Sweet Potato Cutters: 9 Of The Best

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Sweet potatoes are also a low-calorie alternative to regular potatoes, making them an ideal substitute if you’re trying to make healthier changes to your diet.

Moreover, sweet potatoes are high in a variety of important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, and potassium.

Because of its high levels of all of these nutrients, the sweet potato has been proven to enhance healthy vision and improve digestive health. It’s even suspected that sweet potato may lower the risk of certain types of cancer, support the immune system, and improve brain function!

Best of all, you can enjoy all the nutritional benefits of sweet potato in the form of delicious, crispy fries!

Making your own fries can be easier said than done, however. Achieving consistency of texture and, by extension, taste in your sweet potato fries is a matter of cutting them into regular shapes and sizes. For this reason, we’d advise you to get your very own sweet potato cutter!

What is a Sweet Potato Cutter?

A sweet potato cutter, otherwise simply known as a potato or french fry cutter, is a kitchen implement used to cut potatoes, sweet potatoes, and often other vegetables into regular shapes.

There are different types of potato cutters on the culinary market. Some are manual, while others are electric. Some feature grid-shaped blades, which operate either manually or automatically, while others consist of a single, handheld blade.

The amount of variety in the range of potato cutters available on the market means that you can easily tailor your sweet potato fries to your desired shape, size, and preparation method.

The 9 Best Sweet Potato Cutters

Our selection of the 9 best sweet potato cutters available to buy right now includes manual, mechanical, electric, and handheld cutters.

Whatever shape or size you like your fries and however hands-on you like to be with your food, there’s a potato cutter in our selection for you!


New Star Food Service 42313 Commercial Restaurant French Fry Cutter with Suction Feet, 1/2-Inch

First up, we’d like to introduce you to New Star’s Food Service Commercial Restaurant French Fry Cutter.

This is a restaurant-grade french fry cutter, which means that it’s suitable for use in a commercial or professional culinary environment.

Part of the reason why this fry cutter is suited to use in professional kitchens is that it’s so durable. The manual utensil consists of a cast iron body with stainless steel reinforced areas, so it won’t give out on you any time soon.

Sporting ½-inch grid blades, this french fry cutter will cut your sweet potatoes evenly into optimally-sized french fry shapes.

All you need to do is insert the sweet potato into the body of the machine and pull the lever. This pushes the sweet potato through the grid blades, resulting in neatly-cut, ½-inch fries of up to 6 inches in length!

This process takes literally seconds and can be used to make french fries out of zucchini, potato, and other vegetables.

The powerful suction feet on the bottom of the New Star fry cutter ensure that the utensil remains stable at all times during operation for safe and ergonomic use.

However, you should always make sure that the suction cups are firmly mounted to whatever surface you’re working on because this is a heavy utensil, weighing 11 lbs, so you certainly wouldn’t want to drop it unexpectedly.


  • Professional grade - Suitable for commercial use 
  • Cast iron and stainless steel - Highly durable 
  • ½-inch blades - Optimal french fry size 
  • Suction feet - Ensures stability 
  • Suitable for all vegetable fries - Widely compatible


  • Weighs 11 lbs - Quite heavy and cumbersome


Electric French Fry Cutter, Sopito Commercial Grade Potato Cutter with 1/2-Inch Blade Stainless Steel Perfect for Potatoes Carrots Cucumbers

Although our best overall pick is very simple to use, manual sweet potato cutters can require some elbow grease due to the nature of the mechanism.

If you’re not somebody who wants to sweat for your supper, Sopito’s Electric Professional French Fry Cutter could be just what you’ve been looking for!

As the product name suggests, this electric fry cutter from Sopito is designed to help busy cooks cut perfect fries in as little time while expending as little energy as possible. This appliance will be a real time-saver if you have a packed schedule to stick to.

The appliance consists of a majority stainless steel construction, which not only makes the cutter highly durable but also resistant to corrosion. Both of these factors are extremely important in any kitchen environment.

