Easy Fried Rice

easy fried rice

Fried rice is one of the most popular Chinese takeout foods, but with this easy fried rice recipe, you can create homemade fried rice that will taste even better than what you get at your favorite Chinese restaurant. An easy stir-fry makes plain jasmine rice into a flavorful main dish that’s tossed with colorful veggies …

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Spicy Salmon Poke Bowls

salmon poke bowl recipe

When summer rolls around and the hot days make you want to avoid cooking, you can enjoy these delicious salmon poke bowls. These yummy bowls are inspired by Japanese flavors, and the result is a healthy gourmet meal.  If you’ve never enjoyed a salmon poke bowl, you’re missing out on some serious deliciousness. The good …

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S’mores Cookies

s'mores cookies

If you and your family love S’mores, you’re going to go gaga over this yummy S’mores cookie recipe. Every single bit has gooey chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs, and toasted marshmallows. The edges are super crisp, and the centers are perfectly chewy. These cookies are as tasty as a chocolate chip cookie, but they’re at …

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Easy Chicken Marinade

best chicken marinade

This super-simple chicken marinade recipe only needs a couple of pantry staples and some fresh ingredients. Then you need 30 minutes to make a delicious marinade that will give your chicken a zesty kick. The fact that chicken becomes dry and less tasty when overcooked is no big culinary secret, especially when your grill chicken …

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Chow Mein

chow mein recipe

When you want an authentic Chinese food dinner, you can have homemade chow mein cooked and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes. Chow mein is the ideal quick and easy side dish, and you’ll find that it takes about the same amount of time to make homemade chow mein as it would take to …

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