Best 9 White Rice Brands We Could Find

One of the most integral ingredients that should be found in every household is a bag of white rice.

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White rice is a great ingredient because it can be used in a variety of dishes from all over the world whilst adding texture and taste.

When it comes to purchasing a particular brand of white rice, you want to make sure that you’re getting the right type of rice that is going to work with the meals you plan on making. We like sticky rice brands.

Whether you have a particular dish in mind or want to incorporate white rice into a variety of dishes for varying meals, it’s important to do your research so you are picking a rice that is going to work best for you.

When it comes to asking what is the best white rice brand, there is no simple answer because it is all dependent on what you want to cook.

With so many options available such as sticky rice, basmati rice, wild rice, Japanese rice, sushi rice, and jasmine rice amongst others, there are brands that specialize in an area that may differ or match what you are looking for. The rice variety is endless.

We’ve gathered the best choices for varying reasons so whether you’re looking for short grain or a flavored rice like jasmine, we’ve come up with the options that you should consider.

This will save you from cooking rice that isn’t going to give you the result you want. This means that choosing the right rice is important because it’s going to help your meals turn out right.

If you are following a recipe, you need to get the rice that the ingredients ask of you. For example, if a recipe requires long grain rice then using a short rice grain in its place simply isn’t an option.

If you are not following recipes then think about what rice you tend to use the most and try and incorporate your lifestyle around that. Get a rice cooker. We use ours all the time.


Nishiki Medium Grain Rice, 80 Ounce

Our top option for sticky rice is the Nishiki Medium Grain Rice which is ideal if you are wanting to make dishes such as sushi or pudding.

Sticky rice is one of the most difficult kinds of rice to work with so you want to make sure that you are selecting a brand that can be trusted to give you results.

What sets Nishiki apart from other brands is that it has been made using the best grains available and can be used in short, medium and long grain recipes which is rare for rice. It provides a brilliant texture and is suited for dishes from all over the world.

What makes this rice the best sticky rice on the market is that it is not as sticky as short grain rice options so it is ideal for those who want rice that is versatile but not overly sticky.

It can be eaten with chopsticks and is ideal for use in Asian dishes. With an option to purchase 80 ounces, you’ll have more than enough to last for all kinds of meals and dishes. 


Bombay Market Basmati White Rice - 10 Pound Bag

For those who are looking for the best basmati rice on the market then look no further than Bombay Market’s Basmati White Rice. Perfect for making curries, the bag is resealable making it great for future use and easy to store away.

This rice comes from the Himalayan region and is made from fresh grains which gives the rice a lovely aroma and nutty flavor. Firm in texture, this rice cooks up dry making it ideal for using in curries and other similar dishes.

What Bombay Market has to offer with this rice is that it has a low calorie content and contains no sodium or fat making it one of the healthiest options on this list.

For those who want to include a healthy white rice in their diet, this is the best option for you as it provides nutritional needs whilst also including great taste and fragrance that will elevate any meal.

The long grain structure of this rice means that it is not sticky after cooling down and it is an extremely versatile variety of rice so for those who like to make all kinds of dishes, this is a choice that you should consider.


Iberia Jasmine Rice, 5 lbs. Long Grain Naturally Fragrant Enriched Jasmine Rice

One of the most popular flavored rice is jasmine rice, which boasts a beautiful aroma that is perfect for a variety of curry dishes or simpler meals that can have an added boost in its flavor.

 Iberia Jasmine Rice has been naturally sourced and harvested from an array of countries to produce the best quality and flavor. What makes this jasmine rice such a great choice is that it has a natural aroma and has a long and fluffy grain once cooked making it extremely versatile.

Iberia’s Jasmine Rice is suitable for all kinds of lifestyle as it is vegan, gluten free, non fat and kosher making it an ideal addition for all households.

For those wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle without compromising the flavor and taste then this jasmine rice is the best option for you. Thanks to its sticky quality, it can be used for both medium or long grain recipes.

