Cassie Marshall

Cassie brings decades of experience to the Kitchen Community. She is a noted chef and avid gardener. Her new book "Healthy Eating Through the Garden" will be released shortly. When not writing or speaking about food and gardens Cassie can be found puttering around farmer's markets and greenhouses looking for the next great idea.

Are Starburst Vegan?

Starburst (once known as opal fruits) are cube-shaped, fruity flavored soft taffy candies that are made by the Wrigley Company (the chewing gum company). The starburst fruit chew can be vegan candy depending on which country you buy it in. The starburst product is made differently in different countries.They are both vegan and non-vegan, this …

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Are Bagels Vegan?

Say goodbye to smoked salmon and cream cheese, say hello to avocado and chili with roasted tomatoes on your vegan bagel.There’s no need to give up bagels just because you’ve given up meat and animal byproducts, even if you need to switch up your usual toppings a little bit. Bagels, like many of the staples in …

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Are Krispy Kreme Donuts Vegan? Your Questions Answered

Krispy Kreme is an American coffee house and donut chain company that is owned by JAB Holding Company.The headquarters are situated in Winston-Salem in North Carolina, USA. They total 1,005 locations worldwide at the time of writing.Krispy Kreme serves; baked goods, soft drinks, hot drinks, and both frozen and iced beverages.It was founded in 1937 …

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