Our 25+ BEST Apple Cider Cocktail Recipes

There’s no better way to celebrate watching the leaves turn than enjoying a flavorful, refreshing apple cider cocktail when fall rolls around.

Few drinks express the spirit of the fall season better than apple cider. Many enjoy their apple cider warm with a cinnamon stick, while some prefer it cold. Whichever way you drink apple cider, you’ll be happy to know there are some incredible cocktails using apple cider that you’re sure to love!

Whether you like your drinks refreshingly cold or warm and soothing, you can find the perfect apple cider drink to suit your tastes.

As the seasons change and cooler weather arrives, it’s the perfect time to explore new and delicious beverages. Apple cider cocktails offer a harmonious blend of flavors and warmth, making them the ideal drink for crisp autumn evenings and cozy winter gatherings. By combining the natural sweetness of apple cider with a variety of spirits and mixers, you can create unique and refreshing concoctions that will delight your taste buds.

For those who might be new to the world of apple cider cocktails, there’s an array of options to satisfy every palate. From traditional pairings featuring aged whiskey and cinnamon to adventurous combinations with fragrant herbs and exotic liqueurs, the possibilities for tasty creations are endless. Experimenting with different ratios, garnishes and presentation techniques can enhance your overall enjoyment and help you hone your mixology skills.

Apple cider cocktails are the perfect festive drink to serve during the holidays, and their warm colors really blend well with any fall decor.

But, what’s most surprising is the number of different apple cider alcohol drink recipes you can make.

You can recreate many of your favorite cocktails, like margaritas, mules, mojitos, and more, into incredible apple cider drinks.

Below we’ve gathered 25 of the best apple cider mixed drink recipes guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Source: lingeralittle.com

Bonus: Apple Cider Sangria with Bourbon

This amazing cocktail captures the essence of Fall.

The Apple Cider mixed with Sangria and Bourbon is the perfect seasonal blend.

I think this is my new favorite Fall cocktail.

Source: crazyforcrust.com

1. Apple Cider Champagne Cocktail

When it comes to bubbly drinks with apple cider, it’s hard to top this recipe for Apple Cider with champagne made with just three simple ingredients: apple cider, apple vodka, and champagne. The combination feels like a celebration on your tongue.

Source: allonseat.com

2. Apple Cider Manhattan

This apple cider drink recipe is a unique twist on the classic Manhattan. It takes apple cider and combines it with bourbon, sweet vermouth, orange, bitters, and cider syrup for a lovely, warm, and deliciously complex flavor like nothing you’ve ever tasted.

Source: drizly.com

3. Apple Cider Honey Jack Martini

This recipe for Apple Cider Honey Jack Martini is the perfect balance of tart and sweet thanks to a blend of fresh lemon juice, apple cider, Honey Jack Daniels Whiskey, and just a p8inch of cinnamon. It’s a fantastic sipper for those cool evenings.

Source: alwaysorderdessert.com

4. Apple Cider Mojito

This interesting twist on the classic mojito blends together the flavors of gold rum, apple cider, clove, cinnamon, limes, and mint to deliver a taste that’s both warm and refreshing. It’s a fantastic drink to serve at baby showers and Sunday brunch!

Source: zestfulkitchen.com

5. Apple Cider Sangria

If you’re looking to spice up your sangria, try this recipe for apple cider sangria with red wine. It features the flavors of red wine, fruit, and orange liqueur. You can also add your favorite sweetener, soda water, and other flavorings to make it your own.

Source: shortgirltallorder.com

6. Spiked Mulled Apple Cider

Another one of our favorite warm and cozy apple cider drinks is this Spiked Mulled cider featuring mulling spices, fresh orange and apple slices, apple cider, and bourbon. This warm, sweet, spiced drink is just what you need to awaken the senses.

Source: whatscookingamerica.net

7. Fireball Apple Cider

Now, if you’re really looking to awaken your senses, this recipe for a fireball cider cocktail will most certainly get the job done! It features Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, apple cider, cherry grenadine syrup, apple slices, and a Maraschino cherry. This cocktail is a flavorfully spicy alarm ringing in your taste buds!

Source: yestoyolks.com

8. Cinnamon Vodka Apple Cider Cocktail

One of my favorite cool and refreshing apple cider drinks is this recipe for Cinnamon Apple Cider Crush, made with citrus juices, apple cider, and cinnamon. Now, if you don’t have crushed ice, you can just use regular ice, and it’s just as delicious!

Source: prettyplainjanes.com

9. Apple Cider Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is another favorite that tastes even better after an apple cider makeover. This drink features the tastes of apple cider, caramel vodka, ginger beer, apple slices, and cinnamon sticks. The combination of cinnamon, apple cider, and ginger beer is nothing short of mind-blowing!

Source: sugarmaplefarmhouse.com

10. Hot Buttered Apple Cider with Rum

Another fabulous warm apple cider cocktail is this recipe for Hot Buttered Apple Cider made with spiced rum, apple cider, and seasonings such as nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar, and allspice. The combination of spices makes this warm cocktail one you’ll love sipping by the fireplace.

Source: thebellevieblog.com

11. Apple Cider Margarita

Margarita’s is by far the most popular cocktail globally, symbolizing a well-earned reward after a hard week at work. And in this recipe, this iconic cocktail is given a tasty twist with the introduction of apple cider and cinnamon.

Source: cocktailcontessa.com

12. Warm Apple Cider Cocktail

This warm apple cider cocktail blends the flavors of bourbon, apple cider, maple syrup, lemon juice, smoked cinnamon bitters, and ginger bitters to deliver a sensational array of flavors that balance sweet, spicy, and bitter masterfully. It’s definitely a drink that will warm your bones!

