Vegan Options at 5 Guys Burger and Fries

Finding vegan options at fast food restaurants can sometimes be challenging, but there are usually menu items that cater to those living a plant-based lifestyle. Five Guys Burger and Fries has started to recognize the growing demand for vegan options and added a few choices to their menu. While their primary focus remains on their popular burgers and fries, there are tasty alternatives for vegans to enjoy.

Vegan options at Five Guys might not be as plentiful as other restaurants with specific plant-based menus, but with a little creativity, you can still enjoy a satisfying meal. By focusing on what’s available rather than what’s missing, you can experience the friendly atmosphere and great-tasting food that Five Guys is known for. Let’s explore the vegan selections you can choose from, including burger alternatives, side dishes, drink options, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Five Guys Burger and Fries offers a limited but growing selection of vegan options.
  • Vegans need to be mindful of possible cross-contamination, particularly when it comes to fryers and grilling surfaces.
  • Creativity with available menu items can result in a satisfying plant-based meal at Five Guys.

Understanding Veganism

Veganism is a lifestyle choice that involves abstaining from the consumption and use of animal products. As a vegan, you commit to eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs from your diet, in favor of plant-based alternatives. The decision to become vegan is often rooted in ethical, environmental, or health concerns.

By contrast, a vegetarian eliminates only meat from their diet, while still consuming dairy products and eggs. Vegetarians and vegans alike may choose to follow a plant-based diet, which primarily consists of whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. This dietary approach can offer numerous health benefits while reducing the environmental impact associated with meat production.

When dining out, finding vegan options can sometimes be a challenge, as many restaurants cater predominantly to omnivorous customers. However, the demand for vegan and plant-based meals has grown significantly in recent years, leading many popular chains, including Five Guys Burgers and Fries, to expand their menu offerings.

At Five Guys, you will find several vegan-friendly options to satisfy your hunger. Although the restaurant primarily specializes in hamburgers and hot dogs, there are menu items to accommodate plant-based diets.

What is Five Guys?

Five Guys is an American fast-food chain that specializes in serving high-quality burgers, fries, and other delicious menu items. Established in 1986, Five Guys Burgers and Fries has quickly become a popular choice for burger enthusiasts around the world, reaching international markets with their mouth-watering offerings.

At Five Guys, you can expect to find a simple yet satisfying menu that focuses on burgers, hot dogs, fries, and soft drinks. Their burger options range from the classic hamburger and cheeseburger to more adventurous choices like the bacon burger, which includes crispy bacon on top of the meat patty. As you order your meal, you may also choose from a variety of mix-ins like lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and more to customize your burger to your taste.

Fries are another Five Guys signature item, available in two distinct styles: Five Guys Style and Cajun Style. The first is their classic hand-cut fries, cooked twice to achieve that perfect crispy exterior and soft interior, while the latter offers a spicy kick, seasoned with their special blend of Cajun spices. To complement your meal, you can also choose from a wide selection of soft drinks, including the famous Coca-Cola freestyle which allows you to mix and match your favorite flavors.

Visiting Five Guys means treating yourself to an all-American meal experience. Service is fast, food is delicious, and portions are generous. So when you’re craving a tasty and filling burger accompanied by their iconic fries, Five Guys is certainly a worthy destination.

Vegan Burger Options at Five Guys

Eating Every Vegan Option at Five Guys Burgers and Fries #TasteTestTuesday

Regular Vegan Burgers

At Five Guys, you can find vegan burger options that are both delicious and satisfying. Customize your burger with a variety of toppings to meet your preferences. Start by choosing a lettuce wrap or a bun for your base. Then, select from an array of vegetables, such as lettuce, onions, grilled onions, mushrooms, grilled mushrooms, pickles, and tomatoes. To enhance the flavor further, add your favorite condiments like ketchup, mustard, relish, hot sauce, or A1 Original Steak Sauce.

While Five Guys does not offer a specific plant-based burger patty, you can modify the veggie sandwich to create a delicious vegan burger. Ask for the veggie sandwich without cheese and with your desired toppings.

Impossible Burgers

As of now, Five Guys does not currently offer the Impossible Burger or a similar plant-based patty on their menu. In the meantime, you can still enjoy customizing your own vegan burger at Five Guys using the veggie sandwich and toppings mentioned above.

Remember, you can always check their menu for updates and new vegan options, as restaurants continuously adapt and expand their offerings to cater to a broader range of dietary preferences.

Side Dishes


At Five Guys, you can enjoy some delicious french fries as a vegan side dish. They offer two types of fries: Five Guys style fries and Cajun style fries. Both options are cooked in peanut oil, giving them a distinctive flavor and a crispy texture.

Five Guys style fries are your classic, perfectly salted fries that go well with ketchup or any of your favorite vegan-friendly dipping sauces. If you’re looking for something with a bit more kick, try the Cajun style fries. These are seasoned with a blend of spices, adding a flavorful heat that pairs perfectly with your vegan meal.

