25+ Coffee Drinks (+Recipes)

Have you wondered what types of coffee drinks to make at home?

There’s nothing like a hot cup of Joe in the morning to really get your day started. But, sometimes it’s nice to branch out a bit and try new things, like iced coffee, for example. Today, coffee is used to make some incredible cocktails that bring together new and exciting flavors.

The fact is, any fancy coffee you can buy at a coffee shop can also be made easily at home, especially if you have the right type of coffee maker and the right coffee drink recipes.

Maybe you have questions about the various coffee drinks. For example, what’s the difference between a flat white and a latte? Is espresso really just super strong black coffee (it’s not)? And what in the world is Red Eye Coffee?

As a coffee enthusiast, you might be well aware of the plethora of coffee drinks available at your local café or even in your own kitchen. The world of coffee is vast and ever-evolving, with new techniques and flavors constantly being explored. This article aims to dive into the many different coffee concoctions and their origins, giving you a better understanding of this beloved beverage.

Some of the classics, like espresso, cappuccino, and latte, have been warming our hearts and energizing our mornings for centuries. However, lesser-known variations, such as flat whites, cortados, and nitro cold brews, have gained popularity in recent years. Exploring the nuances of these newer creations can lead you to discover exciting new ways to enjoy your daily caffeine fix.

In order to truly appreciate the subtleties of these delightful coffee beverages, it is crucial to understand the methods involved in their preparation, as well as the specific ingredients used. By doing so, you will not only develop a refined palate but also improve your at-home brewing skills, impressing your friends and family with your vast knowledge and expertise on all-things coffee.

We’ve got answers to all of these coffee recipe questions and more.

But best of all, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular hot coffee drinks, sweet coffee drinks, easy coffee recipes, and the best coffee drinks to make at home.

Are you ready to get your caffeine buzz going with these coffee ideas? Let’s dive in!

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1. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

This Pumpkin Cold Brew is definitely a winner. Easy to make and it definitely tastes like Fall.

This could be my new favorite coffee drink. It’s a must try!

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2. Coffee Soda

Coffee with soda? We think this is one of the most unusual and interesting coffee ideas!

If you love carbonated beverages and also love black coffee, this coffee soda is exactly what you need to add something refreshing to your day.

To create coffee soda, you need to mix equal parts cold brew coffee and soda water (club soda).

For making cold brew coffee, you’ll need to make either a standard cold brew coffee or a French press cold brew coffee.

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3. Iced Coffee

When it comes to coffee recipes at home, iced coffee is probably the quickest and easiest coffee recipe for you to learn how to make.

Iced coffee doesn’t have to be just for hot summer days. Anytime you want to enjoy an iced coffee drink, go for it!

We know people who only drink iced coffee and it’s their go-to morning wake-up drink. Why not?

Also, iced coffee can be strong and stout, or you can make a sweet iced coffee that’s nearly like a dessert.

Source: teacoffeecup.com

4. Espresso Con Panna

The phrase “espresso con panna” translates to “espresso with cream.”

The rich and creamy whipped cream used to make this delicious coffee drink perfectly sets off the bitter flavor of the strong coffee.

To make espresso con panna, you need to brew a single or double espresso shot, then top it off with a generous dollop of creamy whipped cream.

This is one of the most popular coffee drinks in Europe, but it’s making its way over the Atlantic Ocean and becoming increasingly popular in the United States, too.

You can make espresso con panna with homemade whipped cream that you make with heavy whipping cream, or in a pinch, you can use a storebought version of whipped cream. Either type of whipped cream is delicious on coffee.

Source: amindfullmom.com

5. Latte

When it comes to fancy coffee drinks, the caffe latte was the first hot coffee recipe many of us fell in love with and is one of the most beloved cafe drinks.

A cafe latte is a fresh espresso drink that has a creamy body and delicious frothy milk. Characterized by steamed milk, a latte is different from a cappuccino because of the amount of milk it has.

While a cappuccino has equal parts steamed milk and espresso, a latte has 2/3 steamed milk and 1/3 espresso.

As for the foam on top, baristas call it microfoam and they famously use microfoam to make gorgeous latte art.

Source: minimalistbaker.com

6. Pour Over Coffee

To make pour over coffee, most coffee connoisseurs use a Chemex coffeemaker (they’re super inexpensive).

When you make pour over coffee in a Chemex, you are able to extract every bit of the nuanced flavor of your favorite coffee bean.

Your filtered hot water should be between 200 and 205 degrees.

Source: cookieandkate.com

7. Irish Coffee

When it comes to Irish coffee, there’s been a trend in recent years to use Bailey’s Irish Cream to make Irish coffee. And you can totally do that if you love it.

However, the traditional way to make Irish coffee is with Irish whiskey.

This Irish coffee recipe is the classic way to make authentic Irish coffee. You need just four ingredients: Jameson Irish Whiskey (or another Irish whiskey), maple syrup, freshly brewed hot coffee, and whipped cream for piling on top.

