18 Delicious Mexican Drinks: Alcohol & Non-Alcohol Options

The margarita is probably the most popular Mexican drink most people have heard of.

Of course, there is the classic margarita that’s made with a delightful mixture of tequila, fresh lime juice, Triple Sec, and sweet and sour mix. And you can have your margarita either frozen or on the rocks. However you have it, be sure to salt the rim. That makes it super yummy.

That’s a shame because there are actually a ton of Mexican drinks that will surprise your taste buds and become your new favorite.

Mexico has a rich history and culture, and its diverse range of traditional beverages is no exception. As you explore the colorful world of Mexican drinks, you’ll notice that each has its own unique story and flavor profile, often influenced by the country’s cultural heritage and regional ingredients.

One famous example is the popular drink horchata, which is a delicious blend of rice, milk, cinnamon, and sugar. Or perhaps you’ve heard of pulque, an ancient fermented drink made from the sap of the agave plant. These, alongside many distinctive cocktails, showcase the depth of Mexico’s offerings when it comes to satisfying your thirst.

As you delve into these authentic Mexican drinks, don’t be surprised if you find yourself more and more eager to learn about their origin, preparation methods, and even the traditions that accompany them. So, grab a glass and join us as we embark on a journey through Mexico’s fascinating world of traditional beverages.

You’ll find Mexican cocktails, Mexican fruit drinks, and non alcoholic Mexican drinks on this list.

Each one with a unique and special taste that will please every part of your palate.

Take note of your favorite Mexican drinks below so you can bust out the recipe at your next get-together.

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1. Sangria Mexican Mule

If you love the taste of a good sangria then you’ll love this Mexican mule variation that mixes the best of two different drinks.

There’s a little wine in this mule which gives it that sangria look and taste but then you’ll add some ginger beer and lime juice to balance it out.

The tequila is, of course, the star of the show and if you want a real classy drink, you’ll spend a few extra dollars on getting a premium tequila.

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2. Margarita

There have been a ton of different variations on the classic margarita but none hit the spot quite like the original.

Margaritas are primarily made with tequila, triple sec or Cointreau, lime juice, and simple syrup.

The drink is served in a salt-rimmed cocktail glass over ice but you can also make it frozen.

Margaritas are always best on the rocks because you can simply stir them when they start to get diluted from the melting ice.

You can also make them exactly how you want and add in extra ingredients to get the taste just right.

With a frozen margarita, you really need to know what you’re doing because once you make the batch and start serving, there’s no going back.

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3. Smoky Basil Oaxacan Mezcal Cocktail

There’s nothing like a sophisticated mezcal drink and this Oaxacan twist really brings out the best of all the flavors.

It’s quick to make and the basil really adds a refreshing flavor.

Just like with any Mexican margarita-type of drink you can add tajin to the rim instead of using regular salt.

It will have a slightly spicy flavor but it won’t burn your mouth or anything.

If you really want to spice this drink up, then you’ll want to throw in a couple of slices of jalapenos into your recipe.

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4. Michelada

The classic michelada is made with dark Mexican beer, lime juice, salt, some hot sauce, and some spices.

It’s always best to use a light Mexican beer otherwise you’ll end up with something too bitter or too sweet.

You can also make micheladas without the spicy condiments but then it’s just not quite right.

If you’re looking for a michelada that’s less intense and more balanced you can also try the charanda michelada.

The drink is made with Mexican coke, lemon juice, simple syrup, chili powder, and salt.

This is one of those classic Mexican alcoholic drinks that goes best on a warm Sunday afternoon when you want a cold one but also some more flavor.

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5. Mexican Bloody Maria

If you’ve had a bloody mary then you know the basics of this bloody maria variation.

You’ll use most of the same ingredients except you’ll use tequilla instead of vodka.

Oh, and you’ll definitely want to rim the glass with salt or use a salted lime to do it for you.

Finally, this recipe also calls for some tomato juice so be sure to account for that when making your shopping list too.

If you’re looking for something that is refreshing, savory, and a little spicy then this Mexican twist on a bloody mary is just the drink for you.

You could even add a few drops of hot sauce to give it an added kick if that’s what your doctor recommends or if you like things spicier than most people.

Either way, this recipe is tasty and delicious, so make sure you’ve got all the ingredients before you begin.

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6. Paloma

You’ll hear a lot about the Paloma in the summertime because it’s a perfect drink for the porch on a sunny day.