Vegan Add-ons

In addition to delicious fries, Five Guys offers a variety of vegan-friendly toppings to enhance your dining experience. Choose from the following options to create a tasty and satisfying lettuce wrap:

  • Onions: Add some crunch and sweetness to your lettuce wrap with raw onions or elevate the flavor with grilled onions for a tender and sweet caramelized taste.
  • Mushrooms: This classic topping can be added in its raw form for an earthy taste, or you can opt for grilled mushrooms for a rich and savory flavor.
  • Green peppers: Add a pop of color and a fresh, crisp texture to your meal with sliced green peppers, perfect for balancing out the richness of your other vegan toppings.
  • Jalapeño peppers: Spice up your lettuce wrap with some sliced jalapeño peppers. These are an excellent way to add some heat and a bit of zing to your meal.
  • Lettuce: The foundation of your vegan lettuce wrap, crisp iceberg lettuce provides a crunchy texture and a refreshing taste.
  • Pickles: Add a tangy, briny flavor to your vegan wrap with some dill pickles. A classic addition that pairs well with many of the other vegan toppings.
  • Tomatoes: Fresh, juicy tomatoes are a perfect, refreshing complement to the other vegan toppings.

Round out your lettuce wrap with condiments like ketchup, mustard, and relish to create a mouthwatering, customizable vegan option at Five Guys.

Vegan Drinks and Shakes

When visiting Five Guys Burger and Fries, you’ll be pleased to know that they offer a variety of vegan drinks to accompany your meal. While the focus is primarily on their extensive toppings and famous fries, don’t overlook the beverage choices.

Firstly, Five Guys offers an assortment of soft drinks in their self-serve soda machines. These beverages are a great addition to your vegan meal. From classic sodas like Coca Cola and Sprite to unique beverage options such as Fanta and Barq’s Root Beer, you’ll be sure to find a refreshing drink to enjoy with your meal.

In addition to the soda offerings, there are other non-dairy beverages available, such as bottled water, iced tea, and lemonade. These options are perfect for those who prefer a healthier or less-sweetened choice when dining out.

Unfortunately, Five Guys does not currently offer any vegan shakes or non-dairy milk options for their milkshakes. But with the above-mentioned vegan-friendly beverages, you’ll still have plenty of tasty and satisfying options to choose from.

Remember, when enjoying a vegan meal at Five Guys, don’t miss out on the ample vegan drink options they provide. After all, a delicious and satisfying meal isn’t complete without the perfect beverage to wash it down.

Sauces and Spices

Vegan Sauces

At Five Guys Burgers and Fries, you can enjoy a variety of vegan-friendly sauces to accompany your meal. They offer traditional options like ketchup, mustard, and relish, which are all plant-based and suitable for vegans. You’ll also find hot sauce available, which is typically made from ingredients like chili peppers, vinegar, and spices.

To enhance your experience, make sure to double-check with staff about specific ingredients used in each sauce, as recipes and ingredients may change or vary by location. Some options, like their bar-b-que sauce, may not be vegan due to the inclusion of Worcestershire sauce or honey, so it’s essential to stay informed about the ingredients and ask a staff member if you are unsure.

Cajun Spice

Five Guys is known for its delicious and well-seasoned Cajun Fries, which are a favorite among customers. The Cajun Spice blend features a mix of flavorful herbs and spices, such as paprika, oregano, white pepper, and red pepper. This spice mix is vegan-friendly and can be added not only to your fries but also to other menu items like the Veggie Sandwich.

While enjoying your meal, you can feel confident and knowledgeable about the plant-based options available at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, making your dining experience both enjoyable and aligned with your values as a vegan.

Cross Contamination Concerns

When visiting Five Guys for a meal, as a vegan, you should be aware of potential cross-contamination with non-vegan ingredients. Although Five Guys offers some vegan-friendly options, it’s crucial to understand the limitations.

During food preparation, the same grills and fryers are used for both vegan and non-vegan menu items. For instance, the veggie sandwich and the standard meat burgers share the same cooking surface on the grill. The fries, while cooked in peanut oil, also share the fryer with non-vegan items like Cajun-style fries, which contain dairy.

To minimize cross-contamination risks at Five Guys, consider asking the staff to clean the grill before preparing your order. Additionally, you can request them to change gloves to avoid residue from non-vegan orders. Keep in mind that the risk of cross-contamination may not be entirely avoidable, but taking these steps can reduce potential exposure.

It’s important to remember that while Five Guys tries to cater to diverse dietary preferences, the establishment primarily serves non-vegan meals. Ensuring a completely vegan dining experience may be challenging, but being conscious of cross-contamination concerns and communicating with the staff can make your visit as vegan-friendly as possible.

Vegan Options at Five Guys in Different Countries

As a vegan, you might be wondering what options are available to you at Five Guys, a popular fast-food chain known for their burgers and fries. While the menu is primarily focused on meat, fear not, as there are some vegan-friendly choices across different countries.