The 5lb bag means that you will have enough of this rice for many different meals so you can experiment with the flavor and texture.


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This is the section for the people who don’t want to be spending a lot of time cooking their rice. It’s no secret that rice can take a long time to fully cook but with brands making minute rice that can be prepared within minutes, you don’t have to waste lots of time anymore.

Kraft’s Minute Long Grain White Rice is the best option as it can be prepared in 5 minutes. The long grain rice option means that it has a lot of versatility and can be incorporated into lots of different meals.

This rice is best suited for busier households or family households where you want to prepare your meals quick and easy. Already precooked, this rice has additional minerals and nutrients that will satisfy children and older people.

The rice cooks to become fluffy and fragrance with no stickiness, making it the perfect side dish for all kinds of meals.

The assortment of different sizes mean that you can buy this rice according to how many people in the household will be consuming it. Perfect for all kinds of households, this rice will see you through lots of different meals. 


Riceland White Long Grain Rice 2lb

The most versatile type of rice is long grain rice and the best option for this is Riceland White Long Grain Rice which is made in the USA using the highest quality grains.

Free from cholesterol, sodium, gluten and fat, this rice is perfect for all kinds of households and dietary requirements. The most versatile kind of rice, you can use this rice in all kinds of meals from around the world or as a side option to go with your meat, seafood or vegetables.

When cooked, this long grain rice will have a fluffy texture and will not stick. The mild aroma makes it a perfect accompaniment for all sorts of ingredients.

An ideal rice for all ages and households, you’ll be ensuring your family is getting their essential nutrients and minerals when incorporating this rice into their diet. 


Augason Farms Long Grain White Rice Emergency Food Storage 24 Pound Pail

For those who want to purchase rice that can be stored away for long periods of time, Augason Farms’ Long Grain White Rice is the perfect option for you. Made to be stored in a pantry, this rice works well with all kinds of dishes such as curries and casseroles.

This rice can last for 30 years when unopened so for those who want to have an emergency storage, this is the best choice. In terms of health, this rice is gluten free and can be catered for a variety of dietary needs.

You can choose to buy in bulk up to 4 pails so it is great for those who like to stock up on their essential ingredients.

Made from the highest quality grains in the USA, you can be assured that your family will have their essential vitamins and nutrients. 


Cajun Country Medium Grain Rice, 5 Pound

One of the most versatile types of rice is medium grain rice and the best option for those looking into this kind is Cajun Country Medium Grain Rice. This rice is naturally free from gluten and cholesterol and is also sodium free.

One of the healthiest options you could choose, this is a particularly ideal rice to have with lunch and dinner specifically because of how filling it is. You can have small and large portions making it a great option for family households.

The texture is a lot softer than others and it can be slightly sticky making it highly versatile for all kinds of cuisines from Asian to Italian.

Available in a 5lb bag which means that you’ll have more than enough for all kinds of households or larger parties. Easy to store away, this is the perfect rice if you want fluffy and tasty rice to accompany your meals.

Filled with all of your essential nutrients and vitamins, you’ll soon feel the health benefits that come with incorporating rice into your diet when you purchase this rice. 


Nozomi Super Premium Short Grain Rice, 15-Pound

One of the most common types of rice available is short grain rice. For those who want to make Asian dishes such as sushi or pudding dishes, short grain rice is where you should look.

Nozomi’s Super Premium Short Grain Rice is one of the best kinds of rice to use because it has been made with sushi in mind. 

Cooking up perfectly to become sticky and clumping together well, this rice will help in making the sushi cooking process much easier.

Not only are the rice grains very small, they also have a fresh and nutty aroma that adds a lovely taste and texture to any meal.

What makes this rice so brilliant is that it is an ideal rice to be served as a side dish with any meal making it hugely versatile. For those who want a healthy side alternative, short grain rice is full of essential nutrients and vitamins.