This cutting machine works through the use of 2 buttons on top of the appliance. These buttons move the blade forwards and backward, allowing you to push the blade into the potato once inserted and reverse it to get ready for another vegetable.

The ½ inch grid blade produces fries of just the right size: neither too thin nor too thick. And because the blade is detachable from the rest of the machine, it’s easy to clean without risking getting the rest of the appliance wet.

However, as is the case with any electric version of a traditionally manual appliance or utensil, this french fry cutter will cost you more than the hands-on potato cutters on our list.

But while this is one of the most expensive sweet potato cutter in our selection, it’s also arguably the most time and energy-efficient.


  • Professional design - Suitable for commercial kitchens 
  • Stainless steel construction - Durable and rust-resistant 
  • ½-inch grid blade - Perfectly sized fries 
  • Detachable blade - Easy to clean
  • 2-button control - Simple, intuitive operation


  • High-end price - Higher price tag for electric mechanism


French Fry Cutter, Sopito Professional Potato Cutter Stainless Steel with 1/2-Inch Blade Great for Potatoes Carrots Cucumbers

We’ve already reviewed Sopito’s Professional Electric French Fry Cutter, which is an impressive appliance, but not everybody wants an electric potato cutter for their sweet potato fries.

If you prefer to do things manually but still want a premium-quality, professional, manual cutter, our recommendation would be the Sopito Professional Potato Cutter.

Like the previous Sopito product, this potato cutter is rated as professional-grade, meaning it will hold up to regular and intensive use in a commercial environment.

Whether you’re a professional chef looking to incorporate sweet potatoes into your menu or a home cook who appreciates high-quality utensils, this is the ideal premium potato cutter.

The Sopito Professional Potato Cutter is made of thick, restaurant-grade stainless steel. The stainless steel surfaces makes this potato cutter tough and wear-resistant as well as easy to wash.

This manual cutter is also very easy to operate. All that’s requires is the movement of the lever handle to move the presser through the body of the utensil and push the strips of sweet potato through the blade.

The lever is easy to control smoothly thanks to the effort-saving bearing attaching the handle to the body.

If you like your fries slightly thinner than average, this cutter is also compatible with Sopito’s ⅜-inch blade, which is available for purchase separately.


  • Stainless steel design - Robust and easy to clean
  • ½-inch grid blade - Cuts perfect fries 
  • Also compatible with 3/8 -inch blade - Versatile use 
  • Effort-saving bearing - Ergonomic lever


  • Premium pricing - Not budget-friendly


Guardians Crinkle Chopper, Wavy Potato Soap Cutting Tool French Fry Slicer Stainless Steel Blade Wooden Handle Serrator Chopping Knife, Set of 2

If you’re somebody who enjoys a hands-on approach to food preparation and likes to save money where possible, then we have the perfect sweet potato cutter for you!

This is a 2-pack of hand-held potato and sweet potato cutters, specially designed to produce neat, crinkle-cut fries.

The fact that these cutters come as a set of 2 increases their value for money and makes them ideal for family or couples’ cooking nights. However, regardless of who you’re cooking with or for, it’s always useful to have a spare.

The blade of the Crinkle Cutters Potato Cutter is, as you might expect, shaped in a waved pattern, which allows it to cut the crinkled pattern directly into the edges of your fries. The blade is made from stainless steel, so it’s rust-resistant as well as durable.

These cutters are practical and comfortable to use, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, thanks to their sturdy and smooth wooden handles.

While nobody can argue with the quality of this potato cutter, it’s important to bear in mind that, for the reduced price, you’re sacrificing the ability to have the thicknesses of your fries regulated mechanically. When using this potato cutter, it’s on you to cut your sweet potatoes into regular widths.


