Cold Stone Vegan Options: Dairy Free is Possible

For those following a vegan diet, finding some tasty ice cream alternatives that are free of dairy products can be a challenge.

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Cold Stone Creamery is a popular ice cream parlor that makes fresh ice cream daily. From sundaes to signature creations their selection is impressive.

Cold Stone vegan option are lacking. Their ice cream flavors are tasty but you may be limited to vegan sorbet or gelato.

However, a question that commonly arises surrounding the content of their ice cream is whether they offer Vegan Options. 

Does Cold Stone Creamery have Vegan Ice Cream

As stated by the nutritional guidance that can be found on the company website, currently the parlor does not have any vegan ice cream options.

This is because the ice cream is made from non-fat milk, real cream, sugar, corn syrup, and whey.

To create a variety of flavors, you will also find that some additional ingredients have been added.

The parlor also creates ice cream cakes some of which include eggs and so they are also unsuitable for consumption by vegans. 

Despite the lack of ice cream options available, they do offer Sorbets that are suitable for Vegans.

Unlike ice cream, a sorbet is a frozen dessert that has been made using water with added flavoring rather than dairy products.

While the parlor offers many fruit flavors they also provide a range of sweeter flavors too, great for catering to different taste buds.

Some of these flavors include fruity options such as lemon, orange, pineapple along with a pineapple, orange, and banana option, strawberry, raspberry, peach mango, watermelon, and a strawberry banana and mango option.

However, if this doesn’t take your fancy and you would like something with a sweeter taste, you can choose from Countrytime pink lemonade, Mojito, and strawberry lemonade.

While their vegan ice cream selection may leave you disappointed, they do offer an impressive selection of sorbet flavors to compromise for this.

When creating your sorbet, you are also provided with the option to add mix-ins.

These being toppings that can be added to your sorbet to enhance the taste depending on your preference.

This list of toppings is pretty expansive and again it is important to analyze the nutritional guidance provided to assess whether these toppings are vegan friendly.

You will find that most of the nut and fruit-based mix-ins are suitable for others, however, other options include chocolate and some which are dairy-free but made using gelatin which makes them unsuitable for vegans.

Final Thoughts

Although Cold Stone Creamery does not yet offer vegan ice cream alternatives, they do offer a rather impressive range of sorbets that are dairy-free and therefore suitable for a vegan diet.

It is important to distinguish between options that contain lactose and those that contain dairy.

When browsing through their selection of mix-ins, in particular, you will find that many of them are suitable for a lactose diet as they do not contain dairy however they contain gelatine which makes them unsuitable for a vegan diet as this is a product that is derived from animals.

This is particularly the case with the sweet mix-ins. In regards to the selection of sorbet flavors, you certainly will not be disappointed as there are sweet and fruit flavors available to cater to different tastes. 

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