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25+ Spanish Recipes To Spice Things Up

You don’t have to travel halfway across the world in a terribly long flight to enjoy some delicious Spanish cuisine. Spanish food doesn’t get the attention it deserves because it’s often overshadowed by Mexican food, French food, and Italian food. However, Spain has some excellent regional dishes that are worth exploring on their own. From …

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25+ Easy Vietnamese Recipes

vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese recipes are unlike anything you’ll find in Asia. Despite their close proximity to other nations, Vietnamese cuisine uses a combination of five distinct fundamental flavors ( ngũ vị). In recent years, Vietnamese food has become increasingly popular in the U.S. With savory soups, crunchy fresh salads, and tons of dishes that include meat and …

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16 Best Foods from Guyana with Recipes

Perhaps the only thing more vibrant than the culture of Guyana is their traditional food! Guyana is the only South American nation in which English is the official language. The majority of the population, however, speak Guyanese Creole, an English-based creole language, as a first language. Guyanese food is delicious and Guyanese cuisine can be …

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