30+ Decadent Ice Cream Flavors (+Recipes)

Wherever you first tasted ice cream, you probably fell in love with this creamy sweet treat just like the rest of us.

There are so many great ways to make ice cream. You can use an old-fashioned hand-cranked ice cream freezer, freeze your ice cream in your freezer, or use an electric ice cream freezer. There are also devices such as the Ninja Creami that you can use to make gourmet masterpieces.

There are thousands of ice cream flavors, and thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to make the best ice cream flavors at home.

Variety of ice cream scoops in cones with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

Ice cream, a beloved and timeless dessert, has a plethora of flavors that tantalize taste buds across the globe. From classic favorites such as vanilla and chocolate to more exotic combinations like lavender honey or goat cheese beet swirl, there is seemingly no end to the creative twists on this frozen treat. Artisanal and well-established ice cream shops alike continue to innovate and push the boundaries of traditional flavor combinations, much to the delight of customers everywhere.

The history of ice cream flavors extends beyond simple sweet tastes, with origins in ancient civilizations that experimented with various ingredients. Over the centuries, ice cream has evolved and transformed, largely due to innovative chefs and entrepreneurs who strived to create new and exciting flavors for their customers. Their ingenuity has led to the incredibly diverse range of ice cream flavors that we know and love today.

In the world of ice cream, both well-known and obscure flavors hold particular appeal, inspiring ice cream enthusiasts to sample and savor a multitude of flavors. As new ice cream concoctions emerge and classic flavors maintain their steadfast popularity, it is impossible not to be captivated by the diverse palate that ice cream offers.

Whether you’re working with an old-fashioned ice cream freezer, an electric one, or a high-tech Ninja Creami, you can easily enjoy homemade ice cream flavors that you make yourself.

Ready to discover the world’s best ice cream flavors? Let’s dive into this ice cream flavors list!

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1. Peach

Whether you like your peach ice cream with chunks of peaches or smooth and creamy, you can find it in the summertime in the South.

This ice cream is super easy to make at home and it’s a great way to use up some over-ripe peaches.

You need sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk for this ice cream.

Source: iwashyoudry.com

2. Pralines ‘n Cream

Baskin Robbins invented Pralines ‘n Cream ice cream and since then, other brands have incorporated this flavor into their ice cream flavors.

This divine ice cream flavor has pralines, pecans, and decadent caramel swirls. With this combination, you have ice cream that is salty, sweet, crunchy, and creamy, all at the same time.

This ice cream flavor takes a bit more work because you need to make candied pecans. But it’s totally worth it.

Source: recipegirl.com

3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Remember the old commercial that shows how chocolate and peanut butter were born for each other? Well, we couldn’t agree more!

Because the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups bring so much sweetness and flavor by themselves, you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make this yummy ice cream flavor.

All you need to make Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ice cream is creamy peanut butter, sugar, whole milk, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and of course, chopped chocolate peanut butter cups.

Source: pastrychefonline.com

4. Butterscotch

Butterscotch ice cream is a beloved old-fashioned favorite, but not many people can tell the difference between this flavor, toffee, and caramel.

The secret is that butterscotch ice cream is made with brown sugar and caramel ice cream is made with white granulated sugar.

This recipe calls for cream cheese and whole milk. No heavy cream is required!

Source: chewoutloud.com

5. Cookies ‘N Cream

This fun ice cream flavor is one of the top five best-selling ice cream flavors in history, believe it or not.

And to think we wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for Oreo.

For this recipe, you need just five yummy ingredients: whole milk, granulated sugar, pure vanilla extract, heavy cream, and, of course, chopped Oreo cookies.

Technically, you can use any type of cookie that’s similar to an Oreo.

Source: thewanderlustkitchen.com

6. Eggnog

Eggnog ice cream isn’t just a fun name for eggnog-flavored ice cream. You actually use eggnog to make this delicious seasonal flavor.

Cinnamon and nutmeg add all of the best eggnog flavors. This recipe calls for both brown sugar and granulated white sugar.

