30+ Easy Baking Recipes

Baking is so rewarding. Even a beginner cook can build up confidence when they pull a finished baked good out of the oven.

Baking can be intimidated because there is a good bit of science involved. It’s not just about the temperature at which you bake. How long you beat the batter, various ingredients, and how long you bake your recipes can all make a huge difference. Fortunately, recipes remove the guesswork.

The good news is that you don’t have to be terribly experienced in the kitchen to whip up some delicious and impressive baked treats.


Baking can be an incredibly rewarding activity, especially when it comes to enjoying delicious homemade treats. For those who are just starting out on their baking journey or are short on time, there’s no need to be intimidated by complex recipes or fancy techniques. With a plethora of easy baking recipes available, you can confidently whip up tasty delights in your own kitchen.

Many easy baking recipes focus on using simple ingredients that are readily available at your local supermarket, ensuring that you can create mouthwatering desserts without needing to search high and low for obscure items. From classic chocolate chip cookies to delectable brownies and fluffy cakes, there is no shortage of options for bakers of all skill levels to explore.

Not only do these easy baking recipes produce delicious results, but they also allow for a sense of achievement as you watch your creations come to life. Taking the time to bake at home can be a relaxing and satisfying experience, and with a little practice, you’ll be able to confidently impress friends and family with your baking prowess.

When it comes to the best easy baking recipes, there are tons of baking ideas online.

Whether you’re baking peanut butter cookies, cupcakes, banana bread, pound cake, a decadent chocolate cake, or a classic cheesy lasagna, there’s something for you on this list of 31 simple baking recipes.

Let’s dive in and explore some fun and easy baking recipes!

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1. Classic Banana Bread

Baking classic banana bread is an excellent way to build up your baking confidence. Moreover, banana bread is one of the best baking recipes.

Banana bread is one of the best easy baking recipes to make and the result is a delicious loaf of bread that can be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch, or as a dessert for any meal.

Best of all, banana bread is great for using up bananas that are too mushy to eat.

This banana bread recipe is flavored with brown sugar, cinnamon, pure vanilla extract, and butter.

For absolute joy, serve your banana bread warm with softened butter.

Source: sallysbakingaddiction.com

2. White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies

It’s hard to pinpoint where this delicious recipe originated, but sometime a couple of decades ago, these cookies seemed to burst onto the scene.

We’re not even mad about it, though, because they’re just delicious.

The melted butter used to make these cookies gives them a wonderful buttery flavor. Meanwhile, an extra egg yolk does a great job of adding even more chewiness.

This recipe has chopped salted macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips.

To make these cookies even more gorgeous, place an extra white chocolate chip or three on top of the warm cookies when you pull them out of the oven.

Source: thesimpleparent.com

3. Bisquick Peanut Butter Cookies

Bisquick isn’t just for making biscuits and pancakes.

You can use this convenient ready-made baking mix to make all sorts of delicious foods.

Specifically, you can make chewy and soft peanut butter cookies with Bisquick, and we are here for it.

To make these cookies perfect, use creamy peanut butter. If you can find natural peanut butter, that’s even better.

The recipe calls for white granulated sugar and brown sugar, along with eggs and vanilla extract.

We recommend that you use pure vanilla extract and always avoid the “imitation vanilla” junk.

Source: mennonitegirlscancook.ca

4. Amish Butterhorn Rolls (Crescent Rolls)

While it’s easy to make crescent rolls from the ready-made refrigerated dough available at the grocery store, it’s pretty simple to make these yummy soft rolls from scratch.

You can even prepare your own Amish Butterhorn Rolls (or Mennonite rolls) the night before for an easy bake in the morning.

These rolls are great for breakfast or brunch, but they are also terrific when served with lunch or dinner.

Just imagine how delicious these rolls would be with a big old salad and a bowl of soup.

Source: tamingofthespoon.com

5. Cranberry Pudding Cake Served with Warm Butter Sauce

Anything made with cranberries is an amazing dessert for the holidays.