  • 2-pack - Great value for money
  • Stainless steel blade - Durable and rust-resistant 
  • Crinkled blade - Creates crinkle-cut fries effortlessly 
  • Wooden handle - Sturdy and visually appealing
  • Highly affordable - Budget-friendly


  • No width regulation - Requires precision cutting


POP AirFry Mate, Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter, Commercial Grade Vegetable and Potato Slicer, Includes 2 Blade Size Cutter Options and No-Slip Suction Base, Perfect for Air Fryer Food Preparation

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to sweet potato fries. Some like them thick fluffy, while others prefer thin, crispy fries.

If you fall into the latter category, POP’s AirFry Mate Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter is for you!

This fry cutter is perfect for small sweet potato fries, creating fries that are just 3 inches long and ⅜-inch wide. These measurements should yield delicate, crispy sweet potato fries.

The stainless steel construction of this potato cutter ensures durability and wear-resistance as well as easy cleaning. Meanwhile, the suction-locked cups on the feet prevent any slipping during use.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that this cutter hasn’t specifically been designed for sweet potatoes. With that being said, it should work perfectly well if you boil or microwave the sweet potatoes beforehand.


  • Stainless steel construction - Wear-resistant and easy to clean
  • 3-inch cavity - Cuts short fries 
  • ⅜-inch grid blade - Thin strips
  • Lockable suction cup feet - Remains stable during use


  • Not intentionally designed for sweet potatoes - Parboil or microwave potatoes beforehand


New Star Foodservice 7006872 Extra Heavy Duty French Fry Cutter 3/8' with Wall Bracket, Fixed Counter or Wall Mount

If you have a taste for long, chunky fries and don’t mind paying a high-end price for them, New Star’s Foodservice Extra Heavy Duty French Fry Cutter could be perfect!

You can choose between ½-inch and ⅜-inch blades to go in this fry cutter, so you can tailor the thickness to your preference.

Moreover, the body of the cutter is 11 inches long, so it’s capable of cutting through larger sweet potatoes than most potato cutters. This means you can make extra-large fries!

The body of the machine is made from cast iron and aluminum, while the other components are made of stainless steel. Together, these metals make a highly durable, wear-resistant product that’s both strong and very effective.

A wall-mount bracket is included with the purchase, so you can secure this heavy machine to a surface for stability and safety.

However, the mounting hardware is not included, so you will need to purchase these separately.


  • Heavy-duty construction - Strong and highly efficient
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron - Durable and wear-resistant
  • Choice of ½ and ⅜-inch blades - Versatile 
  • 11-inch body - Suitable for long fries


  • Premium price - Not a budget purchase 
  • Mounting hardware not included - Separate purchase required for installation


No products found.

Now, if you like to get a variety of sizes in a plate of fries, or if you’re cooking for a group of people with different preferences, you’ll need a sweet potato cutter that offers variety. In that case, we recommend the Onadrive Adjustable Mandoline Slicer.

This is a stainless steel slicer that’s capable of slicing vegetables into 18 different cuts in thicknesses between 1 and 7 mm.

You can make regular fries, crinkle fries, and waffle fries out of sweet potato using this slicer. There are many more options, although the instructions for use aren’t necessarily the clearest.

Because of its metal construction, the Mandoline Slicer is easy to clean and resistant to impact and water damage.

When in use, this cutter can be propped up for ergonomic operation. The non-slip feet ensure your safety and minimize the risk of damage to the utensil during use. When it needs to be stored away, you can fold it down flat again.


  • 18 cut styles - Versatile 
  • 1-7mm thickness adjustability  
  • Stainless steel build - Easy cleaning and wear-resistant 
  • Foldable - Easy storage 
  • Non-slip feet - Stable and safe to use


  • Unclear instructions - May take some getting used to


Starfrit 080464-004-0000 Gourmet Fry Cutter

So far, the potato cutters we’ve looked at have catered to the cutting process of making sweet potato fries.

However, if you were hoping to get all of your potato prep tools in a single purchase, why not opt for the Starfrit Gourmet Fry Cutter?

