21 Mexican Breakfast Recipes To Tantalize Your Taste buds

When it comes to enjoying a delicious Mexican meal, you’re probably thinking about what to have for dinner, right? But… did you also know that as an incredibly popular cuisine and culture, they have a lot to offer you at breakfast time, too? These Mexican breakfast ideas will give new life to the scrambled egg, refried bean, and tortilla chips.

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With twenty dishes to choose from, one of these delights is bound to take your fancy - and none of them are beyond the average household budget or feature any ridiculous ingredients you won’t be able to get at the local grocery store.

These recipes are taken from around the web, so all the work has been done for you. So, without wasting any more precious cooking time, let’s revitalize your tastebuds and save them from the same old toast, oatmeal, or whatever other boring meals you’ve been eating for far too long!

1. Tasting Table - Chilaquiles

Considered a perfect hangover cure, this sexy combination of deep-fried tortillas, covered in salsa and all of your favorite taco seasonings, then topped with a fried egg. With this particular variant taken from Emily Elyse Miller’s famous Breakfast: The Cookbook, it’s a spicy way to start your morning, and can be made even easier by simply using store-bought chips and swapping crema out for sour cream.

2. SimplyRecipes - Huevos Rancheros

Immortalized forever by that one song from the musical Rent, this is one of the best ways to enjoy breakfast, Mexico style. Translated as, quite literally, Ranch Eggs, you get sunny side up, golden yolks, topping hot corn tortillas and smothered in hot, cooked salsa. If you really want to get indulgent, spread your tortilla with hot refried beans prior to adding your eggs and salsa!

3. AllRecipes - Mexican Breakfast Tacos

Taking a beloved Mexican favorite around the world and making them breakfast appropriate, this recipe utilizes chorizo sausages, eggs, cheese, and hot sauce to make for a zingy, spicy way to start the day off right. In just fifteen minutes, you’ll be in heaven, and there’s hardly any prep work to do. A lazy morning done right - sure to please anyone at your table.

4. Gousto - Smoky Mexican Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast bowls are all the rage in the last few years: all you have to do is scroll down one of your social media feeds to be presented with an artfully presented dish full of brightly colored, delicious looking ingredients. This one from popular meal delivery service Gousto can be whipped up in under ten minutes and is a surefire crowd pleaser.

5. The Wholesome Dish - Mexican Breakfast

An ideal make-ahead breakfast that will give the whole family everything they need to get through the day until lunchtime, these breakfast cups can be popped in the microwave to heat and eat on the go. Sort of like a savory breakfast muffin, they are packed full of eggs, bacon, black beans, corn, and cheese - that’s one way to get the kids to eat their veggies… or a fussy adult!

6. Isabel Eats - Sopapillas

Eating dessert for breakfast is nothing new - think about chocolatey cereal or delicious, buttery croissants smothered in jam or Nutella. Now consider the Sopapilla: a puffy, deep-fried pastry dusted with cinnamon sugar and a swirl of thick, sweet honey. If you’re more of a savory person, skip the sugar, slice it in half and stuff it with bacon, eggs, and cheese!

7. Every Last Bite - Mexican Breakfast Hash

Chock full of chorizo, spicy butternut squash, jalapenos, spinach, and a variety of other spices, all beautifully topped with baked eggs, this breakfast bake is paleo-friendly, grain and gluten free and inspired by the flavors of Mexico. Whether you prepare it in advance or make it that morning, it’s a time-saving, nutrient-rich dish that will set you up for whatever you have planned.

8. Nellie’s Free Range Eggs - Mexican Breakfast Salad

Now, we know salad doesn’t sound like the most enticing or exciting breakfast, but hear us out for a second. It’s not what you’re expecting: though there’s definitely some green brought to the table with all that kale, it’s surrounded by crunchy sweet potato, plenty of eggs, and all of your favorite Mexican flavors in a homemade Pico de Gallo. Plus, it’s got everything your body needs to work optimally, without compromising on taste!

9. Taste Of Home - Sunrise Sausage Breakfast Enchiladas

Taking a tasty, cheesy dinner and making it breakfast-friendly, you’ll find that enchiladas translate beautifully to the morning when you trade chicken for pork sausage and throw in plenty of shredded hash brown potatoes.

Most of the other ingredients are exactly the same as the dinnertime variant, and you can even make them ahead of time and refrigerate if you’re going to be busy or just fancy a lazy morning.