Source: neighborfoodblog.com

13. Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail

This apple cider cocktail blends the bright citrus flavors of lemon juice and orange bitters with warm spicy cinnamon simple syrup, apple cider, and bourbon to create a one-of-a-kind drinking experience that balances tart, sweet, and spicy flavors brilliantly!

Source: bonappeteach.com

14. Apple Cider Bourbon Smash

This incredible apple cider and whiskey cocktail adds the flavors of lemon juice, simple cinnamon syrup, and mint leaves to create a flavorful, cool, and refreshing beverage. This recipe even shows you how to make a gorgeous apple rose garnish! How cool is that?

Source: 30seconds.com

15. Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail

If you’re looking for a new Halloween cocktail that’s scary-good, you’ve got to try this poisoned apple cider cocktail recipe. The drink has a mysterious purple color that looks amazing against a black backdrop. And the spiced rum, apple cider, grenadine, and pomegranate juice really give it a deliciously otherworldly flavor.

Source: farmwifecooks.com

16. Apple Pie Punch

There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh-baked apple pie, but this cocktail comes close, bringing together the flavors of apple cider, cinnamon schnapps, pear juice, and spiced rum for a deliciously fun drinking experience. It’s a great drink to enjoy, warm or cold.

Source: fortmyersoliveoil.com

17. Apple Cider Bellini

For those who love cocktails with more of a dry, crisp sweetness, this recipe for apple cider bellini with prosecco is perfect. It’s made using a red apple, prosecco, champagne balsamic vinegar, apple cider, and sparkling water for a sharp and clean flavor.

Source: myheavenlyrecipes.com

18. Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

If you’re like me, then you love indulging your sweet tooth, and this recipe for caramel apple cocktail more than satisfies with apple cider and Smirnoff kissed caramel infused vodka. It tastes just like the candy apples you buy at the state fair but with a lot more “umph.”

Source: rhubarbarians.com

19. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

One of my favorite home remedies for getting rid of a nasty cough is a good old “hot toddie.” However, this apple cider twist takes whiskey, apple cider, honey, and lemon juice to create a drink you don’t need to have a cough to enjoy.

Source: vindulge.com

20. Apple Cider Mimosas

Mimosas are a favorite for celebrations and get-togethers like Sunday Brunch. And if you’re looking for something a little different from your standard orange juice-based mimosas, you should try mixing apple cider with your favorite prosecco or dry sparkling wine. Add sugar and cinnamon to the rim, and you’ve got a real winner!

Source: healthynibblesandbits.com

21. Pomegranate Apple Cider Spritzer

Pomegranate apple cider spritzer is a delightfully fruity cocktail that packs a little punch. It brings together pomegranate juice, unsweetened apple cider, lime juice, vodka, and club soda for a bold, refreshing, and flavorful drink that’s perfect for the holiday season.

Source: wearenotmartha.com

22. Habanero Ginger Apple Cider Cocktail

If you’re looking to heat things up a bit, this spicy little number’s just the ticket! This cocktail combines apple cider, cinnamon, sugar, ginger, dark rum, and habanero peppers to create an incredible cocktail that’s certain to warm you up in more ways than one!

Source: meatlessmakeovers.com

23. Apple Gin and Tonic

In this recipe, they take the iconic gin and tonic and work some apple cider magic to create a delicious twist on a tried and true classic. This drink brings together apple cider, orange, cinnamon sticks, lemon, gin, and tonic for a sensational flavor. Garnish your glasses with rosemary springs and apple slices, and you’ve got a zesty, sweet, and fun cocktail worthy of a toast!

Source: northcarolinacharm.com

24. Sparkling Pumpkin Cider Beertail

Beer is often considered a stand-alone drink, but it’s a woefully underused cocktail ingredient that adds depth and character to a drink. This recipe takes pumpkin ale, sparkling apple cider, sugar, pumpkin pie spice, and cinnamon sticks to create an outrageously flavorful cocktail that can win over non-beer fans.

Source: willdrinkfortravel.com

25. Mulled wine

Mulled wine is another delicious holiday cocktail that brings together red wine, apple cider, oranges, star anise, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and honey to a drink sure to fill you with cheer! In German-speaking countries, mulled wine is called “gluehwein,” which is pronounced “glue wine.” This sweetly spiced wine brew reminds us of sangria, but the notes of cinnamon and cloves give it a warmer, more earthy taste.

Apple Cider Cocktail Recipes: Conclusion

As you’ve seen, there are unlimited possibilities when crafting unique cider cocktails. There’s a delicious apple cider alcoholic drink for any occasion, and they are super simple to whip together!

Best of all, many of these recipes can be enjoyed hot, perfect for those cold nights when you just want to warm your bones next to the fire. Apple cider cocktails also give new life to some of your old favorites, like the margarita, mimosa, and Moscow mule.

We hope you enjoy these delicious cocktails with apple cider, and be sure to check out the video below for a few more amazing apple cider cocktail recipe ideas.

Our 25+ BEST Apple Cider Cocktail Recipes (+Apple Cider Bellini)

These options are sure to be a hit. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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Total Time 9 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 275 kcal


  • 1 oz apple cider
  • 1 oz apple vodka
  • Prosecco or champagne
  • Fresh apple slices for garnish


  • Mix your apple cider and vodka to taste for a more potent drink mix 50 percent vodka and 50 percent apple cider.
  • Top off your mixture with champagne or prosecco.
  • Garnish with fresh apple slices.


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Calories: 275kcal
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