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19 Authentic Mexican Desserts (+Recipes)

mexican desserts

Have you ever had Taco Tuesdays with your family? Oh, only every week? People all over the world love Mexican food and Tex-Mex dishes. Whether you have tacos or burritos, fajitas or nachos, it’s always nice to end a meal with something sweet. Certainly, you can buy a traditional Mexican dessert at the grocery store, …

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21 Traditional Korean Desserts (+Recipes)

When you think about Korean cuisine, desserts usually aren’t the first things you’ll think of. Korean cuisine is famous for kimchi, hotteok, and kimbap amongst an array of other popular street foods. Korean desserts, however, are slightly more underrated.It’s no secret that Korean cuisine is aesthetically pleasing – and this is definitely true for their …

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14 Authentic & Easy Greek Desserts

Greek desserts have a unique combination of flavors that make them different from the typical pastries you’re probably used to. Greek food is known for its use of Mediterranean ingredients such as olive oil, nuts, and seeds. However, like all cuisines in the world, Greek food has legendary desserts, too. You’ll find that Greek desserts …

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15 Traditional Russian Desserts

Russian desserts are some of the most unique and varied in the culinary world, with a range of pastries, confectionaries, and cakes all of which have a long tradition in Russian culture.These dishes are incredibly diverse, some being incredibly sweet cakes while others being more savory and they hail from all over Russia and the …

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