Cranberries come into season in the fall and it’s a great time to make cranberry muffins, cranberry cake, and other baked goods.

This cranberry pudding cake is a classic and it’s easy to make.

The ingredient list for cranberry pudding cake is very short. All you need is butter, sugar, all-purpose flour, baking powder, milk, and fresh cranberries.

For the butter sauce, you need sugar, butter, and heavy cream.

Don’t leave out the warm butter sauce drizzle. It’s what sends this cake over the top.

Source: girlversusdough.com

6. Chewy Peanut Butter Revel Bar Cookies Recipe

Peanut butter chocolate revel bars may be one of the best cookie bars you will ever bake.

These bars have a layer of oatmeal and peanut butter cookie dough that’s topped with a thick layer of peanut butter chocolate fudge.

Then, the bars are topped with even more crumbled cookie dough.

This wondrous mixture is baked into a gooey chocolatey treat that will disappear quickly.

These revel bars are made with creamy peanut butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, old-fashioned oats, semisweet chocolate chips, and sweetened condensed milk. Heaven.

Source: whatmegansmaking.com

7. Frosted Cranberry Cookies

We have a few recipes that call for fresh cranberries on this list.

Who can resist these delicious little red cranberries when they’re in season?

But here’s the best part about these cookies: you can use frozen cranberries, too.

These cookies are made with brown sugar and granulated white sugar.

These cookies have a secret ingredient: some orange juice that gives them a delightful zing.

For the frosting, you’re making a light brown butter buttercream frosting with butter, vanilla extract, and confectioners sugar.

Source: savingdessert.com

8. Strawberry Cobbler Recipe

It’s always exciting when strawberries are in season.

While you can buy strawberries year-round at most grocery stores, in-season strawberries are the sweetest.

One of our favorite things to make with fresh strawberries is a delicious strawberry cobbler.

This recipe for strawberry cobbler is as easy as pie (actually, it’s even easier than pie).

Instead of a crust, this strawberry cobbler has a topping that’s spooned over the fruit and baked to crispy goodness.

The strawberry filling for this cobbler has half a Granny Smith apple in it, so it has just a hint of yummy tartness.

Source: smashedpeasandcarrots.com

9. Portillo’s Chocolate Cake Recipe

Portillo’s is a Chicago restaurant and while the establishment is a beloved institution in Chicago, they’re particularly famous for their decadent chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.

Do you know what the best thing about this cake is? It’s made with just five ingredients.

Yes, you read that right.

This chocolate cake is made with a cake mix, eggs, ice-cold water, and mayonnaise. The frosting is pre-made frosting from the grocery store.

We do like to make our own chocolate buttercream frosting, though. It’s easy to make and so worth the trouble.

You can use this recipe to make cupcakes as well.

Source: familyfreshmeals.com

10. Cheddar Cheese Scones

For most people, scones mean sweetness. However, a savory scone is just as delicious.

This scones recipe gives you cheddar cheese scones that are tall, round, light, and fluffy.

These scones are made even fluffier thanks to some plain Greek yogurt.

The seasonings that give these scones so much flavor are paprika and garlic powder.

You can serve these scones with butter as we would do stateside.

Alternatively, you can serve these delicious cheddar cheese scones as the British do, with whipped cream and jam or cheddar cheese and jam.

Source: somethingswanky.com

11. Paula Deen’s Peach Cobbler

When it comes to peach cobbler, it seems like most Southern families have their own favorite recipe.

Nevertheless, in recent years, chef Paula Deen’s recipe for peach cobbler has become a sort of gold standard for cobblers.

Best of all, this peach cobbler recipe is remarkably easy to follow.

Before long, you will have your own kitchen smelling just like your grandmother’s when she was baking peach cobbler.

This recipe calls for canned sliced peaches packed in a heavy syrup, milk, sugar, and cinnamon.

The crust is made from self-rising flour and butter.

