Top 5 Spatulas For Cast Iron (Skillets and Pans)

Ask any professional chef or budding home cook what their favorite pan is made of, and they are almost guaranteed to say “cast iron”. And this is for good reason.

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Cast iron isn’t only aesthetically pleasing, it’s also extremely durable and it is fantastic for distributing heat evenly throughout your ingredients while they cook.

But, to get the most out of cooking with a cast iron skillet, cast iron pan, or wok, you need to make sure you've got the right spatula for the job.

Whether you’re making mouth-watering smash burgers or flipping pancakes, the type of spatula you’re using can either make or break your recipe.

That’s not all you need to worry about, though. If your chosen spatula isn’t durable enough if it could bend, break, or even melt while you’re cooking. This will ruin the food, the cast iron pan, and leave you with the expense of having to replace it.

So, how do you know which spatula to go for? There are hundreds of options available, and sifting through them can be a time-consuming process. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you!

Below, you’ll find our top 5 best spatulas for cast iron. We’ve also put together a handy buyer’s guide that’s packed with information on what to look out for before you settle on your final decision. 


MANNKITCHEN Professional Grade Stainless Steel Spatula Perfect for Cast Iron Skillets and Flat Top Grills

Let’s kick things off by looking at the Mannkitchen Professional Grade Stainless Steel Spatula.

As its name suggests, this spatula is made from hardened stainless steel, and this gives it a super durable performance. This means no more worrying about bending it out of shape as you press down on food.

It also features a beveled straight edge that makes it easier to release food from your cast iron pan, flip burgers, and scrape off any delicious burnt-on bits at the bottom of the pan.

More than that though, this beveled-edge design smooths the surface of the cast iron while you cook. This means that it helps it maintain its natural non-stick performance.

The hardwood handle provides a comfortable cooking experience, and it’s also heat-resistant. So, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself if you accidentally leave the spatula balancing inside the pan.

You also don’t need to worry about the handle separating from the spatula over time either, as they are bonded together with double rivets.

What’s more, the 420 stainless steel used to make this spatula is rust and corrosion resistant, so you know you’ll be getting a fantastic kitchen tool that will last for years to come. It’s even backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • 420 Stainless steel construction - super durable, won’t bend out of shape, and is rust and corrosion resistant
  • Beveled straight edge - makes it easier to flip and release food, and smooths the cast iron surface while you cook
  • Hardwood handle - strong, comfortable, and heat resistant
  • Durable construction - the handle and spatula are bonded together using double rivets 
  • Long lasting - comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Expensive - costs a little more than most single spatulas, but the quality speaks for itself


Professional Metal Spatula Set - Stainless Steel Spatula and Griddle Scraper - Heavy Spatula Griddle Accessories Great for Cast Iron Griddle BBQ Flat Top Grill - Commercial Grade

This Professional Metal Spatula Set from Anmarko offers you a cooking spatula, a grill spatula, and a griddle scraper.

So, whether your frying fish, grilling sausages, or flipping pancakes, you’ve got more than one tool for the job!

Each of the spatulas in this set is made from high quality stainless steel. This means that they won’t break or bend out of shape while you’re cooking.

They are also non-reactive, so there’s no risk of them rusting or corroding over time. Cleaning them couldn’t be easier either, as they are totally dishwasher safe.

The wooden handles are heat resistant and offer you a comfortable, secure grip on the spatulas at all times. Both the cooking spatula and grill spatula’s handles feature a hole right at the top as well, and this allows you to hang your spatulas for easy access.

The grill scraper included in this spatula set has a second useful feature. On one side you’ll find measurement markings, and on the other, there is a measure equivalent table.

So, if a recipe calls for milliliters but you’re used to working in cups, you can quickly and easily find the correct equivalent.


  • Complete spatula set - comprises one cooking spatula, one grill spatula, and one grill scraper
  • Stainless steel construction - highly durable, non-reactive, and won’t bend out of shape over time
  • Wooden handles - heat resistant and offer you a secure, comfortable grip while you cook
  • Pre-drilled holes - gives you the choice to hang your spatulas for easy access when you need them most
  • Engraved measurements - the grill scraper features measurement markings and an equivalent chart for quick reference


  • Handles start to show wear after a while - however, this doesn’t affect their heat-resistant quality or the overall performance of the spatulas


HIC Kitchen Dexter-Russell Pancake Turner, Stainless Steel with Walnut Handle, 4 x 2-1/2'

Despite its name, the HIC Harold Import Co. Stainless Steel Pancake Turner can be used to flip and cook just about anything you can imagine. Whether it’s veggie burgers, fish, pancakes, or chicken, this fantastic spatula will help you flip your ingredients as smoothly as possible.

