25+ Amazing Canned Chicken Recipes

Canned chicken is convenient and protein-dense. It’s also perfect for camping, road trips, and anytime you are on the go. These canned chicken recipes are ideal for lunch or dinner. It cuts down on cooking time and fits easily in a cooler.

It’s great to have some cooked shredded chicken in the freezer for quick and easy meals. However, having some canned chicken in the pantry is also ideal so that you can have a quick meal in a pinch. Canned chicken is also perfect for carrying to work for chicken salad.

Canned chicken has long been a pantry staple for many households. It offers a convenient and versatile protein option that can be used in a variety of recipes. From quick lunches to mouthwatering dinners, canned chicken provides an efficient and easy-to-use alternative to spending time preparing fresh chicken.

Recipes utilizing canned chicken can range from basic chicken salad sandwiches to more elaborate dishes, such as comforting casseroles and even tasty appetizers for gatherings. The key to maximizing the flavor and texture of canned chicken is understanding how to enhance its taste with complementary ingredients and seasonings.

Find recipes with handful of ingredients that take only ten minutes to make on this list. There are also more involved dishes like casseroles or soups that will feed your whole family. Canned chicken is versatile and so fast. You can use chunk chicken in pouches too for more lightweight packaging.

4 Ingredient Taco Chicken - via The Kittchen

Source: thekittchen.com

1. Canned Chicken Tacos

Precooked can chicken and three other ingredients combine for a classic chicken taco recipe. Along with your favorite Mexican sides or seasonings, they are a must-have for your next Taco Tuesday!

If you’re hosting a party, the hands-off slow cooker approach means you can set them aside and prep some salsa or guacamole. You can just as easily combine ingredients on the stove, but letting the flavors meld helps to give the beans a creamier texture.

Easy 5-Minute Chicken Salad recipe that's the BEST I've ever tasted! The simple dressing really makes it perfect. Chicken Salad recipe made with diced chicken, plain yogurt, apples, grapes, celery, cucumber, raisins and more! Great as chicken salad sandwiches or in lettuce as a wrap or on crackers.

Source: butterwithasideofbread.com

2. Chicken Salad

This is a simple version of one of the many canned chicken recipes. Mix and match the ingredients as you see fit. Replace sliced grapes with pickles for a zestier sandwich topper. This sweet version is a stand-out canned chicken breast recipes for a cookout.

This creamy hot spinach artichoke dip has shredded chicken for extra protein, so you can easily make it part of a healthy paleo or Whole30 meal!  Perfect with veggies, over a baked potato or with sweet potato toast.  Dairy free, paleo, Whole30 compliant, low carb and keto friendly.

Source: paleorunningmomma.com

3. Paleo Chicken, Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Spinach and artichoke dip is always something that gets eaten extraordinarily fast with friends. Adding chunk chicken makes it one of those canned chicken breast recipes with protein and will satisfy salty cravings.

Using an Instant pot or slow cooker is the traditional way to make this rave-worthy dip. You can serve it with tortilla chips. To cut down on the salt, you can also serve this dip on top of baked potatoes.

The paleo version also cuts out fat from dairy for a healthier version of a classic snack food.

Chicken fried rice in a skillet.

Source: therecipecritic.com

4. Chicken Fried Rice

At home chicken fried rice canned chicken recipes bring take-out yumminess into your kitchen. Use whatever vegetables you have on hand for a fast and easy meal that is low carb and low fat.

Traditional Chinese vegetables in fried rice include finely shredded carrots, sliced onions, and shredded cabbage. Sugar snap peas, either in their pods or deshelled, give it a flavorful crunch.

While you can use all fresh ingredients, frozen vegetables or canned vegetables make this a pantry stable snack or meal, especially if you mix in a scrambled egg!

Chicken pot pie fresh out of the oven.

Source: onehappyhousewife.com

5. Quick Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie canned chicken breast recipes could not get any simpler than this recipe! Using cream of mushroom soup or cream of potato soup instead of making a roux

cuts down on prep time and is still perfect on the inside of the crusty pie shells.

Use any vegetables you have on hand for the filling. If you would like to make it without a piecrust, you can grease the inside of a baking pan. Spoon mixture into the pan and cover with biscuits until the biscuits are golden.

Front shot of chicken crescent rolls on a blue and white plate

Source: theseasonedmom.com

6. Cheesy Canned Chicken Rolls

These fun rolls are one of the canned chicken recipes that make for a kid-friendly light lunch. With a fluffy exterior and a simple gravy filling, don’t be surprised when you hear “more, please!”

