Best Leftover Pork Recipes

There’s nothing worse than having to throw away perfectly good pork just because you can’t finish the whole joint. It’s a horrible feeling, so you will of course be looking for some ways to make the most of your leftovers. 

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We’ve put together a list of 27 leftover pork recipes to help you use all of the meat you have hanging around at the end of your meal. You won’t have to waste your leftover pork ever again with this handy list at your disposal!

Even small amounts of pork can add a powerful flavorful punch to your dishes. If you’ve got lots of leftover pork, then you should be able to divide it between a number of recipes to use it up throughout your week.

Pork is also one of the more versatile meats. It can be great for both stir-fries as well as rice bowls. You can also shred the meat to add to a range of other dishes.

We’ve made sure to give you a good variety of recipes so that you can choose your favorites. Find the best dish for your needs to make your leftover pork shine!

Pork carnitas


Lighter than traditional tacos, carnitas are packed full of flavor. This is mostly down to the combination of the pork mixture with Mexican spices, cilantro, lime juice, and black beans. 

This tasty meaty mixture is then piled onto a wonderfully soft tortilla, which you can then smother in your favorite toppings. We’d suggest going for avocados, sour cream, cheese, and anything else that takes your fancy!

Leftover pork enchiladas

Want to have an upgrade on the leftover pork carnitas? Then all you need to do is roll up your tortillas and top them with an enchilada sauce and cheese. Bake your enchiladas until the edges are beautifully crispy. The cheese will have melted, giving you a golden top that is sure to tempt your taste buds.

Don’t have time to make your own enchilada sauce? Then you can opt for a store-bought alternative to cut down on cooking time.

Pork nachos

You don’t have to opt for a boring recipe just to use up your leftover pork. These pork nachos are the perfect example! You can have tasty pork nachos in as soon as 20 minutes. The baked nachos are layered with your leftover pork, lashings of cheese, as well as black beans.

Enjoy your nachos with a spicier kick? Use some pepper jack cheese instead of cheddar, or add a helping of jalapenos to your nachos.

Leftover pork taquitos


Want something with a bit more bite to it? These leftover pork taquitos will be the perfect alternative to a softer tortilla. Traditionally, taquitos are small, rolled-up tortillas that have been fried until they’re crispy. In this particular recipe, you’ll want to bake them until they’re crunchy and all of that glorious cheese has melted.

To bring out the best from your leftover pork, add some salsa and plenty of cheddar cheese to the taquitos.

Pork Stroganoff

Stroganoff is a fancy sounding dish, but it’s not as hard to make as you first think it is. This Stroganoff recipe is especially easy to make with your leftover pork. All you need to do is add strips of the roasted pork to a casserole dish with mushrooms, sour cream, white wine, and a couple of spices.

This Stroganoff sauce pairs well with either rice, potatoes, or pasta. So you can easily adjust the recipe to suit your preferences! You can even mop up that delicious sauce with a slice of crusty bread on the side.

Leftover ham and cheese scones

Searching for something quick to nibble on in the morning or during busy afternoons? These leftover ham and cheese scones will be the perfect fit. These scones are packed full of tasty flavors that make them perfect for any time of the day.

Combine the leftover ham with diced onion, cheese, and the dough. Sprinkle a generous helping of more cheese on top of the scones, then bake in the oven until the top layer is golden brown and the scones are moist inside.

Leftover pork and noodle bake


Upgrade your leftover food game with this tasty pork and noodle bake. The pork will shine in this tasty casserole dish, with plenty of cheese, corn, and egg noodles to create a beautifully fulfilling meal.

You can easily create the lip-smacking sauce using cream of chicken soup, diced onions, and pepper.

Leftover pork and potato hash

Looking for a super simple dish that can be whipped up in no time at all? This pork and potato hash can be put together using your leftover roast as well as a few common pantry ingredients.

You can enjoy this leftover pork and potato hash on its own, or smother it in gravy for added irresistibility. Complete the meal with some healthy vegetables, or you can top it with a golden fried egg to make the breakfast of champions.

Leftover pork pot pie

This leftover pork pot pie not only uses up your unused meat, but it’s also a much healthier alternative to a normal pie.

It’s packed full of peas and other tasty vegetables - not to mention your leftover pork! To give yourself a complete, filling meal, add some boiled potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Greek pitas with shredded pork


Why not make something a little bit different with your leftover pork? These Greek pitas are the perfect thing for your dinner table. These pitas are low in carbs, and are a lighter alternative to some of the heavier recipes we’ve mentioned on our list. So you can eat this dinner without feeling too guilty!

To give your pork a lovely crispy texture, make sure to fry it before you add it to the Greek pitas. Add some diced onions, tomatoes, cucumber, and feta cheese for some truly Greek flavors.

Leftover pulled pork rigatoni

This leftover pulled pork rigatoni is packed full of flavor. Thanks to the punchy ingredients, you’ll have a tasty recipe that will make the most out of your leftover meat. This dish features mushrooms, diced onions, garlic, and tomatoes alongside the leftover pulled pork for a wonderfully filling dish.

The sauce is the secret ingredient of this pasta dish. The rigatoni holes fill up with that tasty sauce, and are sure to leave you reaching for another helping.

Pork fried rice

Don’t fancy pasta? Another quick way to use up your leftover pork without having to spend ages cooking is to add it to a rice dish. This particular recipe is another great way to use up any other ingredients that you have stashed away in your fridge.