It’s also highly durable, thanks to its high quality stainless steel construction. This ensures that it won’t break halfway through a flip, nor will it bend out of shape if you press down on your ingredients.

The square shape of the spatula also gives you the ability to smooth and level your cast iron over time, enhancing its non stick performance.

The walnut handle gives this spatula a highly aesthetic appearance too, but it’s not all about looks. It’s also incredibly strong while ensuring you have a comfortable, secure grip.

It’s also attached to the working end of the spatula with 2 rivets, so there’s no risk of it coming apart while you’re cooking.

This spatula is available in three different sizes; 5-inches, 2 x 2.5-inches, and 4 x 2.5-inches. This gives you loads of versatility over your cooking, however, if you’re looking for just one spatula that can do it all, we’d recommend choosing the 4 x 2.5-inch pancake turner.


  • Stainless steel construction - super strong, won’t bend or break while you cook, and is both rust and corrosion resistant
  • Square design - helps to smooth and level your cast iron cookware over time, enhancing its non stick performance
  • Walnut handle - durable and offers a comfortable, secure grip
  • Double rivets - prevents the handle separating from the working end of the spatula 
  • Available in three sizes - offers you more versatility


  • Not dishwasher safe - so not as easy or convenient to clean 


Sabatier Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Wide Turner, 9.65-Inch, Black

If you’re looking for a fantastic spatula that doesn’t cost a fortune, then the Sabatier Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Wide Turner could be exactly what you need.

This doesn’t mean that anything is sacrificed in terms of quality, though. Both the head and the handle rivets are crafted from stainless steel that is extremely hard wearing and won’t bend or break while you cook.

The handle is made from durable POM (Polyoxymethylene) for superior strength and, unlike some of its wooden counterparts, this allows you to place this spatula in the dishwasher.

It has a 2.75-inch narrow head that is ideal for getting purchase underneath food and flipping it smoothly and quickly. Meanwhile, the 9.5-inch length allows you to get close enough to your cast iron pan while still maintaining a safe distance from the heat.

This spatula is available in three colors (black, gray, and red) so you’ll be able to match it perfectly to the rest of your kitchen’s design scheme. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that acts as a testament to its quality and performance.


  • Budget-friendly - cheaper than most other spatulas but doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost 
  • Stainless steel rivets and working end - provides strength and durability while being rust and corrosion resistant
  • Dishwasher safe - the stainless steel and POM construction means you can place this spatula in the dishwasher for easy cleaning
  • 2.75-inch narrow head - perfect for getting purchase underneath food before flipping
  • Available in three colors - choose from black, red, or gray to suit your kitchen’s design scheme


  • Smaller than you might expect - while the 2.75-inch narrow head is good for sliding underneath food, it may be a little too small to flip larger ingredients


Earlywood 10 inch Handmade Wood Cooking Utensil for Kitchen, Multi-Purpose Scraper and Egg Turner, Cast Iron Saute Spatula - Made in USA - Bloodwood

What makes the Earlywood 10-inch Hardwood Scraper stand out from the crows is that, as its name suggests, it is crafted entirely from a single piece of wood! This means no joints or rivets that could separate the handle from the spatula over time. Instead, you’ve got one rock solid tool.

It’s been specially designed to provide you with multiple uses, too. It can be used to flip food, break up mince, scramble eggs, and crush garlic. It also has a 0.5-inch thick rounded end that acts like a handle and ensures you have a secure, comfortable grip while you’re cooking.

You have a choice of four different types of wood with this hardwood scraper; Bloodwood, Hard Maple, Jatoba, and Mexican Ebony. Each of these has been ethically sourced and each has a different shade to it. This means you’ll be able to match it to the rest of your cooking utensils or let it stand out by itself.

This hardwood spatula is also handcrafted in the United States, so you know it’s been made with care and attention to detail. It also comes complete with a lifetime warranty so, in the unlikely event of something going wrong, you’ll be covered for a replacement.


