18 Delicious Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Cocktails are the perfect way to unwind after a long day but when you’re trying to watch the number of calories you take in, you need low calorie alcohol drinks.

One problem with liquor and liqueur is that these alcoholic beverages are high in calories. Most liquor is made with grains, and liqueurs typically have sugar. It’s just really difficult to find a low-calorie cocktail. However, it’s definitely do-able and all it takes is a little planning and the right mixers.

The lowest calorie alcohol drinks can still taste absolutely delicious and you don’t need to sacrifice any flavor.

When you’re ready for low calorie cocktails you’ll understand just how easy they are to make so you can bust them out for practically any occasion.

When it comes to enjoying a night out or socializing with friends, indulging in a few drinks is often part of the equation. However, if you’re watching your calorie intake, you might be concerned about how these beverages will impact your waistline. Fear not, because there are numerous low-calorie alcoholic drinks that allow you to partake in the festivities without derailing your health-conscious efforts.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of low-calorie alcoholic beverages as more people prioritize their health and well-being. The market now offers an impressive selection of lighter options, from beers and hard seltzers to wines and cocktails. As you explore your options, you’ll find that there’s a satisfying drink out there for every taste.

Knowing which drinks are more waistline-friendly is essential in making informed choices at the bar or store. It’s important to not only consider the alcohol content but also the calories derived from any added sugars or mixers. Let’s dive into some of the top low-calorie alcoholic drinks to help keep your healthy lifestyle on track while still enjoying the occasional tipple.

You’ll find some low calorie drinks you’ve probably heard of before like the skinny margarita or the low carb mojito but there are healthy alcoholic drinks that will blow your mind.

None of these low calorie mixed drinks need a ton of ingredients either, so you can make most of them with what you have lying around your home.

Take a look at the best low calorie alcoholic drinks available and pick out some of your favorites so the next time the craving hits, you can have an alcoholic drink that matches your diet.

Source: lowcarb-ology.com

1. Low Carb Tom Collins

Simple and easy to make, the low carb version of the Tom Collins has the same great taste and color as the original.

If you find that it’s not quite tart enough, feel free to add some club soda or lemon juice for an extra kick.

Source: manmadediy.com

2. Vodka and Soda

This is one of the easiest low calorie vodka drinks you can make so they are perfect when you have some friends coming over.

It’s light, refreshing, and doesn’t take a lot of ingredients so you’ll be able to have a ton without spending a bunch of money.

You can’t exactly make these in batches because the soda water will end up becoming flat but since they don’t take any longer than 5 minutes, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Choosing a great sparkling soda is really the key to this recipe so you can get the highest quality drink possible.

Throw in some lime juice to really make this drink pop and pre-slice some lime wedges because you’ll need a few.

Source: loveandlemons.com

3. Paloma

The classic Paloma is a low cal drink that will blow your taste buds out of the water in a good way.

All you’ll need is grapefruit, tequila, and some fresh lime juice to make this drink that’s perfectly refreshing any time of day.

It has a beautiful color and this refreshing drink is one of the staples you have to have when the summer hits.

Source: maryswholelife.com

4. Mulled Wine

You can’t go wrong with low calorie wine drinks and mulled wine is one of the best.

Mulled wine is delicious, warming, and has some healthy ingredients like cinnamon which will help you feel full of warmth after you drink it.

This recipe makes enough for more than one person so feel free to invite some friends over for a delicious homemade wine.

What makes this recipe so great is you can mess with the ingredients to get the exact type of taste you prefer.

Make this around the holidays and it will quickly become everyone’s favorite gift you bring them.

Source: choosingchia.com

5. Pomegranate Kombucha Mimosa

Here’s a cocktail you’ve probably never tried before but it packs the same amount of flavor as your favorite champagne so you won’t be missing much.

Kombucha is a fermented drink full of healthy bacteria which means it’s good for your gut and has some detoxifying properties.

It also contains caffeine, which when mixed with the pomegranate, it’s a combination you won’t be able to get enough of.

This is a great twist to a classic brunch favorite so when your friends come over you have something new to show them.

Source: peachloveandlowcarb.com

6. Strawberry Basil Bourbon Smash

Here’s another beautiful combo you probably haven’t had before and probably won’t believe it’s low in calories.

The strawberries give this drink a great color, while the basil gives it an herbaceous taste. It only takes a little bit of strawberry to make this drink’s flavor pop even more than you thought possible.

The bourbon gives this drink some kick but the other ingredients balance it out perfectly to make one delicious cocktail.

Cut up some fresh strawberries and add them to your drink as a garnish with a little fresh basil to make this drink really stand out.

Source: ketoconnect.net

7. Low-Carb Mojito

The mojito is a delicious rum drink that was originally made in Cuba.

The mojito is perfect if you’re craving something fruity and refreshing so it will definitely be one of your go-to low cal alcoholic drinks you’ll have again and again.

This recipe doesn’t use simple syrup which makes this one of the healthier mojito recipes out there.

If you feel like you prefer something sweeter, feel free to add in some honey but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Suck on a few mint leaves after you finish your drink for an added burst of flavor.

Source: thecookierookie.com

8. Raspberry Lemon Cocktail

The tart sweetness of this drink makes it almost irresistible and it might become your new favorite once you have a sip.

It’s so easy to make and the vodka gives it a nice kick without being too strong which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want something that will go straight to their head.

The lime juice adds in some bitterness that balances everything out to help create the best low calorie alcohol drinks you’ll ever try.

Source: platingandpairings.com

9. Gin and Tonic

The classic gin and tonic doesn’t have much to it but when you substitute some of the ingredients, it becomes one of the skinny cocktails you’ll have in regular rotation.