Source: chefjar.com

12. Popeye’s Biscuits Copycat Recipe

People love Popeyes Chicken, and one of the favorite menu items at this chain chicken restaurant is their homemade biscuits.

We just love driving through a Popeyes drive-through and ordering a chicken and biscuit dinner.

You’re in luck because we found a copycat recipe for these legendary buttermilk biscuits.

These biscuits are made with dough, but don’t let that intimidate you. These biscuits are made with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

The secret to getting these biscuits right is that the butter needs to be very cold. That’s what makes the biscuits tall and flaky.

If you don’t have buttermilk, you can make your own using milk mixed with 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice.

Source: damndelicious.net

13. Easiest Lasagna Recipe Ever

Lasagna may be one of the world’s most famous recipes.

With loads of cheese and zesty tomato sauce, it’s impossible to resist a plate of gooey lasagna.

One problem with lasagna is that it’s a bit time-intensive to make. Well, we’ve found an incredibly easy recipe for you to try.

This recipe has a 20-minute prep time. That’s about as good as it gets for making lasagna!

The lasagna is loaded up with three types of cheeses: Mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and ricotta cheese.

Source: sugarsaltmagic.com

14. Nutella Filled Hand Pies

Do you remember the first time you ever tasted Nutella?

Was it on toast or on a spoon right out of the jar?

Either way, you know how delicious Nutella is. Well, we found a recipe that bakes this hazelnut chocolatey goodness in a hand pie.

This recipe has a pastry that’s made from scratch, but you can use store-bought pie crust for equally delicious results.

Also, the recipe calls for hazelnuts, but you can actually leave those out if you want to.

Source: littlespicejar.com

15. Louisiana Crunch Cake

A Southern classic, Louisiana crunch cake is a yellow cake that has flaked coconut and sugar that gives the cake a delightful crunch.

The cake is like a coffee cake, but it’s topped with a tangy-sweet icing that brings it all together to perfection.

For a bit of zing, this recipe calls for some fresh lemon juice. Even the icing has some lemon juice in it, and that’s where the cake gets its yummy tanginess when you bake it.

It’s easy to overbake a bundt cake, and the Greek yogurt and some buttermilk in this recipe help the cake stay incredibly moist.

Source: inspiredtaste.net

16. Easy Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread is a great yeast bread if you’re just beginning to bake because you don’t have to shape your bread at all.

Simply mix up the ingredients with a spoon and let the dough rest for the required amount of time.

This recipe for focaccia bread gives you bread that is chewy and soft on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside.

This bread is made with maple syrup or honey as a sweetener.

For flavor and seasoning, sprinkle your bread with sea salt, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, and black pepper.

Source: addapinch.com

17. Savoury Cheese Muffins

Muffins are a beloved food for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

While muffins are usually known to be sweet, there is something about a savory muffin that is absolutely perfect.

These cheddar cheese muffins are decadent and they’re super simple to mix up for an easy homemade bread that will get quickly eaten in your house.

The prep and cook time for these muffins is just 30 minutes. How’s that for quick and easy?

To make these muffins, you need kosher salt, baking powder, sugar, all-purpose flour, an egg, milk, butter, and shredded cheddar cheese.

All you have to do is mix them up quickly and bake them. After they bake for 15-20 minutes, you have a wonderful quick bread to serve to friends and family.

These muffins are delicious dipped in olive oil.

Source: todayscreativeideas.com

18. Copycat Coca-Cola Cake Recipe from Cracker Barrel

We love a good copycat recipe of some of our restaurant favorites, and this Coca-Cola cake recipe from Cracker Barrell takes the cake.

There’s something about Coca-Cola’s deep caramel notes that just make this cake extra special.

The crazy thing is, it really has to be Coca-Cola. It’s just not the same when this cake is made with other types of soda.

You will be using Coca-Cola in both the frosting and the cake batter, so be sure to buy two cans (or a two-liter bottle).