When you use pre-shredded cheese and canned chicken, it takes ten minutes to make. Pop them in the oven and wait until the cheese is melted. Serve with mashed potatoes for a balanced meal!

Quick Chicken and Corn Wraps

Source: tasteofhome.com

7. Canned Chicken Salsa Wraps

 Using tortillas to make wraps creates low-carb snack options that pack in the protein! With these Mexican Chicken  Wraps, serve with sour cream, guacamole or salsa verde. Using fresh ingredients like sliced avocado and bell pepper can mean that you reduce cooking time.

This version with corn adds bright colors and fiber for a more balanced meal. Top with shredded lettuce if you have it on hand!

Source: lifemadesweeter.com

8. Stuffed Avocado Chicken Salad

Make chicken salad with avocado and present it in little “boats” for a one-of-a-kind light lunch or side dish. Fresh herbs like cilantro or parsley add delicious greens.

Stuffed Avocado Chicken Salad is one of the most diet-friendly canned chicken breast recipes. Serve it with hard-boiled eggs for extra proteins, or dress it up with sesame seeds.

Easy Chicken Noodle Casserole served on a white plate with parsley.

Source: thecountrycook.net

9. Canned Chicken Casserole     

Casseroles are a smart option when looking at canned chicken breast recipes. They are an easy and filling dinner. Using canned chicken can be a good way to save some money while still creating healthy meals. While bread crumbs top this canned chicken casserole and make a delicious crunch topping, you can leave them out.

Egg noodles are the pasta of choice for this recipe. Elbow macaroni noodles or penne also would work great! Serve with green beans or broccoli.

Buffalo Chicken Dip is a sinfully creamy and mouthwatering #appetizer infused with hot wing flavours!

Source: cafedelites.com

10. Buffalo Chicken Dip

This buffalo chicken dip is so good that you will want to eat it with a spoon. It’s an awesome topping for nachos as well. Serve it with tortilla chips. You can also put it on a hoagie for a delicious game-day snack.

Canned chicken is convenient and protein-dense. It’s also perfect for camping, road trips, and anytime you are on the go. These canned chicken recipes are ideal for lunch or dinner. It cuts down on cooking time and fits easily in a cooler.

photo of Quick Canned Chicken Quesadillas

Source: cdkitchen.com

11. Canned Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken quesadillas with canned chicken make this convenient meal super quick. Using mayo, yogurt, cream cheese or any other creamy filling makes them super moist. Fresh cilantro sprinkled on top or in the filling will add an authentic flavor.

Add grilled or sauteed and blackened peppers and onions on the inside to make a fajita quesadilla!

Serving these with black beans and rice on the side makes it a well-rounded meal.

Chicken Pasta Salad on a plate

Source: gonnawantseconds.com

12. Canned Chicken Pasta Salad

A nice cool bowl of canned Chicken Pasta Salad is a nutritious and satisfying lunch on hot days, especially.

Fresh ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes are packed with phytonutrients. Drizzle some of the oil in the jar for a delicious addition to the dressing. The recipe calls for farfalle or bowtie pasta. Rigatoni noodles have grooves that work well with the salad. You can also use elbow macaroni or rotini.

Fresh Italian seasoning really makes the salad appetizing. Mix in a can or two of canned chicken breast and you have a winner!

Canned Chicken With Wide Noodles And Alfredo Sauce

Source: justapinch.com

13. Canned Chicken Alfredo

Fun fact: chicken alfredo is an American dish, not an Italian one. No matter where it’s from, it’s great with canned chicken!

This recipe uses jarred alfredo sauce, while you could also make your own. Add vegetables like peas, broccoli or carrots to round out the meal. Filling flat noodles have a thicker texture that the sauce coats, along with added parmesan cheese for bonus flavor. 

Canned Chicken Cakes

  Source: recipes.sparkpeople.com

14. Canned Chicken Patties

You can eat and serve these as appetizers or small side plates. The recipe is based on a classic crab cakes recipe, with canned chicken being the base. It’s a great light meal to make, or to serve with other handhelds like cheese and crackers. Melt a slice of cheese on top, or dip in sour cream and applesauce like a potato pancake.

homemade ranch dressing

Source: healthyfitnessmeals.com

15. Ranch Chicken Salad

This recipe has plenty of crave-worthy healthy ingredients. As a bonus, the healthy ranch dressing recipe will definitely be one to save in your recipe book.

Superfood ingredients like avocado and tomato make this a heart-healthy pick. Try using nutrient-rich greens like kale or chard to get in the most per bite!