10. Delicious Magazine - Breakfast Tortillas with Avocado

Simple but incredibly effective, this straightforward dish takes the millennial favorite of avocado toast and shoots it right up to a whole other level, with a spicy Mexican twist.

It’s one of the most straightforward meals to put together on our list, but also the most satisfying, filling, and most importantly, healthy! Plus, even if you’ve only got a bit of time to spare, you should be able to put this together.

11. Evolving Table - Healthy Mexican Breakfast Casserole

Prepare to kiss your morning grumpiness goodbye, no matter how much of a morning person you aren’t. Sure to please just about everybody, whatever their age or level of fussiness, and requiring zero slaving over a hot stove, it’s like a beautiful Mexican lasagna you’ll all enjoy.

Taco meat, soft and fluffy eggs, cheese, corn, and tortillas for an exciting bit of crunch… it’s a flavor sensation.

12. Keto Diet App - Keto-Friendly Mexican Breakfast Skillet

One pot dishes that are actually delicious, will please all of the people eating and don’t take much preparation are hard to come by. Or they were, until this super-tasty breakfast skillet, inspired by Mexican flavors and stuffed full of goodness, but it’ll taste far too much like a taco for any fussy eaters to notice.

Ready to eat in less than twenty minutes, it’s a quick fix meal you can count on for all the nutrients you need.

13. Mexican Please - Huevos Ahogados

This is like if Huevos Rancheros and Eggs Benedict had a baby: rich, flavorful spicy tomato broth with pretty little poached egg islands, Huevos Ahogados - or, quite morbidly, Drowned Eggs - may just be your new favorite meal, whether that’s at breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can either make your own salsa if you’ve got the time, or get yourself some store bought - it’s up to you.

14. Aberdeen’s Kitchen - Vegetarian Sheet Pan Mexican Breakfast

All you need to cook up this dish from Aberdeen’s Kitchen is one pan! Sheet pan dishes are particularly popular lately, especially the versatile vegetarian ones!

It’s a pretty universal truth that eggs, potatoes, and Mexican-inspired seasonings like cumin and cayenne go together beautifully. Put them all together and serve them up for a whole group of people - either in the morning or as breakfast for dinner!

15. MyRecipes - Mexican Breakfast Burrito

The fine art of the burrito essentially involves stuffing a tortilla with rice, meat or veggies, spicy sauces, and seasonings. For a protein-packed breakfast burrito on the large side, check out this amazing combination, which is vegetarian-friendly! Vegans could trade out the eggs and cheese for tofu and a dairy-free alternative if they really want to try these.

16. Clean Eating Magazine - Mexican Breakfast Bake

Bafflingly easy to prepare and unbelievably tasty considering how simple it is, this simple bake takes avocado, eggs, veggies, and cheese to offer a clean breakfast that doesn’t make you feel like you’re eating cardboard. Not having that much time to spare for eating in the morning is no longer an excuse to rely solely on coffee to survive.

17. Secret Sauce - The Great Mexican Breakfast

Though the title of this recipe sounds abstract, it’s pretty simple: tortillas, enchiladas sauce, eggs, cheese, and salt and pepper, with refried beans and crema to taste. This is a budget, dorm-room breakfast that students or families on a budget will appreciate for its warm, comforting flavors. It might not sound that grand, but the name hypes it up for a reason, trust us.

18. Sweet Life Bake - Mexican Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast? Check. Mexican flavors that offer a spicy twist? Check. Going to make your kids or any house guests very happy with you? Check, check and check! However, don’t worry: you’re not making a dough or anything: cleverly, the base is a tortilla, generously covered with hummus, refried beans, chorizo, and a fried egg, plus salsa and queso if you’d like.

19. Natasha’s Kitchen - Breakfast Quesadillas

This penultimate recipe is another dinnertime favorite reinvented for the earlier hours of the day. Taking just a couple of minutes to prepare and only requiring one pan to do so, they’re simplistic but delicious (a theme that many of these Mexican breakfasts seem to have in common!) and although they’re vegetarian friendly, you’re welcome to add any protein you’d like.

20. A Cozy Kitchen - Mexican Pan Dulce (Conchas)

Last, but most certainly not least, this is a treat you’ll be sure to have time and again once you start. Known as sweet bread, pan dulce and/or conchas, these brioche-esque rolls are topped with scored streusel and can be found in bakeries (called panaderias) throughout Mexico. Soft, warm and inviting, you’ll find it hard to stop at just a few!

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