In the United Kingdom, for instance, you can enjoy the Veggie Sandwich. This option consists of a bun filled with a combination of freshly grilled mushrooms, green peppers, and onions, along with lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Additionally, you can personalize your sandwich by choosing from a variety of free toppings, such as jalapeños, hot sauce, and mustard.

Another widely available choice are their famous Cajun Fries. Cooked in 100% peanut oil, these fries are vegan-friendly and come seasoned with their unique blend of Cajun spices. Also, their standard Five Guys Style Fries are also a vegan option if you prefer something less spicy.

Now, let’s talk about some vegan options unique to specific countries:

United Kingdom (UK)

In the UK, Five Guys offers a Vegan Milkshake which is made with almond milk and a selection of fruity flavors like strawberry and cherry. But be aware, only a few select locations have this option.

To summarize, while Five Guys may not boast an extensive vegan menu, you can certainly find a few tasty options to enjoy. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff for further customization to suit your preferences.

Alternatives to Five Guys

If you’re looking for vegan options beyond Five Guys, Burger King and Sonic Drive-In are two popular fast-food chains where you can find satisfying plant-based choices.

At Burger King, you can enjoy their Impossible Whopper. This delicious burger features an Impossible Foods patty that closely mimics the taste and texture of traditional beef. Be sure to request it without mayo to make it fully vegan. Additionally, their fries and hash browns are cooked in vegetable oil, making them suitable for your plant-based diet.

Sonic Drive-In offers a few vegan options you can customize to fit your needs. Their Soft Pretzel Twist (without cheese) makes for a tasty snack. You can also build your meal by combining sides such as the Tots or French Fries with a variety of dipping sauces. When visiting Sonic, don’t forget to try their famous Slushes which come in various fruit flavors – just remember to skip the candy add-ins.

In summary, while Five Guys may have limited vegan alternatives, Burger King and Sonic Drive-In provide you with more plant-based choices to satisfy your cravings. Explore these options and enjoy your fast-food experience without compromising your vegan lifestyle.

Tips for Eating Vegan at Five Guys

Five Guys may be known for their delicious burgers and fries, but they also offer a variety of vegan options for those following a plant-based diet. Here are some tips to help you navigate the menu and make the most of your dining experience.

The first thing you want to focus on is their famous fries. Five Guys’ fries are cooked in 100% peanut oil, making them vegan-friendly. They come in two styles: Five Guys Style (traditional) and Cajun Style, which has a spicy kick to it. Choose the one that best suits your taste buds.

Next, consider ordering a veggie sandwich. While Five Guys does not currently offer a veggie burger, they do have a veggie sandwich that consists of fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and more, served on a toasted bun. Just be sure to request that no cheese or mayo be added to the sandwich, as these ingredients are not vegan.

If you are looking for a lighter meal or a side dish, you can create a custom salad or veggie plate. Simply ask the staff to assemble a plate of your favorite vegetables, including mushrooms, jalapeños, and any other vegan toppings available. Don’t forget to grab some of their tangy BBQ sauce or hot sauce to spice up your veggie plate.

Another option at Five Guys is their peanuts. They offer complimentary in-shell peanuts, which are a high-protein and healthy snack, perfect while you wait for your meal to be prepared.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions or request modifications to menu items. The Five Guys staff is generally accommodating and will be happy to help you create a satisfying vegan meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vegan items does the menu at Five Guys Burger and Fries offer?

At Five Guys Burger and Fries, you can find various vegan options. Though there isn’t a vegan burger, the Veggie Sandwich is a popular choice. It contains several customizable, fresh toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers. Additionally, the French fries are vegan-friendly, as they are cooked in peanut oil.

Is the grilled cheese at Five Guys vegetarian?

Yes, the grilled cheese at Five Guys is suitable for vegetarians. It contains bread, melted cheese, and customizable toppings. However, it’s not suitable for vegans as it contains dairy products.

Are the fries at Five Guys halal?

Five Guys’ French fries are halal-friendly as they are cooked separately from meat products, in peanut oil. The peanut oil isn’t mixed with other non-halal ingredients, making the fries a suitable option for halal consumers.

Is the Five Guys veggie sandwich completely vegan?

The standard Five Guys veggie sandwich is not entirely vegan, as it contains dairy-based items such as cheese and mayonnaise. However, you can customize your veggie sandwich to make it vegan by removing these items and adding other vegan-friendly toppings.

Are Five Guys fries gluten-free?

Yes, Five Guys fries are gluten-free. They are cooked in a separate fryer from other non-gluten-free items, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. However, it’s essential to inform the staff of your allergy or sensitivity to ensure proper precautions are taken.

What’s inside a Five Guys veggie sandwich?

A Five Guys veggie sandwich typically consists of a variety of customizable toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and jalapeños. It can be served with or without cheese and mayonnaise, according to your preference. While it’s not a veggie burger, it offers a delicious alternative to the traditional burger.

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