But it’s not just for summer because when you’re in the mood for something refreshing, there really isn’t anything better than ginger and grapefruit juice.

This is one of those Mexican alcohol drinks that will be made with either soda water or tonic water, so your carbonation level will vary.

The best thing about this Mexican drink is that you can make it with anything from grapefruit juice to orange juice without ruining the taste.

This one is quick to make so you can bust it out at parties and not have to worry about spending a bunch of time in the kitchen.

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7. Mezcalita

If you like a margarita, then a mezcalita is going to really rock your world.

Instead of using a normal tequilla to make your marg, you’re going to add in some mezcal.

Mezcal has a slightly smoky flavor that really adds a unique flavor to your refreshing drink.

You’ll use the same classic ingredients as a margarita and you could even make this frozen or on the rocks.

You could even add some flavors to this recipe, like strawberry or orange, to give it a slightly different taste.

Either way, make sure you make a couple of pitchers because people will power through these tasty drinks in no time.

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8. Mexican Hot Chocolate

A good classic Mexican drink is packed with flavor and this Mexican hot chocolate recipe is no different.

You’ll start by combining the milk and water with the Mexican chocolate and cinnamon stick.

Once it’s heated up, you can add in sugar, vanilla bean paste, and chili powder.

The result is a creamy cup of chocolate that has just enough spice to give it an interesting kick.

It’s also worth noting that there are some variations on this classic Mexican drink that go for a more luxurious approach with milk chocolate and even white chocolate.

But if you really want to enjoy the Latin flavors of Mexico, you’ll stick to dark chocolate or Mexican chocolate in your hot cocoa.

You can still serve this one with some marshmallows to give it a sweeter flavor.

Source: brokebankvegan.com

9. Agua de Jamaica

The color of this agua de jamaica recipe is almost hypnotic. It has got a deep, dark red hue that you don’t find in many drinks.

What makes this recipe special is the hibiscus flowers that give this drink a tart flavor.

People who love drinking hibiscus tea will absolutely adore this drink. It’s got all the same flavor but with a little more pizzazz and energy to it because of the added cinnamon, mint, and lime juice too.

The best part is you could even drink this agua de jamaica recipe before your workout or after for some extra energy.

Hibiscus also has the added benefit of being good for your heart so you can feel great about drinking this agua de jamaica recipe really any time of day.

You could add some seltzer water too to make this drink more carbonated and feel like the healthiest soda you’ve ever had.

Source: modernmealmakeover.com

10. Horchata

There’s no doubt about it, the horchata is one of the most delicious Mexican drinks ever.

Horchata consists of ground almonds, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, and rice.

You can also play around with the flavoring using other ingredients like coconut milk or strawberries.

If you want to kick up the classic horchata recipe a little more, try adding in some rum to give it a richer flavor. This is one of those Mexican drinks that’s best served with some hot tamales and a plate of cookies.

It’s more like a dessert drink so you’ll want to eat it after your meal while you have some freshly baked pastries on the side.

You can even dip your cookies in your horchata for the ultimate combination.

Source: simplyrecipes.com

11. Cucumber Agua Fresca

You can make agua fresca a ton of different ways but this cucumber recipe is so good and healthy.

The secret to this Mexican drink is how you blend it and what you add to it.

You need a blender or some kind of mixer that will give the cucumber, mint, and lime juice some puree action.

Then top everything off with some watermelon for a little extra flavor and some ice cubes.

Now you have a cucumber agua fresca that is refreshing, thirst-quenching, and healthy.

You could even take this recipe up a notch by blending in some strawberries as well as the watermelon for extra sweetness.

If you’re looking to serve your guests something healthy this summer then look no further than a cucumber agua fresca.

Source: veggiesociety.com

12. Fruit Agua Frescas

An agua frescas is a great Mexican drink because they’re refreshing and packed with flavor.

There are so many different kinds of Aguas Frescas that you can play around with the recipe to get something sweet or more tart.

Another reason why this is one of the favorite Mexican drinks is that it’s made with fruit instead of artificial flavors like some other drinks.

Some people use watermelon, strawberries, or even cucumbers to give their agua frescas more flavor and natural sweetness.

If you’re looking for something sweet this summer try out the Hibiscus Agua Fresca which uses hibiscus flowers for a tart berry flavor.

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing agua fresca on a hot day to cool you off.

Source: thecookierookie.com

13. Mangonada

Once you try a mangonada it will absolutely blow your mind with how good it is.

