scale for ease of use.

The ABS material is extra protective and will ensure that there is minimal damage to your countertop or the slicer itself when cutting through harder cheeses. 

What makes this product so brilliant is how easy and ready it is to use. It can cut through both soft and hard cheeses as well as be used for other foods making it an extremely versatile product.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle and has a thickness adjustable scale which makes it extremely efficient and comfortable to use.

To clean this slicer, simply use soap and water making it time effective if you plan on using this product a lot. It comes with a 5 year warranty to give you peace of mind of the product’s longevity. 


OXO Good Grips Cheese Slicer with Replaceable Wires

Our sixth choice is the OXO Cheese Slicer which boasts a tension wheel which allows you to tighten the wire when loose.

This gives you complete control when you are cutting and allows you to adjust the thickness of the slices to your desired preference.

The wire is easy to replace and this model comes with an additional stainless steel wire should your original one break unexpectedly.

The stainless steel wires are designed to last a long time, even through heavy usage. For those who plan on using their slicer to cut through a variety of cheeses both hard and soft, this cutter is perfect. 

What makes this a great product is the structure of the slicer which is made from a sturdy, die cast zinc construction to assure that you will have consistent results.

The zinc handle means that you can be assured of the reliability and durability of the product as it has been manufactured to last a long time.

With an ergonomically designed soft handle, you will be able to use this cutter for long periods of time every time as it will fit perfectly in your hand. 


Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer (Red/Black)

Our seventh recommendation is the Westmark Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer which comes from Westmark, a leading brand in kitchenware.

Made from high quality stainless steel with a polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomeric handle, this product has the longevity that you need for long periods of time.

This product is incredibly easy and ready to use as it can slice through soft and hard cheeses whilst also giving you the option to adjust the thickness of the slices by modifying the angle at which you hold the product. 

What puts this slicer on our list is the reliability of the design as it has been equipped with an ergonomic soft touch handle to ensure comfortability for long usage and a secure grip.

Easy to clean, this product is also dishwasher safe for extra convenience and time effectiveness.

With 5 years warranty, you will get years of use out of this slicer and can be assured that you won’t face any damage as it has been made from the highest quality products from the best in the market.


K BASIX Cheese Slicer for Block Cheese Stainless Steel,8.2 Inch Soft Rubber Handle and Comfortable Grip, Heavy Duty Cheese Plane Slicer for Hard Cheddar, Cheese Shaver & Cheese Cutter

Our penultimate choice is the K BASIX Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer which promotes easy slicing and cutting for any kind of cheese from hard to soft.

Made from premium quality materials such as stainless steel, this slicer has a mirror polished finish which not only will provide the reliability and durability you need but will also look beautiful and sleek in any kitchen.

This product has been designed to last for years and the steel structure means that it won’t stain or rust even after intense usage. 

The ergonomic soft handle means that this product is incredibly easy to use and hold for long periods of time.

The soft rubber handle will fit perfectly in your hand and gives you excellent grip whilst cutting any cheese, even harder cheeses that are usually difficult to cut through.

This slicer is also dishwasher safe making it extremely efficient and easy to clean and maintain which is essential if you plan on getting regular use out of this product.

The lifetime warranty also means that you can have peace of mind and assurance of the longevity of the slicer and that you won’t be charged any extra cost should it get damaged or break. 


NANEEZOO Cheese Slicer, Adjustable Thickness Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cheese Slicers With Wire for Soft & Semi-Hard Cheeses - 4 Replacement Stainless Steel Cutting Wire Included (Silver)

Our final selection is the REMASIKO Cheese Slicer which is an adjustable thickness cheese cutter thanks to the wire position of the cutter which is easy to move depending on whether you want wafer thin slices or chunky and thick slices.

This cheese slicer cuts through cheese easily thanks to its zinc aluminum alloy and reinforced stainless steel structure which makes it durable.

The 304 stainless steel cutting wires slices hard cheese within seconds making it efficient and convenient. 

Easy to operate and clean, this cutter can adjust the thickness of the slice by simply changing the angle as you slice the cheese.

Extremely easy and quick to clean after use, simply wipe this slicer with a rag or wash with soap and water.

To store away, the handle has a hanging hole making it convenient to store away. The heavy duty ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Suitable for all kinds of kitchens and cheeses, this slicer has a thin blade to ensure that the results are always consistent and smooth. 

Best Cheese Slicers Buying Guide

Now you have a deeper understanding of the different kinds of cheese slicers and know what kind of slicer is going to be the best for you.

When conducting your own research, there are many things aside from the type of cheese slicer that you need to consider before making your final decision.

Always look into the material that the slicer is made from, adjustable thickness, size of the slicer and the maintenance involved. Once you’ve looked into all of these factors then you’ll be able to make a decision with confidence. 


Once you’ve picked which kind of cheese slicer is the best for you, it’s time to focus on the particulars that the cheese slicer has.

The most important of these properties is the material as you want to make sure that the product you choose is going to be durable and reliable.

The best material you can choose is stainless steel as it is durable and won’t get rusty so it will maintain its impeccable appearance. 

Adjustable Thickness

There are some cheese slicers that are capable of creating slices of varying thickness depending on how you are handling the tool whilst cutting.

There are others that have adjustable knobs that can assist with altering the thickness of the slices.

If this is something that is important in your decision making then a wire cheese slicer will be best for you as they are the most versatile. 

If you don’t adjust the cheese block after every slice, however, it will create inconsistent results so bear this in mind if you do go for this option. 


The next factor to  look at is the size of the cheese slicer.

Naturally, the cheese slicers with handles are more compactly sized so they can be stored away easily and carried around with ease whereas wire cheese slicers that have accompanying cutting boards take up a lot more space and need adamant room when storing away or not in use. 


The last aspect that you want to think about is the cleaning and maintenance of the product. Compact handle cheese slicers tend to also be dishwasher safe so they are very easy to clean.

However, cheese slicers with a cutting board and wire attached will need to be cleaned by hand.

If you want to spend less time worrying about cleaning the product, then going for a cheese plane or rolling cheese slicer are going to be the best options for you. 

Our Favorite Picks: 9 Best Cheese Slicers

These options are sure to be a hit. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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  • Prodyne Bamboo Cheese Slicer
  • Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer
  • Westmark Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer
  • BOSKA Copenhagen Cheese Slicer
  • Westmark Cheese and Food Slicer
  • OXO Cheese Slicer
  • Westmark Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer
  • K BASIX Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer
  • REMASIKO Cheese Slicer


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