In addition to eggnog, you need whole milk and heavy cream. Top with some whipped cream.

Source: barefeetinthekitchen.com

7. Vanilla Ice Cream

This homemade vanilla ice cream recipe may be one of the easiest ice cream recipes ever and it’s the most popular ice cream flavor.

Of all ice cream flavors, vanilla is the world’s most popular.

Vanilla ice cream is one of the classic ice cream flavors, and we love the simplicity of creamy vanilla ice cream.

We love the idea of serving this vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries or raspberry as shown.

Source: whatsgabycooking.com

8. Chunky Monkey

Once again, Ben and Jerry’s nailed it with a unique flavor with one of the most fun ice cream names that were submitted by an anonymous customer.

Chunky Monkey has a creamy banana ice cream base, chunks of delicious fudge, and walnuts.

Your banana should be very ripe, and you need to freeze and thaw the banana to make homemade Chunky Monkey ice cream.

The fudge chunks are made from fudge brownie bits, and you need fresh lemon juice to make this fudge ice cream.

Source: letsdiss.com

9. Cherry Garcia

Cherry Garcia ice cream is named after the late Grateful Dead singer and songwriter Jerry Garcia and it has become one of the most popular ice cream flavors.

This delicious and unique ice cream flavor consists of cherry vanilla ice cream, cherry bits, and dark chocolate.

Count us in!

Believe it or not, this ice cream flavor that was invented by Ben and Jerry’s came from a tip to the company’s anonymous suggestion board.

Thank you, random anonymous person! We are forever grateful (dead).

Source: chocolatemoosey.com

10. German Chocolate Cake

Did you know that German chocolate cake isn’t really from Germany? This beloved cake has American roots.

German chocolate cake was created by a British-American chocolatier named Samuel German.

Samuel German worked with Baker’s Chocolate Company to invent dark baking chocolate in 1952. Then, he used that special chocolate to create this luscious cake.

To make this delicious recipe into ice cream, you need semisweet chocolate, heavy cream, cocoa powder, and a bit of German chocolate frosting.

Source: browneyedbaker.com

11. Mint Chocolate Chip

If you want an ice cream flavor that’s fit for royalty, mint chocolate chip ice cream may be one of your favorite ice cream flavors.

When Princess Anne was preparing to get married in 1973, a young English culinary school student submitted mint chocolate chip as a flavor for the princess’s wedding.

The original name for this mint ice cream was Mint Royale. Love it!

To make mint chocolate chip ice cream, you need mint extract and dark chocolate chips.

Source: thursdayschildblog.com

12. Eskimo

Eskimo ice cream is called Akutaq by Alaska’s indigenous Yupik people. This is definitely one of the most unique and different ice cream flavors.

Traditionally, this ice cream is made from the hard fat of bear, reindeer, or muskox, along with sea mammal oil and sometimes even ground fish.

A diet high in fat was essential for these people to survive, and the berries in the ice cream, such as raspberry, provided essential vitamins.

These days, Eskimo ice cream is typically made with shortening and most people add some sugar.

Source: joyfoodsunshine.com

13. Chocolate

Believe it or not, chocolate ice cream came before vanilla ice cream. In fact, chocolate ice cream was the first ice cream flavor ever invented.

It’s very likely that chocolate is on the list of the top 20 ice cream flavors.

Chocolate lovers aren’t a bit surprised by that.

This delicious creamy chocolate ice cream recipe calls for just seven ingredients, and that includes two types of chocolate: semisweet chocolate chunks and unsweetened cocoa powder.

You can also use chocolate chips to make this yummy chocolate ice cream.

Source: yourhomebasedmom.com

14. Salted Caramel

Salted caramel ice cream may remind you of butterscotch ice cream, but it’s slightly different and oh so delicious.

With a touch of salt and a lot of sweetness, this ice cream is satisfying on so many levels.

This recipe features homemade caramel sauce that’s made with light corn syrup, brown sugar, whipping cream, vanilla, butter, and French salt.