The kit consists of the cutter itself along with a potato peeler, a non-slip base, and a thumb knife as well as 2 grid blades of different sizes.

The peeler works automatically when you attach the sweet potato and press the rotator button. Once the sweet potato is peeled, you can insert it into the cutter and press the handle down for clean slicing action.

There is very little to criticize about this fry cutter, although it’s probably not the most useful purchase if you exclusively prefer skin-on sweet potato fries since the peeler may not be necessary.


  • 2 blade sizes - 25 and 49 holes 
  • Automatic peeling - Reduces hand fatigue 
  • Simple push-down mechanism - Quick slicing 
  • Non-slip base - Safe and stable 
  • Includes thumb knife - Useful for trimming


  • Not necessary if you prefer skin-on fries - Extra accessories may not be useful in this case


French Fry Cutter, Easy to Clean Potato Fry Cutter for Easy Slicing, Potato Chopper for Fries, Carrots, Cucumbers

Before you go, it’s definitely also worth checking out the GDL French Fry Cutter.

The GDL cutter works just as well on sweet potatoes as on regular potatoes owing to its extra-sharp, 420 surgical steel blade.

The long handle enables more leverage during cutting for a more effortless slicing motion.

For peace of mind, this cutter has been manufactured from BPA-free materials, so it’s completely food safe.

While the blades of this cutter are stainless steel, some other external components are plastic, which makes this a less durable choice than some of the others on our list. However, at such a reasonable price, it’s worth trying out!


  • 420 surgical steel blade - Very sharp and strong
  • BPA-free - Food safe 
  • Long handle - More cutting leverage 
  • Affordable - Budget price


  • Plastic components - Not the most durable option

Best Sweet Potato Cutters Buying Guide

Before you go ahead with your purchase, it’s important to know what to look for.

Read on for tips on how to choose the best sweet potato cutter!

Cutter Type

The first thing to think about is what kind of cutting mechanism you want to work with.

If you want to save time and effort, an electric cutter may be the best choice, but these are typically premium-priced items.

On the other hand, there are handheld cutters that are more budget-friendly but don’t have built-in width regulation.

As a healthy middle-ground, you could choose a manual, mechanical sweet potato cutter that works with a handle or lever.

These sometimes take some muscle to operate, but they allow you to be hands-on and pay more affordable prices.

Shape and Size

The next thing to consider is the desired shape and size of your sweet potato fries. Whether you want thick or thin fries, long or short, crinkled or straight, there’s a cutting utensil out there for you.

If you like thin, crispy fries, we recommend a ⅜-inch grid blade, whereas ½-inch blades are better for average-sized fries. If you like really thick fries, we recommend a slicer or cutter with a width adjuster function.

For short fries, you can get cutters that only take 3-inch potato pieces. Alternatively, some cutters will deliver slices over 7 inches long.


Make sure to also consider the durability of any prospective sweet potato cutter.

Where possible, prioritize all-metal construction, and ideally, make sure the unit is safe to wash (in other words, rust-resistant). Stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum are all good choices.


Why won’t my potato cutter cut through my sweet potato?

All of the potato cutters we’ve showcased in today’s article are more than suitable for cutting sweet potatoes, so hopefully, you’ll rarely find yourself in a position where you can’t cut through a sweet potato using one of these cutters.

If you are having trouble, though, all you need to do is either microwave or parboil them for a short time. Soon enough, the sweet potato should be soft enough for a knife to pass through with relative ease.

Sweet Potato Cutters: 9 Of The Best

These options are sure to be a hit. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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  • New Star Food Service Commercial Restaurant French Fry Cutter
  • Sopito Electric Professional French Fry Cutter
  • Sopito Professional Potato Cutter
  • Crinkle Cutters Potato Cutter
  • POP AirFry Mate Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter
  • New Star Foodservice Extra Heavy Duty French Fry Cutter
  • Onadrive Adjustable Mandoline Slicer
  • Starfrit Gourmet Fry Cutter
  • GDL French Fry Cutter


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