Just looking at the mangonada makes you think it’s a work of art.

What gives the mangonada its flavor is the chamoy which is a salty, sour, and sweet sauce made with pickled fruit.

Then the mangonada is topped off with some chili powder for an extra kick.

If you don’t love spicy food then just leave off the chili powder or ask your Mexican restaurant to hold off.

Go ahead and do yourself a favor and bookmark this recipe becuase you’ll want to keep coming back week after week.

Try this one on a hot summer day and you’ll love just how refreshing and cooling it is.

What’s really fun too is if you add a salted rim, but instead of using regular salt, you use tajin. It’s like a chili mixture but it isn’t very hot.

It gives the mangonada a perfect balance of unique flavors you’ll only find in Mexican drinks.

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14. Champurrado

Champurrado may look like a Mexican hot chocolate, but it has its own unique flavor that really separates the two.

For starters, the champurrado uses ingredients like masa harina, water, and panela (dried whole cane sugar).

It’s important to note that, because this drink is made with corn, it’s naturally gluten-free.

You’ll start by mixing the masa harina with the hot water and whisking in the panela until there are no lumps left.

Once this is mixed together you can add in some vanilla extract and cinnamon to make the champurrado taste like dessert.

You can also top off your champurrado with whipped cream, shaved chocolate, or even a bit of cajeta if you want to give it a sweet kick.

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15. Cafe de Olla

It’s amazing what the Mexican culture has been able to do with some coffee and this Cafe de olla recipe is just one example.

This drink is made by adding some cinnamon and piloncillo (brown sugar) to a pot of coffee.

The flavors of the cinnamon and the brown sugar really give this drink its unique flavor.

It’s like taking a bite out of Christmas every time you take a sip of Cafe de Olla which is why it goes best after your family Mexican meal or during the holiday season.

You can serve this iced or hot, with or without cream, and even with some chocolate syrup for a sweet kick.

You could even top it off with some whipped cream to give it some extra sweetness.

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16. Ponche

Because of the anise, cinnamon sticks, and other ingredients, the ponche is the perfect drink for when the weather starts to get cool.

This hot recipe is the perfect blend of Christmas flavors which is why it’s so popular in Mexico around the holiday season.

We start by filling a large pot with water and adding the guavas, anise stars, cloves, bay leaves, sugarcane pekmez , cinnamon sticks, oranges, lemons, limes, star anise, brandy or tequila, and tejocotes.

When the ponche is finished simmering you’ll have a spicy blend of fruit flavors that would go great with any Mexican meal.

This Mexican drink will definitely warm you up on a cold day which is why it’s best served after your Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve party.

The truth is though, you can have it anytime you want and it will bring back all those great fall weather memories.

Source: blog.amigofoods.com

17. Atole

You might love the idea of Mexican hot chocolate but you aren’t a big fan of chocolate at all.

With the atole you can have the best of both worlds because this recipe uses vanilla instead of chocolate.

This is the kind of drink that you’ll find sitting on a burner in the streets of Mexico all year round.

The atole is made with masa harina, water, and panela (dried whole cane sugar), which helps give it that strong vanilla flavor.

So if you’re looking for something to warm you up during the winter or just want a hot beverage, the atole is waiting.

Source: cooksavorcelebrate.com

18. Carajillo

Carajillo is the perfect after-dinner drink because it packs a punch while also helping you digest your food.

It’s a breakfast, brunch, or late-night drink that has quite a following in Latin America.

This Mexican drink is made with coffee, aguardiente (sugar cane rum), and brown sugar which makes it like an Irish Coffee without the cream.

A carajillo is the perfect drink to bring out after a big meal because it will help you digest it while also waking you up with its caffeine.

This Mexican drink goes especially well with flan, chocolate cake, or even some churros.

If you still want the same flavor and experience but aren’t looking for a late-night pick-me-up, try making it with decaf.

You won’t have to fight the jitters or have trouble going to sleep while still getting the delicious flavors of the carijillo.

Our BEST Mexican Drinks: Alcohol & Non-Alcohol Options (+Classic Margarita on the Rocks)

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  • 1/2 cup orange liqueur like Triple Sec
  • 1 cup white tequila
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 2 Tbsp. agave syrup or homemade simple syrup
  • 5 cups crushed ice
  • Lime wedges
  • Coarse salt


  • Put into a cocktail shaker all of the ingredients.
  • Shake until chilled and pour over crushed ice to serve.


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