Try adding some diet tonic to your gin and tonic before you serve it so everyone can enjoy a lighter drink and not feel bad about having a second.

Serve this drink over ice in a chilled glass or even in a wine glass for an elegant low cal version of the classic cocktail.

Gin is known for having a great flavor so opt for an expensive bottle that will help elevate your alcoholic beverage.

Source: sweetlifebake.com

10. Watermelon Mint Champagne Punch

Have you ever heard of a drink that sounds as good as this watermelon mint champagne punch?

This one takes a little time to prepare but when you see how much people love it and the fact that it’s low in calories and sugar makes it worth it.

You won’t be able to store this one ahead of time so it might take you away from some of the festivities but seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they try it makes everything worth it.

Source: mightymrs.com

11. Moscow Mule

When you need skinny drinks with fewer calories that are refreshing and full of flavor, try out this Moscow Mule.

This is a great drink to have outside on a warm summer night and it only has a few ingredients so you won’t be stuck in the kitchen for longer than necessary.

The ginger beer really makes this one of the best Moscow mule recipes out there since it adds a subtle flavor that you’re sure to love.

Add some lime wedges on the edge of the glass for a garnish and try to serve it in a copper mug for real authenticity.

Source: thespruceeats.com

12. White Wine Spritzer

Take your white wine to another level by adding in some club soda and you’ll have one of the best low calorie alcohol drinks that is perfect for summertime.

The best part about this 0 calorie alcohol drink is there’s no added sugar, so it’s a great option when you’re trying to lose weight without giving up wine.

It is one of the most refreshing drinks out there and when you’re in the mood for a low calorie alcohol drink this one is perfect since there are hardly any ingredients in it at all.

For an interesting twist, feel free to add some fresh raspberries or blackberries to make this drink a little more fruity and delicious.

Source: becentsational.com

13. Bloody Mary Cocktail

No other low cal cocktails are as healthy as the bloody mary thanks to the fact that it’s full of nutrients and vitamins you need daily.

This is one of those low calorie drinks alcohol added that help hangovers.

The tomato juice will help with hydration which is the most important thing when you’ve had a little too much fun last night. You can’t go wrong with this drink and it fits perfectly with a fun brunch with friends.

This is really simple to make and you can tweak it by adding in some lemon juice or horseradish if that sounds good to you. For extra flavor, feel free to add in some soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce to really give it that classic bloody mary taste.

Source: themodernproper.com

14. Grapefruit Gin Fizz

The gin fizz is another one of those cocktails that’s perfect for summertime. Many people prefer this drink on the rocks and when you pour it from your cocktail shaker make sure to keep the foam till the end so it can have the perfect appearance.

This modern twist on the classic recipe calls for grapefruit juice with just a touch of rosemary syrup so you can still get the sweetness but without all the calories.

You’ll love the balance of sweetness and bitterness that go perfectly together to keep you wanting another sip.

Source: asouthernsoul.com

15. Tequila Sunrise

The tequila sunrise isn’t just delicious but it also looks gorgeous when you layer the ingredients.

It’s not the type of drink you can make a ton of so it’s perfect if you’re having a friend or two over after dinner or if you want to celebrate the weekend.

This is another drink that uses real juice so it will be healthier than other tequila sunrise recipes out there and feel free to garnish it with some fresh fruit for added flavor.

Serve this on the rocks in a tall glass or over ice in a low ball glass if you prefer.

Tequila is the type of liquor that really does get better the more expensive you go so do yourself a favor and get a bottle you’re going to love.

Source: garlicsaltandlime.com

16. Skinny Margarita

The classic skinny margarita became really popular in the last 10 years and once you have a sip it’s easy to see why.

This is a drink that’s perfect on the rocks and you can also serve it blended with salt on the rim for those who like their drinks with a little salt balance.

The recipe makes it easy to tweak by adding in some lemon juice or agave if you need it to be sweeter. You can even try making your own mix by adding in some guava juice or pineapple for something unique.

If you’re short on time, go ahead and make a big batch in the blender and stick it in the freezer to pour when people are ready.

Source: tsirona.com

17. Skinny Sangria Spritzer

Sangria low calorie cocktail is the perfect option to bust out when the weather starts getting warmer and this skinny sangria spritzer is a great drink to have on hand.

Many drink recipes call for simple syrup but this one uses agave nectar which is a low glycemic sweetener made from cactus instead of sugar cane.

This can be a great option if you’re trying to lose weight and want a red wine cocktail that’s low calories and low in sugar.

When you get used to the recipe you can even start mixing up your own ingredients to make the sangria that really calls to your taste buds.

Source: pinchandswirl.com

18. Peach Bellini

When you’re looking for low calorie alcohol drinks that are perfect for the summertime, try out the peach bellini.

This is a drink you can serve at all your summer parties and it’s simple to make by just pouring the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with some ice.

The sparkling wine really makes this one of our favorite low calorie alcoholic drinks. If you love champagne then you’ll definitely fall in love with this one.

The flavors are unlike most of the others on this list so it can be a great one to mix things up with friends.

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks (+Basil and Strawberry Bourbon Smash)

These recipes are sure to please. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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Total Time 9 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 255 kcal


  • 2 sliced fresh strawberries
  • 2 leaves fresh basil
  • 1 tsp. powdered sugar-free sweetener
  • 1 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 oz. bourbon
  • Dash of black pepper


  • Muddle basil and strawberries until completely crushed.
  • Add the pepper, lemon juice, and ice.
  • Shake until fully chilled.
  • Strain into a rocks glass over ice.


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Calories: 255kcal
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