25+ Easy One Skillet Meals

Taking the time to make a great dish takes a lot of effort and it doesn’t stop after everyone is done eating.

Many people enjoy cooking, and almost everyone enjoys eating. However, cleaning up after a big family meal isn’t usually a chore that anyone looks forward to. When you cook a big dinner, there are usually going to be tons of dishes. That’s why we love the simplicity of one-pot meals.

That’s when you have to muster up all the energy you have left to clean all the pots and pans you just used.

Fajitas in skillet with side dishes.

One-skillet meals have become increasingly popular for their convenience and ease of preparation. These dishes offer a variety of flavors and textures, and are perfect for those days when time is limited, but a satisfying meal is still desired. A one-skillet meal simplifies the cooking process and minimizes clean-up, allowing more time to enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal.

Not only do one-skillet meals save time in the kitchen, they can also provide a well-balanced, nutritious meal. By combining protein, vegetables, and grains or starches in a single pan, these dishes offer a complete meal in one serving. Additionally, cooking everything together promotes the blending of flavors and allows for creative culinary experimentation.

One-skillet meals are also versatile and adaptable to personal preferences. There are countless recipes and variations to suit any palate and dietary requirements. Whether it’s a vegetarian stir-fry, a hearty meat and potato dish, or a decadent pasta with a rich tomato sauce, there is a one-skillet recipe waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

One skillet meals are the perfect way to cut down on all the cleaning time.

Put all your ingredients into one dish and then you have minimal cleanup after it’s all done.

When you want easy skillet meals that are quick to clean but still taste great, you need these skillet recipes below.

Source: eatwell101.com

1. Garlic Cabbage Kale Skillet

Looking for the next flavorful vegetarian dish to add to your weekly rotation?

This garlic cabbage and kale skillet meal is fighting for your attention because it’s packed with flavor and is still absolutely delicious.

Source: the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

2. Easy Breakfast Skillet

Breakfast is the perfect cast iron skillet food because you can make a great-tasting hash or vegetable-based meal.

This recipe has everything you need for a hearty breakfast, potatoes, peppers, eggs, and cheese.

If potatoes take a lot of time, you can just use some frozen tater tots to make it quicker.

Source: pattietierney.blogspot.com

3. Skillet Beef and Broccoli Ramen

When you first take a look at this recipe you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed even though there are a lot of ingredients.

You probably have most of them lying around the pantry and if you don’t, they are pretty easy to find in any grocery chain store.

You’ll want to marinate your beef to give it that extra kick of flavor you can’t get by just throwing some seasoning on top.

Source: smalltownwoman.com

4. Homemade Hamburger Helper Skillet

Need some skillet dinners that the whole family can enjoy?

This childhood classic can be made in no time and will have everyone satisfied at the end of the meal.

Serve it with some white bread on the side so that everyone can make their own mini hamburger helper sandwiches.

Source: chelseasmessyapron.com

5. Southwest Ranch Chicken Skillet

Similar to the Sante Fe recipe on this list, this Southwest ranch chicken combines a ton of flavor into one skillet.

Ranch is really the secret ingredient and if you find yourself dipping your friend and pizza in a ranch, then you’ll love this dish.

This is the perfect dish to make some extra and put it in the fridge so you can have some leftover throughout the rest of the week.

Source: spicysouthernkitchen.com

6. Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is a skillet food that never goes out of style.

Now, you can make a delicious batch all in your skillet and all the flavors will just meld together perfectly.

You’ll make your sauce right along with all your veggies and meats.

You’ll leave it in the oven long enough so the crust has a chance to get golden brown before serving.

Source: feedingyourfam.com

7. Skillet Beef Pot Pie

If a chicken pot pie isn’t quite your thing, then you can turn to this beef version that adds a nice savory kick to the classic dish.

It’s super easy to make too because you’ll just throw all your ingredients into the skillet and bake until your crust has a nice golden-brown crust.

If you want to cut down on even more time you’ll want to buy a store-bought crust so that way you don’t have to make one from scratch.