To serve your Irish Coffee with whipped cream, you can use heavy whipping cream to make homemade whipped cream, or you can use the whipped cream that comes in a can.

Instead of maple syrup, you can also use white sugar or brown sugar.

For an extra kick, you can serve Irish coffee with a shot of coffee liqueur.

Source: smells-like-home.com

8. Iced Latte

The iced latte is a classic coffee drink that is espresso-forward in flavor while at the same time being deliciously refreshing and creamy.

For an iced latte, you need milk, espresso, and if you like, sweetener.

What’s the difference between an iced latte and iced coffee? For an iced latte, you use espresso, so it has a much darker and stronger essence and flavor.

To make an iced latte, you need to make a dopio espresso (double espresso shot) and froth about 1/4 cup of whole milk. You can use a whisk to froth the milk or shake it in a jar.

Sweeten your iced latte with your desired sweetener. Maple syrup and simple syrup are both delicious.

Source: thespruceeats.com

9. Cafe Au Lait

Cafe au lait is a French method of making a smooth and satisfying coffee drink that has the perfect ratio of bitter coffee and rich milk.

Cafe au lait is the perfect coffee drink for brunch and it’s wonderful with a muffin or croissant.

Equally important, it’s super simple to make a cafe au lait at home. You don’t even need an espresso machine to make cafe au lait.

The phrase “cafe au lait” is French for “coffee with milk,” and it’s really that simple.

All you need to make the perfect cafe au lait is whole milk and strong coffee in equal parts.

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10. Flat White

What’s the difference between a cappuccino, a latte, and a flat white coffee? All three are espresso drinks, but they have slight differences that make them stand out on their own.

For one thing, a flat white coffee is super smooth.

A flat white is an espresso drink that’s made with steamed milk and a foam layer on top.

When you make a flat white, the foam layer is much thinner and less frothy than the latte or cappuccino.

Source: gimmesomeoven.com

11. French Press Coffee

For brewing the perfect cup of easy and inexpensive coffee, the French press is the way to go.

To create French press coffee, you don’t need a lot of extra equipment, and you can make French press coffee with all different types of roasts and coffee beans.

To create French press coffee, use four cups of water and one cup of ground coffee.

Source: thecookierookie.com

12. Iced Espresso

When you need a quick morning caffeine jolt or an afternoon pick-me-up and you want something cold, go for an iced espresso.

You can drink your iced espresso straight or you can drizzle in a little bit of whole milk or almond milk.

To make your iced espresso sweet, try simple syrup or vanilla syrup to give it a nice, robust sweetened flavor.

You’ll need an espresso double shot to make iced espresso, and you can use whatever type of milk you like.

This iced espresso is stronger than plain coffee and has a wonderful flavor.

Source: barefeetinthekitchen.com

13. Cafe con Leche

Traditionally, the Spanish cafe con leche is made with milk and espresso, but we more frequently see it made with coffee, too.

Cafe con leche (also known as milk coffee) is made with equal parts strong bittersweet coffee and whole milk. Also, this is a coffee drink that you can feel free to add plenty of sugar to.

A popular drink in Latin America, cafe con leche is usually served to all members of the family, regardless of age.

How is cafe con leche different from the French cafe au lait? Cafe con leche is usually deliciously sweetened, and you can also use some sweetened condensed milk. Children love it!

The coffee to milk ratio is equal parts of both.

Source: coffeeatthree.com

14. Macchiato

When you want an espresso drink with a nice caffeine jolt but want to forgo all of the extra calories, reach for a macchiato.

The macchiato that you get at a certain coffee shop isn’t actually a real macchiato, but we’re going to explain exactly what a macchiato really is supposed to be.

A classic espresso macchiato or caffe macchiato is an espresso shot that’s topped with delicious frothed milk.

In Italian, the word “macchiato” translates to “stained,” which implies that the espresso is stained by putting a bit of the foamed milk on top.

What’s the difference between a latte and a macchiato? Well, a latte has steamed milk added to the espresso, and a macchiato has espresso added to steamed milk.

Source: coffeeatthree.com

15. Espresso

We’re not sure if there is actually a best coffee recipe because it’s all a matter of what you like. However, a lot of folks would argue that espresso may be the best coffee recipe of all time.

And for sure, espresso is a hugely popular hot coffee recipe. Espresso is an Italian method of creating a cup of highly concentrated coffee in shots.

One espresso shot equals one ounce, and a double shot (dopio espresso if you are ordering at Starbucks) is two ounces.

You can sip espresso or Turkish coffee in small cups or use it as a base to create beloved coffee drinks like the latte, Americano, or cappuccino.

Source: coffeeaffection.com

16. Iced Cappuccino

If you love cappuccino but you’re craving a cold coffee drink, this recipe for iced cappuccino may make all of your dreams come true!