Source: spendwithpennies.com

19. Spaghetti Pie

Are there people who don’t love spaghetti? Maybe, but we’ve not met them yet.

An easy way to get some variety in your spaghetti meals is to make a delicious spaghetti pie that you bake.

Kids love this dish and it’s an excellent weeknight dinner.

Unlike traditional spaghetti, this spaghetti pie has tons of melty gooey cheese on top.

For the crust, this pie is made with noodles that are mixed with cheese and eggs.

Serve this spaghetti pie with garlic bread and a salad for a full meal.

Source: cookrepublic.com

20. 5-Ingredient Tahini Cookies

Did you know that Tahini isn’t just for savory dips and sauces? You can also use this versatile spice in baking sweet treats.

These tahini and almond cookies have only five ingredients and they’re ready to eat in just 15 minutes.

These nutritious cookies also provide a boost of goodness and energy because of their wholesome ingredients.

Made with almond meal and sweetened with maple syrup, the sweetness in these cookies is a bit better for you than granulated or processed sugars.

Garnish with chopped pistachios and antioxidant-rich cacao nibs.

Source: copykat.com

21. Bisquick Brownies

Brownies are one of the easiest baked goods to make, and these brownies that are made with Bisquick baking mix are absolutely perfect.

This recipe produces a cake-like brownie instead of a fudgy brownie, and some people prefer this style.

Bisquick brownies are made with sweetened condensed milk, butter, semisweet chocolate morsels, and Bisquick.

If you like, you can frost your brownies with store-bought chocolate frosting.

You can make these Bisquick brownies with or without nuts, and you can use pecans or walnuts.

Source: bunnyswarmoven.com

22. Tastykake Tandy Cake (Copycat)

Tastykakes are traditionally prepackaged sweet desserts made by big bakery brands.

However, you can easily make your own Tastykakes at home.

There are tons of different flavors of Tastykakes, including Butterscotch Krimpets, creme-filled Tastycakes, and more. One of the most popular Tastykakes is the Tandy Cake.

The Tandy Cake has a frosting that’s made with unsweetened cocoa powder, powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, and milk.

The cake is a plain yellow cake, and you can even use a yellow cake mix if you want. Just be sure you modify it to include peanut butter or another nut butter such as almond butter.

Source: deepfriedhoney.com

23. Broccoli Cheese Hand Pies

Hand pies are so handy (ha). They’re just great to have around for a quick breakfast, brunch, lunch, or snack.

These broccoli, chicken, and cheddar cheese hand pies have a flaky pastry crust.

The filling is stuffed with fresh broccoli, tender chicken breast, and cheddar cheese. To make them creamier, add some cream cheese.

We love that these handy little pies are loaded with wonderful spices that include seasoned salt, dry mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, white pepper, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and parsley.

You can absolutely make these without the chicken if you want a lighter hand pie.

Source: addapinch.com

24. The Best One Bowl Chocolate Cake Ever

Chocolate cake is one of the great wonders of the world, right? It’s definitely a favorite dessert in most households.

Well, maybe not technically, but we imagine you wouldn’t hear many arguments from folks as they’re spooning delicious forkfuls of chocolate cake into their mouths.

This recipe delivers a chocolate cake so rich and moist, you won’t believe how easy it is to make.

You can even make this cake in a bowl without a heavy-duty mixer.

The secret ingredient in this cake is espresso powder.

Frost this cake with homemade buttercream frosting and your guests will be swooning.

Source: simplyrecipes.com

25. Blueberry Buckle

Blueberry buckle is an old-fashioned cake that is made in one single layer.

The cake gets its name because as it cooks, the streusel topping on the cake will “buckle.”

Basically, it’s like cutting into a gigantic blueberry muffin. What’s not to love?

This yummy blueberry wonder is peppered with delicious blueberries and cinnamon and boasts a crispy streusel topping that is to die for.

You can use frozen blueberries to make this cake and it will turn out perfectly. However, if blueberries are in season, it’s hard to beat baking with fresh blueberries.

