M&Ms: Are They Vegan?

If you are, or have recently become a vegan, then you may be wondering which of your favorite foods you can still enjoy, and which ones you will have to ditch. 

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If you are anything like us, then sweet treats are some of your faves, and M & Ms are a delicious snack to enjoy. But are M & M’s vegan?

Are M & M’s vegan?

Unfortunately, M & M’s are not vegan, they usually contain milk-based products and ingredients as part of their recipe. As M & M’s have chocolate and dairy products, they are definitely not suitable for a vegan diet. This goes for the peanut butter M & M's as well. There doesn't appear to be a good vegan option or vegan alternative with this brand.

Fortunately, with veganism on the rise, there are now more and more brands making vegan friendly alternatives to our favorite snacks!

What vegan M & M alternatives are there?

Luckily for you, we have found some fantastic vegan alternatives to M & M’s that taste just like the real deal!

Speaking of the real deal, the UNREAL Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems are the perfect alternative to eating M & M’s with their vegan recipe: 

The UNREAL brand is on a mission to create a world where you do not have to be afraid of your food or what is in it, with its vegan ingredients and all natural verified recipes. With way less sugar than normal M & M’s only natural, non GMO ingredients and vegan certified, these ‘chocolate’ peanut gems are a tasty way to enjoy your favorite snack, guilt free! 

In addition, you can also try the UNREAL Dark Chocolate Crispy Quinoa Gems, if you do not like or cannot eat peanuts.

These chocolatey delights are all natural, and vegan certified, made with only the safest, finest and natural ingredients! This pack of six from Amazon is made for sharing, but trust us, you will not want to.

Another type of sweet treat that is super similar to M & M’s are the Choco No No’s from No Whey Foods!

These chocolate candy treats are delicious alternatives to M & M’s, and are allergy friendly, made in a specialist, dedicated facility free from the most common top eight food allergens! They are naturally colored, free from any artificial colors and flavors, whilst still being mouth wateringly good. 

With these Choco No No’s, you can feel confident eating ‘chocolate’ flavored snacks, without having to worry if they are completely vegan. 

No Whey Foods also provide a peppermint flavor chocolate candy similar to the style of M & M’s for a more refreshing flavor. These are still vegan, gluten free and free of artificial colors and preservatives, but with a chocolatey flavor and peppermint hint.

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