The addition of soy sauce adds a tasty savory flavor to the fried rice. The scrambled egg works to make the fried rice a more filling dish, too.

Leftover pulled pork spring rolls


Why not try and make your own spring rolls using your leftover pork as the main star? This tempting classic Asian dish combines your pork with diced onions, cabbage, and carrots for a mouthwatering treat.

If you want to make them healthier, you can bake them for between 30 to 40 minutes instead of frying them. Serve your pork spring rolls with BBQ sauce or hot sauce depending on your preferences.

Leftover ham salad

A classic dish, there are plenty of ways to adapt your leftover ham salad to suit your tastes. This is also a super easy way to use up all of your leftover meat! Dice your leftover ham or whack it in the food processor to break the meat up a little, then combine it with the rest of your salad ingredients. You can use this tasty ham salad in rolls, on crackers, in lettuce wraps, or even enjoy it on its own.

Leftover pulled pork sliders

You can’t beat these leftover pulled pork sliders for a satisfying meal. Your pulled pork combines with fresh, crunchy coleslaw together in a beautiful buttery bun for a fantastic party snack. The sliders are then baked in the oven until the buns are toasted and wonderfully golden brown.

To give your pulled pork sliders that little extra something, add in a dash of BBQ sauce. Or if you’re not a fan of coleslaw, swap this out for your favorite cheese. Add some jalapenos if you prefer your dishes to have a little extra kick.

Leftover pork bao


You’ll never want to buy your favorite Chinese takeaway after making these tasty leftover pork baos yourself. While it can be tricky to get the hang of shaping the bao, the filling is much easier to bring together. All you need is your leftover pork as well as a couple of pantry staples!

Ham and broccoli casserole

The best thing about this one-pan dish is that it can be made up to two days ahead of when you need it. This makes it the perfect choice for those of you who live a busy life and need something that you can heat up real quick.

This particular casserole features crisp broccoli alongside your leftover ham, and is finished with a cheesy, creamy rice. Give your ham and broccoli casserole a little added crunch by adding crushed Ritz crackers to the top.

Leftover pork sloppy joes

Fancy more of a classic dish? Then these leftover pork sloppy joes will be the perfect way to use up your unused meat! There’s a rich combination of flavors in this recipe, with mustard, ketchup, and tomatoes combining with staple pantry spices for a succulent dish.

Southwest leftover pork stew


You won’t get better comfort food than this southwest leftover pork stew. Combining classic Tex-Mex flavors, this is the leftover dish to make when you need some warming up. The fantastic thing about this recipe is that you can use either cooked or uncooked pork, or even any other meat that takes your fancy.

All you need to do is combine all of the ingredients in your slow cooker. This handy appliance will do all the hard work for you!

Leftover pulled pork carnita quesadillas

You can combine some of your favorite ingredients in these tasty leftover pulled pork carnita quesadillas. Featuring your favorite carnita filling in a crispy crust, you can upgrade these quesadillas with the addition of cheese, corn, bell pepper, and caramelized onion.

The great thing about these quesadillas is that they are freezer friendly, so you can make them ahead so they’re ready when you need them. Cook the quesadillas to perfection on your stove until they’re beautifully brown and crisp.

Leftover ham pot pie

Another classic dish to opt for is this tasty leftover ham pot pie recipe. Combine your leftover ham with your favorite vegetables for a hearty midweek meal. Make sure to prep all your veg beforehand, and this dish will only take you 30 minutes to prepare.

To elevate this classic dish, add chicken stock, a couple of spices, and some Italian seasoning. You can even use Yukon potatoes to make the leftover ham pot pie more filling.

Scalloped potatoes with leftover ham


Want a dish that gives you some classic southern flavors? Then you need to make this scalloped potatoes with leftover ham recipe! It’s super simple to make, too. All you need to do is bake your potatoes in the rich garlic sauce.

Make sure to top everything with cheese to pack in the flavor. And don’t forget to add the leftover ham! You can prep these ingredients in as little as 10 minutes.

Roast pork soup

This roast pork soup is the ideal recipe for you if you’re looking for something that can be put together in a pinch. It will be ready in as little as 20 minutes! This hearty soup combines the flavor of your leftover pork with corn, kale, and white beans. And the best part is that this is one of the healthiest dishes on our list! 

Make sure to toast the corn to give the soup some added flavor. Adding a dash of lime juice can also give it an added freshness.

Ham and bean soup

The secret ingredient in this ham and bean soup is the ham bone broth. Stewing the ingredients together with the ham bone broth gives this filling soup the flavorful punch it needs. Combined with a range of beans and a variety of other vegetables, this will quickly become one of your go-to leftover recipes. 

If you don’t have any ham bone to use, all you need to do is add some herbs and spices to the soup to help give it a more flavorful profile.

Leftover roast pork in garlic sauce


This simple dish is a fantastic way to use up your leftover pork. Smother the meat in the tempting garlic sauce to marinate it for added flavor.

Leftover ham and cheese sliders

Sliders make the perfect party snack. They’re also a great way to use up your leftover ham! These leftover ham and cheese sliders are super simple to make, too. There’s a great combination of flavors to satisfy every palate.

Leftover ham, potato, and corn chowder

What’s great about this leftover ham, potato, and corn chowder is how it’s packed full of rich flavors. You’ll get the combination of salty ham with bacon and the sweetness of the corn. Yum!

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