Source: 4sonrus.com

8. Sausage Parmesan Pasta

This isn’t the right dish when you’re looking for healthy dinner ideas for one.

This sausage parmesan pasta is so good you’ll be getting up to get seconds.

This doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare and when you start cooking the garlic and pasta with the creamy sauce and parmesan, it will bring everyone to the table.

You can’t go wrong serving up a side of toasted garlic bread on the side to soak up all that juice.

Source: gypsyplate.com

9. Garlic Butter Steak

Steak doesn’t have to be intimidating anymore now that you have a perfect skillet recipe.

You’ll be cutting your steak into bite-sized pieces so that they cook evenly and it doesn’t take as long.

With a generous amount of garlic added and some extra seasoning, you’ll be looking to add this dish to your weekly rotation.

It’s important to get a steak that has some nice marbling in it so that all the fat flavors soak up into the meat.

You’ll want to give the steak pieces a nice sear at first, so make sure the pan is extra hot. You can turn down the heat once everything has a nice crust to it.

Pair it with some fresh veggies to balance out the flavors or go full tilt and get a portion of mashed potatoes with some melted butter.

Source: justataste.com

10. Skillet Lasagna

This skillet lasagna is the perfect go-to recipe when you need a warm and filling meal that is packed with flavor.

There’s plenty of ricotta cheese and parmesan thrown on top, so you won’t miss the classic lasagna flavors.

You’ll need some bread though to make sure all the tomato sauce gets soaked up.

Source: thenaturalnurterer.com

11. Sweet Potato Apple Sausage Skillet

This mix of flavors is so unique you probably haven’t tried them before, but you’re missing out!

You could honestly have this dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it would work at any time of the day.

The crisp and refreshing flavors of the apple pair perfectly with the savory and dense sausage.

This dish is as simple and it is delicious, so it won’t take you much time which will allow you to focus on other errands you have to get done for the day.

Source: thekitchenismyplayground.com

12. Easy Beef Burrito Skillet

Who says burritos have to come in a tortilla?

With this beef burrito recipe, you can have all the classic ingredients mixed into one large skillet.

You can even mix it up and have a chicken burrito skillet recipe by subbing out the beef.

All you have to do is cook your meat first before adding all the beans, salsa, and seasonings.

You can even serve up some tortilla chips on the side for dipping if it doesn’t feel authentic enough for you.

Source: jenniferbanz.com

13. Easy Cream Cheese Chicken

You can throw chicken into pretty much any dish and it will soak up the flavors and go well together.

This cream cheese recipe is the perfect example because when you throw your onions and mushrooms into a creamy sauce with your golden brown chicken, all is right with the world.

Source: cooking.nytimes.com

14. Skillet Chicken with Couscous

You might think of couscous as being a fairly bland side, but when you pair it with this chicken recipe it’s packed full of flavor.

The chicken gets a nice browning too, so the crust is nice and crispy.

You’ll cook your chicken first and take it out when it’s time to make your couscous, but you’ll throw it back in before serving.

Source: tasteofhome.com

15. Cheese Beef Tortellini Skillet

Tortellini has to be the perfect pasta to use in a dish because it’s already stuffed with cheese and adds even more flavor.

Mix that with some well seasoned beef and you have the makings of an irresistible skillet dinner.

This is one of those dishes your family can’t help but grab an extra plate.

If you want a dish that can help you sneak in some extra veggies, this is the one because the flavors are so satiating no one will even notice.

Source: therecipecritic.com

16. Mexican Shrimp Skillet

This dish is filled with ingredients that are good for you, like beans and corn, and it has all the great flavors of a classic Mexican dish.

You could even cook some rice in the skillet first before throwing in your other ingredients.

Just make sure not to cook the shrimp too long or else they will end up hard and chewy.

Source: saltandlavendar.com

17. Sante Fe Chicken Skillet

Here is where you can have all the wonderful flavors of the southwest mixed up into an incredible dinner skillet meal.

Like most of the other chicken dishes on this list, you’ll need to cook it first before you start throwing in your other ingredients.