The ice cream calls for whole milk, half and half, and whipping cream.

Source: barefeetinthtekitchen.com

15. Rocky Road

Rocky Road is one of the oldest contemporary ice cream flavors and it’s been around since the early part of the 1900s.

The flavor was created by none other than the founder of Dreyer’s, William Dreyer himself.

Dreyer created this delicious flavor in 1929 when he cut up walnuts and marshmallow using his wife’s sewing scissors. Then, he mixed these ingredients into chocolate ice cream.

Such humble beginnings for an iconic ice cream flavor.

Source: justonecookbook.com

16. Matcha

Who wants some green tea ice cream? We do!

Matcha ice cream is one of the most unique ice cream flavors. Somehow, this green tea powder makes a wonderful dessert.

We love this recipe for matcha ice cream because it has just four simple ingredients: half and half, matcha (green tea powder), sugar, and sea salt.

There are options in this recipe to make an even richer version of matcha ice cream.

Source: 12tomatoes.com

17. Moose Tracks

This ice cream flavor has a funny name, but trust us on this: Moose Tracks is seriously delicious.

The flavor is trademarked by Denali Flavors, but you can get your own Moose Tracks flavor right at home.

The backdrop for Moose Tracks ice cream is a creamy and rich vanilla ice cream.

For us, it’s the ribbons of chocolate fudge like hot fudge and decadent chunks of peanut butter cups.

Source: alattefood.com

18. Strawberry

Besides being delicious, strawberry ice cream is also gorgeous and one of the top ice cream flavors.

And it’s better when it’s made with fresh strawberries because you get the perfect combination of tart and sweet.

Strawberry ice cream has been around at least since 1813 because it was served at the inauguration of President James Madison.

This strawberry ice cream recipe is sweetened with honey and sugar.

Source: chiselandfork.com

19. Chocolate Chip

What we love about chocolate chip ice cream is that it doesn’t typically have huge chocolate chips.

Instead, the chocolate chips in this ice cream are a bit more delicate and creamy.

For this chocolate chip ice cream, instead of using chocolate chips, use chocolate flake or take a bar of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and chop it up. It will make for much tastier ice cream.

You can use whatever type of chocolate you like for this ice cream.

Source: izzycooking.com

20. Superman

Superman ice cream is the unofficial ice cream of Michigan and is much beloved by people in the state.

It can be difficult to find this ice cream flavor in other areas, but you can easily make your own Superman ice cream at home.

The colors come from Superman’s costume: blue, yellow, and red.

This ice cream recipe is a no-churn recipe, and we’re all about that.

The ice cream is basically vanilla ice cream, then you use food coloring to get the different colors.

Source: browneyedbaker.com

21. Peanut Butter and Jelly Flavored Ice Cream

If you love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you will simply adore peanut butter and jelly ice cream.

Ben and Jerry’s first made this ice cream flavor, but they don’t have it anymore.

The good news is that you can easily make your own peanut butter and jelly ice cream at home.

Source: acoalcrackerinthekitchen.com

22. Teaberry

Teaberry ice cream is a New England native and teaberry is a bit of a polarizing fruit, believe it or not.

Teaberry has a gorgeous pink color, but the flavor doesn’t taste like berries or raspberry. Instead, it has a slightly tart but sweet flavor that may remind you of wintergreen.

However, some folks say that it tastes like Pepto-Bismol!

It’s probably one of those things like cilantro that tastes different to different people.

Source: sweetsoursavory.com

23. Neapolitan

Did you know that Neapolitan ice cream wasn’t originally chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry?

This ice cream flavor was brought to the U.S. from Italy by 19th-century immigrants. To honor their home country’s flag, they made Neapolitan ice cream with strawberry, vanilla, and pistachio. No chocolate!

Well, we’ve come to love this ice cream with chocolate instead of pistachio, so we’re going to make it this way.

Neapolitan ice cream requires a bit more work because you’re making three flavors and then layering them.

