What Is Arugula?

Fresh green arugula in bowl

Green, crispy, with that famous, peppery flavor – arugula is one of the most popular leafy greens. You can buy it in most supermarkets, at your local farmers’ market, or even try and grow it yourself. Just like other salad greens, arugula is rich in many important nutrients your body needs to function just right. …

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What Is Ganache?

Sweet Dark Chocolate Sauce

Oh, chocolate ganache. This wondrous glaze has our taste buds quivering with excitement, our arteries tremoring in anxiety, and our teeth gnashing in anticipation. Terrible pun intended. Velvety and rich with a silky texture and an incredible taste, chocolate and cream ganache is the most aesthetically elegant topping you will ever use for your chocolate …

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What Is Pate?

french meat pate

Are you looking for a dish that has a smooth texture and rich flavor? Then, it is time to cook pate! Pates are made from any meat type – throw in your leftover chicken, duck, or pork, you name it. The seasoning and other ingredients depend on your imagination (or a recipe). If your taste …

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How To Thicken Chili

Homemade Organic Vegetarian Chili

Any The Office fan knows that the trick to delicious chili is to undercook the onions. But while we’ve never seen how Kevin’s famous chili tasted on screen, we did see his full pot of chili land on the Dunder Mifflin’s office floor. Notice anything special about Kevin’s chili? It’s thick and chunky, just like …

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Easy Roast Duck Recipe

roasted duck

Duck may not be the first meal you think of when cooking a family dinner but there’s no denying the delectable taste and tender texture of a perfectly cooked roast duck. The reason most people don’t go ahead and start adding duck to their special occasions is that they feel it’s hard to make. With …

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Easy Tuscan Chicken Pasta

creamy tuscan chicken pasta

This creamy, hearty Tuscan chicken pasta recipe is ready in just minutes, so it’s easy to enjoy any night of the week. After a long day, reward yourself with a simple Italian feast that comes together in only half an hour. What’s more comforting than rich, creamy, cheesy Italian pasta? Toss in some crispy chicken bits, baby …

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