  • Made entirely from hardwood - no rivets or joints that can break over time 
  • Designed for multiple uses - can be used to flip food, scramble eggs, chop beef mince, crush garlic, and more
  • Available in four choices of wood - choose from Bloodwood, Hard Maple, Jatoba, and Mexican Ebony
  • Ethically sourced - no deforestation or environmentally-damaging processes used to harvest the wood
  • Lifetime warranty - handcrafted in the United States and comes complete with a lifetime warranty


  • Not dishwasher safe - as this spatula is made entirely of wood, it cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher

Best Spatulas for Cast Iron Buying Guide

Buying a spatula might seem like a simple enough task. But, when it comes to choosing one that can be used with cast iron cookware, there are certain things that you need to look out for.

Below, you’ll find some key points that you need to consider when you begin your search. Taking the time to pay a little extra attention to these will help you find the best spatula for cast iron the first time around and, ultimately, save you time and money.


The material that your chosen spatula is made from is one of the most important things to look out for. You don’t only want something that is strong enough to last a lifetime, but that will smooth and level out the surface of your cast iron every time you use it.

By doing this, you’ll be improving the non stick performance of your cast iron pans.

A spatula that is made from hardened stainless steel is the best option, here. This won’t only be really difficult to bend or break under the weight of your ingredients, but it will also improve the quality of your cast iron over time.

If you’re looking for something a little more environmentally friendly, then a specially-designed wooden spatula would be a good alternative to stainless steel.

It won’t do as good a job at smoothing out the surface of your cast iron, but it will be strong enough to cook with, without breaking or bending.


You also need to look at the shape of your spatula if you want to improve your cast iron’s cooking surface. A spatula with a square shape and sharp angles is the best for doing this, and it will also give you the ability to slide underneath your ingredients for easier flipping.

Rounded edges are also good for getting underneath food, but there will be a reduced amount of contact with the cast iron. As a result, it will take longer to smooth out and level the cooking surface.


Some spatulas feature beveled edges, and these are useful for a couple of reasons. First of all, they make it easier to slide under food which, in turn, makes it easier to flip and remove food from the pan. Secondly, they can be used to scrape off any of that stuck-on, tasty goodness at the bottom of the pan.

Beveled edges also come in handy for chopping food directly in the pan. So, for example, if you’re making scrambled eggs or breaking up beef mince, you’ll be able to do it quickly and effectively.

Of course, if you’re less bothered about this, a spatula without a beveled edge would be fine. But, since they don’t come at a huge price increase, it would be sensible to invest in one.


Spatulas designed for cast iron come in varying levels of flexibility, but the right one for you will ultimately depend on what you’re using your spatula for.

If you’re planning on cooking food that requires regular flipping, such as eggs, pancakes, or fish, then the more flexible it is the better. This is because the more flexible a spatula is, the easier it will be to slide under food.

However, if you’re planning on doing some more heavy-duty cooking, such as making smash burgers, go for a spatula that is less flexible. You’ll still be able to get a good amount of purchase under the burgers for flipping, but you won’t risk bending the spatula when you press down on the meat. 


Is it safe to use a metal spatula on cast iron?

Yes, it is. There is a myth surrounding metal utensils and cast iron that they cause scratches and damage to the surface of the pan.

But, in actual fact, scraping a cast iron surface with a metal utensil will level and smooth out the cooking surface.

In turn, the cast iron’s non stick performance will be improved. This doesn’t mean you should attack your cast iron with metal utensils on a regular basis, though.

Instead, cooking in the normal fashion with a metal spatula will smooth out the surface over time without any extra effort needed.

Should you use a plastic spatula on cast iron?

Plastic is the worst material you can use on cast iron cookware. This is because cast iron is designed to get extremely hot and some plastics will simply melt when they come into contact with these high temperatures.

This doesn’t only mean that the spatula will be ruined, but you also risk damaging the cast iron as you try to remove melted-on plastic.

Instead, a metal spatula would be the best choice for a cast iron pan. These won’t melt or bend out of shape when subjected to the heat.

They will also improve the cast iron cooking surface by leveling it out over time.

Best Spatulas for Making Smash Burgers

Top 5 Spatulas For Cast Iron (Skillets and Pans)

These options are sure to be a hit. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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  • Mannkitchen Professional Grade Stainless Steel Spatula
  • Anmarko Professional Metal Spatula Set
  • HIC Harold Import Co. Stainless Steel Pancake Turner
  • Sabatier Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Wide Turner
  • Earlywood 10-inch Hardwood Scraper


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