Source: bojongourmet.com

24. Horchata

The horchata ice cream flavor is inspired by the iconic Mexican rice milk that’s flavored with cinnamon.

Traditionally served to take the bite out of spicy dishes after eating, this cinnamon flavor translates beautifully to creamy rich ice cream.

This recipe shows you how to make horchata ice cream completely from scratch.

Although ice cream isn’t exactly a healthy treat, you can take a bit of comfort in knowing that horchata is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Source: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

25. Butter Pecan

Butter pecan ice cream is the perfect combination of nutty, salty, sweet, crunchy, and buttery.

This ice cream flavor is so rich and sweet. The caramel and vanilla flavors just shine through with this butter pecan ice cream.

For this recipe, the ice cream is a custard-based vanilla flavor, and it’s full of pecans that have been candied and buttered.

Top this ice cream with some caramel topping to send it over the top.

Source: fooddolls.com

26. The Tonight Dough

Ben and Jerry’s created this fun peanut butter ice cream flavor to honor Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show.

This ice cream is made from mouthwatering peanut butter cookie dough, Milky Way candy bars, cold espresso, dulce de leche, and brownies.

How much heaven is in that one sentence? So much.

You don’t need an ice cream machine to make this yummy ice cream. Serve it up on a waffle cone and it’s pure indulgence.

Source: recipetineats.com

27. Mango

When it comes to tropical fruits, nothing beats a juicy mango.

It’s only natural that mangos and cream came together to create mango ice cream.

The best part about this recipe is that you can make it without an ice cream maker.

All you need for this mango ice cream is ripe mangos, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream.

To make this mango ice cream, you need to puree your mango in a food processor.

Source: theunlikelybaker.com

28. Ube

Ube is an extremely popular Hawaiian ice cream.

The purple yams that are used to make this delicious dessert have a distinctly sweet flavor.

And of course, the beautiful lavender color is absolutely gorgeous. What’s not to love?

To make this, you just need some ube halaya or ube jam, sweetened condensed milk, ube extract, vanilla, and heavy cream.

You will need to whip your heavy cream until medium to stiff peaks form.

Source: spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com

29. Cotton Candy

This is the perfect ice cream for the unicorn lovers you know.

Cotton Candy ice cream was created by Baskin Robbins, and it’s super sweet because sweetened condensed milk is used to make this wonderful ice cream flavor.

Also, you need cotton candy flavoring in extract form. Alternatively, you can find this unique flavor in a frosting mix.

To get the colors perfect, you will need to buy blue and red food coloring.

Source: thefrayedapron.com

30. Lemon Custard

When you want an elegant ice cream, sorbet, or sherbet that makes a statement right by itself, you can’t go wrong with lemon custard ice cream.

The secret to this perfect ice cream flavor is the fresh lemon juice and lemon zest.

This lemon custard ice cream doesn’t taste like sharp lemon sorbet. Unlike sorbet or sherbet, this ice cream gets its creaminess and smoothness from the egg yolks and cream that are whisked into it.

Source: joyfoodsunshine.com

31. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Want a fun ice cream fact? The legendary chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream flavor was invented by Ben and Jerry’s in 1984!

We aren’t one bit surprised. Ben and Jerry’s has invented so many great flavors and types of ice cream. As it turns out, this flavor was submitted on the company’s anonymous flavor suggestion board.

Whoever that anonymous person was, they deserve a medal of some sort, right?

This ice cream recipe calls for brown sugar, heavy cream, and half and half.

Want to make homemade ice cream but don’t have an ice cream machine? Check out the video below.

Variety of ice cream scoops in cones with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

30+ Decadent Ice Cream Flavors (+Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream)

These recipes are sure to please. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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Total Time 34 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 230 kcal


  • 1 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 3/4 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 1/8 tsp. sea salt
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract


  • Pour cream into a pan and add the salt, vanilla, and sugar, heating until the sugar dissolves.
  • Pour into your ice cream maker and freeze.


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Calories: 230kcal
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