The rice is grown in California with only the highest quality grains and it is GMO free so you can guarantee that it is one of the healthiest and best options you could consider. 


Thai Sticky Rice (Sweet Rice) 5 Lbs

Our last recommendation is for those who are looking for the best Thai rice. Three Rings’ Thai Sticky Rice is the best option on the market as it is among the stickiest rice available, making it ideal for making Asian dishes such as Sushi.

The large 10lb bag means that you will have plenty of rice in stock so you can make a variety of different dishes. Storing the rice away is easy thanks to the sturdy bag that has handles.

This rice is a short grain option which means that there is plenty of fiber and protein making it an ideal choice for those wanting to incorporate those important nutrients into their diet.

What sets this rice from Thai rice is that it is low in cholesterol, fat and sodium meaning it is one of the healthiest options. With no additives included to make the rice stickier or fragrant, this rice has been made with the highest quality grains.

An easy rice to cook up, you’ll find this rice is a great addition to your meals that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

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Best White Rice Brands Buying Guide

As rice is such a versatile ingredient and with so many different variations, it’s important to know what to look out for so you can be assured that the selection you make is going to fit into your lifestyle.

The most important factor to consider when you are looking for which white rice to pick is what type of rice you need. This will ensure that whatever meals you cook will have the best result as well as know what to expect from the rice and what qualities it has.

So what are the different types of rice? You’ll see that what differentiates the rice is the size as you can get small, medium and long-grain rice. This indicates the length to width ratio after the rice has been cooked.

These options have their own functionality and work best for particular meals so the food you plan to make can be affected by the size of the rice you choose.

Starting with short grain rice, this is a very tricky rice to cook as it can be clumpy and stick together but this is a quality that makes it particularly ideal for cooking dishes such as sushi or pudding. When it is cooked, you will see that short grain is as wide as it is long. This makes it quite chunky to look at and more dense to taste.

The next option is medium grain rice which isn’t as chunky as short grain rice and isn’t starchy either. When cooked, it has a fluffy aesthetic and texture which then clumps and sticks together when cooled down. If you are making dishes such as risotto then medium grain rice is the best choice for you.

The last option is long grain rice. The most popular of the types of rice, long grain rice is extremely versatile and can be used in an array of different meals such as curries. You’ll find that a lot of flavored rice such as basmati and jasmine rice will fall under the long grain category. 


What is the healthiest white rice to buy?

The healthiest white rice to buy is basmati because it has a very high protein content and low GI ranking making it the best option for those wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Another advantage that basmati rice has is that it contains a decent amount of iron and a 100g serving can contribute 12% of your daily count which has an array of benefits to your health.

Which rice is for everyday use?

The best rice for everyday use is white rice because it is the easiest to digest at any time of the day making it great for children and older people.

Thanks to the high carbohydrate content, it provides ample energy throughout the day making it suitable for small and large portions.

White rice is a brilliant natural solution if you have digestive disorders such as diarrhea or colitis as it is low in fiber making it easy to be digested.

With a brilliant amount of protein, white rice is full of your essential nutrients and minerals that help to contribute to a well rounded healthy lifestyle.

Is white rice bad for you?

White rice is a processed food but it has been enriched with vitamins such as folate so it can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the low fiber content, white rice can be a great way to deal with digestive issues.

Brown rice is the healthier and more natural alternative as it is full of natural nutrients. However, white rice does not pose any health problems when consumed everyday as it has not been processed that much.

Best 9 White Rice Brands We Could Find

These options are sure to be a hit. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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  • Nishiki Medium Grain Rice
  • Bombay Market Basmati White Rice
  • Iberia Jasmine Rice
  • Kraft Minute Long Grain White Rice
  • Riceland White Long Grain Rice
  • Augason Farms Long Grain White Rice
  • Cajun Country Medium Grain Rice
  • Nozomi Super Premium Short Grain Rice
  • Three Rings Thai Sticky Rice


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