Source: nhicenters.com

26. Jessica’s Pistachio Oat Squares

These pistachio oat squares aren’t just delicious. These delicious little bars are also chock-full of wholesome goodness.

The recipe was originally published in the book “One Part Plant” by Jessica Murnane.

Jessica Murnane runs a popular cooking blog and has a podcast that is beloved by foodies.

These squares are loaded with raw pistachios, rolled oats, and coconut flakes.

For sweetness, use maple syrup. Olive oil and sea salt make them just savory enough that they aren’t overly sweet.

Jessica’s pistachio oat squares can be made using a food processor.

Source: sallysbakingaddiction.com

27. Pecan Pie Bars

We love pecan pie, but sometimes we want a decadent sweet treat that we can pick up with our hands.

That’s where these brown butter pecan pie bars come in.

Although these bars aren’t pie-shaped, they’re just as mouthwatering as a traditional pecan pie.

The bars are made with a brown butter crust that’s made of flour. You can use almond flour to make this crust, too.

For the topping, you use pure maple syrup, heavy cream, dark brown sugar, and pecans.

You can even make chocolate chip pecan pie bars if you want an extra special treat.

We love that they have a small sprinkling of sea salt dusted on top.

Source: inspiredtaste.net

28. Easy Oatmeal Cookies

Have you seen that meme that shows someone biting into an oatmeal cookie and being disappointed?

That meme is so unrealistic because there’s nothing better than a spicy, chewy oatmeal cookie.

Oatmeal cookies are incredibly easy to make and we just love them.

These cookies get their flavor from cinnamon, vanilla extract, sea salt, and cardamom.

The recipe calls for chopped nuts, and you can use whatever kind you like (or leave them out).

You can customize this recipe to include different types of nuts, dried fruits, and even chocolate chips.

Source: belleofthekitchen.com

29. The Easiest Seven Layer Cookie Bars

Seven-layer bars are surely one of the most beloved desserts of all time.

The original recipe was found on the back of a can of sweetened condensed milk, but it has been adapted, changed, and improved upon by countless cooks over the years.

This classic recipe for seven-layer bars is made with a crust of crushed graham cracker crumbs.

Other ingredients include chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, sweetened flaked coconut, and walnuts.

You can use any type of nuts you like and you can use other flavors of chocolate chips, too. We love adding some cream cheese to this recipe.

The sweetened condensed milk is a must-have.

Source: spoonforkbacon.com

30. Kitchen Sink Cookies

We love the name of these delicious cookies, but we also love the image the name conjures up.

These cookies are called “kitchen sink cookies” because they have everything in them except the kitchen sink.

Kitchen sink cookies are salty, soft, sweet, crispy, and chewy all at once because they have so much going on.

Kitchen sink cookies are simple to make and they freeze beautifully.

These cookies make fun and unique food gifts at holiday time. They’re also fun to take to holiday parties because people gobble them up.

Source: thetoastykitchen.com

31. Apple Pandowdy

Apple pandowdy will remind you of cobbler, and the original classic recipe comes from traditional Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.

Apple pandowdy has been around since the 1800s and it’s similar to an apple cobbler or apple pie.

In this recipe, spiced apples are layered in a pan and then topped with puff pastry.

The entire decadent mixture is then drizzled with deliciously melted butter.

The result is a sugar crunch that is delightfully crunchy.

Here’s a tip: when your pandowdy is fresh out of the oven, use the backside of a wooden spoon to press down the dough into your apple filling.

Check out the video below for more must-try baking recipes.


Our 30+ BEST Easy Baking Recipes (+Bisquick Peanut Butter Cookies)

These recipes are sure to please. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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Total Time 35 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 210 kcal


  • 2 cups baking mix Bisquick
  • 1 stick room temperature butter
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter


  • Beat butter and sugars together until fluffy.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and mix.
  • Bake at 350°F for 8-10 minutes.


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Enjoy the food.


Calories: 210kcal
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