You’ll layer on some cheese and bake it till everything melts together into a flavor-packed meal.

Source: thedefineddish.com

18. Chicken Enchilada Skillet

Instead of taking all the time it takes to make a well-prepared enchilada meal, you can forgo all the wrapping and just throw it all in a skillet.

Want to make this dish even faster? Use some flavored rotisserie chicken at your local store and shred it up.

Get yourself some tortilla chips to dip and some salsa to pour on top and you’ll be set.

Source: chefsavvy.com

19. Easy Sausage and Vegetable Skillet

This skillet recipe couldn’t be easier, so the only problem is what kind of sausage will you add to your meal?

You can literally throw in any kind you want and this recipe is still going to be delicious.

The veggies pair perfectly with the sausage because they balance out all those savory flavors and help your palette not to get too overwhelmed.

Source: beatuyandthefoodie.com

20. Easy Chili Faux Mac Skillet

This recipe has all the same great flavors of chili with some mac and cheese but without all the unhealthy ingredients.

Instead, this is a carb-free and grain-free dish that will make everyone in the family clamor for some more.

Make a huge batch and you can stick some in the freezer to make throughout the week.

Source: iwashyoudry.com

21. Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet

This recipe is everything you want in Mexican cuisine, all mixed together in one cast iron skillet recipe.

It won’t take you much time to make, because all you have to do is put your rice, seasonings, meat, and other ingredients into the skillet and cover the whole thing with cheese.

Top it off with your favorite Mexican additions like sour cream, salsa, jalapenos, and even olives.

Source: therecipecritic.com

22. Cajun Asparagus and Sausage Skillet

Looking for ways to spice up your meals at home?

This cajun-inspired asparagus and sausage skillet meal is a perfect choice.

You’ll only need a handful of ingredients because most of the flavor is in the classic cajun seasonings.

Chop up your asparagus so that you can add it to the skillet without needing to cook anything separately.

Source: thefoodcafe.com

23. Meatballs in Marinara Sauce

We all know the classic meatballs that can be huge in size and take up an entire sandwich, but these small meatballs take less time and are even better.

Instead of making huge meatballs, you’ll make little ones instead and cover the entire skillet with marinara sauce and cheese. Who can say no?

If you need some pasta, you’ll have to bust out one more dish but this meal is just as good by itself.

Give yourself a little garlic bread treat on the side to soak up all that great sauce.

If you want to make this dish a little healthier you can sub in ground turkey for your ground beef.

Source: reciperunner.com

24. Italian Chicken Skillet

The secret to this Italian chicken skillet meal is letting all the flavorful juices of your tomatoes explode into the skillet and soak into all the other ingredients.

This is one of those skillet meals where you’ll need to cook your chicken until it browns and then remove it to cook the rest of your ingredients.

You’ll add the chicken back in later before you serve, but don’t forget to layer it with a generous amount of parmesan cheese.

Source: sugarspicelife.com

25. Skillet Shepherd’s Pie

On a cold day, there aren’t many people who can deny the delicious flavors of a shepherd’s pie.

This classic has been filling up the bellies of families for generations and now you can make an easy version right at home in only one skillet.

You’ll have all the classic ingredients like ground beef, tomato paste, onions, carrots, and other veggies.

The veggies can be frozen to quicken things up.

Throw a hefty amount of mashed potatoes on top to finish it up and you can even broil it for a few minutes to get a nice golden brown crust on your potatoes.

Fajitas in skillet with side dishes.

Our BEST 25+ Easy One Skillet Meals (+Garlic Butter Steak)

These recipes are sure to please. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 210 kcal


  • 1 1/2 pounds bite-sized steak pieces
  • 6 Tablespoons salted butter
  • 1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 cup chopped parsley
  • 4 cloves chopped garlic
  • Sea salt and coarse black pepper to taste


  • Heat olive oil over high heat in a skillet.
  • Cook steak bites 2-3 minutes.
  • Cook parsley and garlic, then add steak bites back to the pan.


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Enjoy the food.


Calories: 210kcal
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