Smooth and sophisticated, this iced cappuccino packs a nice caffeine punch without being as bitter as a plain espresso.

What makes this iced cappuccino so special is the cold foam topping, which is nonfat milk that’s been frothed.

To make the cold foamy milk, you need a milk frother and skim milk.

Source: copykat.com

17. Mocha

Mocha is one of the most beloved coffee flavors of all time, and when you make it with high-quality chocolate, milk, and espresso, it’s like heaven in a glass.

A mocha latte (or simply mocha) is an espresso drink that’s made with chocolate syrup and steamed milk.

Mocha is a coffee drink that can vary depending on your barista, and the good news is that this gives you the license to make a mocha however you want it at home.

Keep in mind that the freshest milk will give you the best foam. When milk nears its expiration date, it doesn’t foam up as nicely.

In a pinch, some people use hot chocolate to make mocha, but that’s a shortcut.

Source: coffeeatthree.com

18. Cortado

If you’ve never heard of a cortado coffee drink, you’re in for a wonderful surprise.

A cortado is made from espresso and it offers the perfect balance between espresso and milk. Cortados are robust and silky.

The cortado is a Spanish coffee drink that’s nice and smooth while still being intense. This is a coffee drink that raises super strong coffee to a delightfully new level.

The cortado is equal parts steamed milk and espresso. In Spanish, “cortado” means “cut,” and this translates to espresso being cut with steamed milk.

Always serve a cortado in a glass cup that holds 4.5 ounces of liquid.

Source: beanbox.com

19. Americano

An Americano, also known as Caffe Americano, is a popular espresso coffee drink that uses hot water to smooth out espresso’s bitterness.

To make the perfect Americano coffee, you need a good espresso and varying amounts of hot water.

When you dilute the strong flavor of a dark espresso roast, it creates a cup of coffee that tastes similar to that of drip coffee.

One thing it’s important to know about an Americano is that a true Americano coffee never had milk. When you add milk, you’re essentially making a cappuccino, latte, or macchiato.

To make a Caffe Americano, use a ratio of one part espresso to two parts hot water.

Source: coffeeaffection.com

20. Red Eye Coffee

What can you do when you just want to add a jolt of powerful caffeine to regular drip coffee? Well, you make Red Eye Coffee, of course.

Red Eye Coffee is regular drip coffee that has had a shot or two of espresso added to it.

Don’t drink this coffee if you’re planning on taking an afternoon nap. This is a caffeine fix that is designed to have you raring to go and get things done.

Red Eye Coffee is easy to make if you have an espresso machine. Simply power up your espresso maker and create a double shot of espresso. Then add the espresso to your coffee.

Source: cookieandkate.com

21. Cold Brew Coffee

With just a few minutes of your hands-on time, you can make a delicious cup of cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee is super smooth and beautifully chilled. Even better, it’s easy to make right in your own kitchen.

To make cold brew coffee using coffee grounds, you soak coffee grounds in water at cool or cold temperatures. This makes cold brew coffee different from hot coffee that’s made with a drip system.

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to prepare cold brew coffee a full 24 hours before you plan to drink it.

Filtered water makes the best cold brew coffee.

Source: sugarandsoul.co

22. Breve Coffee

The ingredient that makes the Breve brewed coffee so different is half and half.

To create the Breve coffee, you need rich and creamy half and half and a bold, strong espresso.

You’ll sometimes see the Breve coffee called the cafe breve or the breve latte.

Breve coffee is always the exact same volume: two ounces of half and half and one espresso double shot.

Typically, a Breve coffee is served in a glass cup that’s 4.5 ounces, so it’s easy to get the quantities exactly right.

To make your Breve coffee, make an espresso double shot and froth or steam the half and half.

Source: leitesculinaria.com

23. Cappuccino

A cappuccino is one of the most famous and beloved brewed coffee drinks.

Cappuccino is made with espresso, steamed milk, and frothy milk foam.

If you have an espresso machine, you can easily make a cappuccino at home.

Is a cappuccino the same as a latte? They’re both espresso drinks, but there are distinct differences between a cappuccino and a latte.

A cappuccino has equal parts steamed milk, espresso, and foam, usually 1/3 each. A latte is 2/3 steamed milk and 1/3 espresso and has a thin foam layer on top.

A cappuccino is easier to make at home.

Are you curious about the different types of coffee drinks, especially espresso? Check out this informative video below.

coffee recipe

Fancy Coffee Drinks (+Coffee Soda)

These recipes are sure to please. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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Servings 2
Calories 333 kcal


  • 2 parts of sparkling water
  • 1 part of your favorite cold brew coffee
  • Ice cubes


  • Fill your tall glass with ice cubes.
  • Then pour in your favorite cold brew coffee.
  • Finally pour in your sparkling water.
  • Note: You can also use flavored sparkling water, ginger beer, or even club soda.


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Enjoy the food.


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