Easy Weeknight Chicken Spaghetti with a slice of bread on a white plate. A Reinvented Mom

Source: areinventedmom.com

16. Easy Canned Chicken Spaghetti

Pre-cooked canned chicken is the key ingredient in this comforting chicken spaghetti recipe. It’s one of the best canned chicken recipes for fast weeknight meals the kids will love.

The baked cheesy layer makes this chicken spaghetti mouth watering. Try adding olives or chopped and cooked portobello mushrooms for extra texture and flavor.

red cast iron pot filled with chicken stew

Source: cookingwithcarlee.com

17. Quick Canned Chicken Stew

When you are in a meat and potatoes kind of mood, there’s nothing that hits the spot quite like Canned Chicken Stew. Rich flavors from simmering are delicious when spooned over rice.

This recipe uses a few different kinds of vegetables and recommends making your own chicken stock. Other great additions would be celery or even sweet potatoes!

Source: idigpinterest.com

18. Chicken Fajita Skillet Meal

While fajitas are always a crowd-pleaser, it’s sometimes a lot to do, especially if you’ve got your hands full. This Skillet Canned Chicken Fajitas Skillet meal will make any Mexican-food lover smile. As a bonus, clean-up is easier as it’s made in one pan.

Tip: You might love these so much you’ll want more later. Double the recipe for twice the fun! Serve with flour tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa.

Chicken Caesar Wrap Recipe

Source: cookingformysoul.com

19. Quick Chicken Caesar Wraps

A quick 15-minute chicken marinade makes this Canned Chicken Caesar Wrap recipe a stand out. It’s a solid chicken caesar salad recipe, and when combined with a wrapped tortilla, it will make lunchtime exciting!

Other ways to eat it could be in a protein-rich quinoa bowl or in a pita.

Three chicken flautas on a plate

Source: favfamilyrecipes.com

20. Canned Chicken Flautas

These canned chicken flautas are an excellent side dish for any occasion. You can also enjoy them as a lunch.

The irresistible creamy chicken filling with the crunchy exterior is definitely something you should try for yourself. Baking the rolled-up chicken tortillas makes the crispiness that set chicken flautas apart as a favorite snack.

7-Can Chicken Tortilla Soup

Source: 12tomatoes.com

21. Canned Chicken Taco Soup

The Canned Chicken Tortilla Soup brings something different to the dinner table! Flavorful corn in a tomato-based broth with chicken and beans topped with tortilla chips– yum!

Green enchilada sauce gives it an extra “kick” and an authentic Tex Mex flavor. Sour cream adds creaminess as well.

Serve with rice and beans for an all-around hearty and filling meal a little bit out of the norm.

Loaded with bold flavors, this Southwestern Chicken Taco Dip is crazy addicting and always a crowd-pleaser!  Perfect to make-ahead and no-bake, which means you can be party ready in no time! #tacodip #chicken #makeaheadrecipe #dip #partyfood #appetizer #southwestern #nobake

Source: thechunkychef.com

22. Chicken Nacho Dip

Make this spicy and cheesy chicken recipe to share! Adjust the hotness level with added jalapenos. Mix in different cheeses for various flavors.

Another thing to note is this recipe can be made in the oven, in the crockpot or on the stove. It’s a versatile homemade chicken dip that has a beautiful flavor combination.

Overhead photo of Chicken Ramen in a skillet with tongs holding some of the noodles.

Source: chelseasmessyapron.com:

23. Chicken Ramen

Ramen noodles are the quintessential fast, affordable comfort food meal that arranges in a few minutes. Canned chicken in this stir-fry ramen dish adds a great umami flavor with all of the vegetables. A quick, delicious sauce whisked in coats the noodles and your family will eat all of it.

Source: readyseteat.com

24. Gingered Chicken Salad

Combine sweet and savory flavors in this Asian-inspired dish! This quick no-cook recipe uses a flavorful homemade “stir fry” sauce. Serve on top of crunchy, colorful veggies to get in your 5 a day! Only taking five ingredients and ten minutes to prepare, it’s a satisfying and quick lunch.

Canned chicken recipes

Our BEST 25+ Amazing Canned Chicken Recipes (+Chicken Salad)

These recipes are sure to please. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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Total Time 24 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 210 kcal


  • 2 cans chicken
  • 1/2 diced apple
  • 1/4 grapes sliced
  • 1 sliced celery ribs
  • 1 diced cucumber
  • 1/4 raisins
  • 1/4 Green yogurt
  • 1/4 cup olive oil mayonnaise
  • Dashes of black pepper sea salt, onion powder, and parsley


  • Combine all ingredients.
  • Stir until combined.
  • Serve on sandwiches.


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Enjoy the food.


Calories: 210kcal
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