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What Are Superfoods?

what are superfoods

When somebody says ‘superfood,’ you might imagine – most commonly – a not-so-tasty-looking veggie that has the power to clean your body of all the toxins you consume during the day. Just like in those adverts with antiviral pills rescuing you from nasty infiltrators that make you feel ill during the flu season. So, does …

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What Is Tilapia?

pan fried tilapia

Tilapia is a common name for a group of cichlid fish native to Africa and was once considered the most important food source in the Nile Valley. They are freshwater fish and they are quite popular for their mild flavor and delicate, flaky flesh. Tilapia are found in a variety of colors, but the most …

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What Is Uni?


We are quite fond of sea urchins here at Kitchen Community. These strange-looking, spike-covered, alien-like animals are mother oceans’ gift to seafood lovers, but most people don’t even know about the hidden gem that is the humble sea urchin, or uni, as it is often called. If you are aware of this intriguing-looking prickly ball …

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What is Succotash?

Homemade Succotash with Lima Beans

For those of you unfamiliar with succotash, it is a dish consisting primarily of corn and lima beans, often cooked with tomatoes. The word “succotash” comes from a Narragansett (a language spoken by Native Americans) word meaning “broken corn kernels.” It’s known as an American Southern dish that dates back to the 1700s and is …

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Types of Squash

squash types

If you have a bumper crop of squash, you already know that it’s a good problem to have. Squash is delicious and healthy, but there’s also a lot more to this fun veggie family than green zucchini squash and yellow squash. Although those two types of summer squash are super popular, there are many other …

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What Is Chow Mein?

Chow Mein is a favorite takeaway dish for many people. It is delicious, thanks to an array of ingredients added to it, and fills you up pretty quickly.  Even though the dish mainly comprises chow mein noodles, it also has lots of vegetables (and meats, if you like), along with the sauce that makes this …

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What Is Gnocchi?

Soft, delicious and tender, gnocchi are a true Italian delicacy. Although this dish is not the recipe Italy is most known for, it’s the one you should try if you want to broaden your culinary horizons. After all, there are only so many instances when you can serve pizza without it getting boring. Many people …

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What Is Bubble Tea?

Known by many names, bubble tea has become one of the mainstream beverages around the globe. Commonly accepted to have originated in Taiwan, it didn’t take long for it to become a go-to snack and drink for many tea lovers. Read on to learn the history of bubble tea, its rise in popularity, and of …

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