The ULTIMATE guide to International Foods

The ULTIMATE Guide To International Foods and

Enjoying different international foods from different countries around the world is one of life’s finest pleasures. But first a big welcome to all readers. We excited you’re here and hope you enjoy our content. Our specialty is recipessubstitutesinternational foodsvegan foodbaking, and side dishes/appetizers/desserts.

It allows you to immerse yourself in different cultures, expand your tastes, and enjoy foods you wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to try in your everyday life.

Who says you have to travel to Rome to try Italian food, or Paris to experience French cuisine? There are so many recipes to choose from that bring international foods to your kitchen, no matter where you are in the world.

There are a ton of different foods just waiting for you to trial and test them. Who knows, some of the foods that we explore might even become your favorite recipes to make on a regular basis. We’ve got some easy things to bake too.

Top view of International Foods on wooden table include Sushi, Sashimi, Nachos, Spaghetti, Naan, Sandwich, Noodle, Steak, Ramen. Yakitori, Pizza, Bibimbap, Fried Chicken Wings, Brownie Frappe.

To help you along the journey, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to international foods.

From spicy Asian foods to hearty Irish dishes, we cover different food, cuisine, recipes, desserts, and appetizers from a variety of international countries. Many simple appetizers have an Asian flair. 

Switching out your everyday meals for new and exciting international foods is a good way to keep things interesting in your household. Give skillet food a try for easy recipes. They make a cheap easy meals.

Eating the same food in the same routine can become tedious very quickly, and sometimes all you need to do is opt for a new dish that is outside of the box to reinspire you in your kitchen at home.

Before we get into all the delicious international food, there is some information concerning equipment that we should go over. Try our best vegan desserts. Take a look at our types of ice cream. Our healthy sweets are also very good. The vegan dinner options are awesome.

Regardless of what you’re cooking, you will need to make sure that you invest in some good quality cookware, including a frying pan, a saucepan, a wok, and a cast-iron skillet. 

Batch cooking is super handy when you lead a busy life and don’t always have time to cook from scratch every evening, so make sure that you have plenty of tupperware containers to store and freeze your leftovers for another day when you need a quick meal.

You’ll need to make sure that you have a food strainer and having a spider strainer at your disposal is also handy.

If you’re making Indian food a good dosa pan is essential, as well as having plenty of ghee on hand for cooking. Asian recipes in general also hugely benefit from a rice cooker.

For pastry, you will need to make sure you’ve got a rolling pin and pastry cutters. When it comes to making bread, a Danish dough whisk is helpful. 

Now we’ve covered the cooking equipment that is helpful to have in your kitchen, let’s get started. Each country will be categorized into cuisine, food, recipes, appetizers, and desserts. For you more sophisticated folks, tasty canapes are gourmet appetizers. Try our easy hors d oeuvres.

Foods that begin with various letters of the alphabet

Whether you’re looking for a new recipe or playing word games, foods listed by letters of the alphabet are a great place to look for inspiration. Here’s a handy list of foods by letter of the alphabet:

I hope you find those lists helpful and inspiring. Let us know if we should add other foods to those lists.


American cuisine is hard to define, as it was introduced and influenced by immigrants. As a country, it is a melting pot for hearty ingredients such as chicken, bread (try the ciabatta bread), wheat, corn, and cheese, which make up quintessential American food. Don’t forget the hearty American breakfast too. In my opinion it has some of the best keto breakfast foods available. They are also great as low carb lunch ideas. Try our easy healthy lunch ideas too. Try our high protein breakfast foods. And if you get hungry throughout the day, our high protein low calorie snacks have you covered. Lunch for kids has some great ideas too.

As we enter the New Year, many people resolve to get healthy. Fruits and vegetables are a great place to start. Veggies make the best keto snacks. They can also be part of a low calorie dinner. You can add a delicious low carb soup or try some healthy juice recipes to help get trim in the New Year. Our vegetarian sandwiches recipes can be helpful too. You’ll love our easy healthy soups.

A hamburger or hotdog is the epitome of American food. For a burger recipe, you could opt for a cheeseburger with beef patties, grilled onions, pickles, lettuce, and tomato. Of course, you can’t more American than tasty leftover ham recipes. Of course you can’t forget the leftover turkey ideas. Don’t miss our ground turkey dinner ideas too. Don’t forget our tasty green tomato recipes.

You can’t beat mac & cheese, grilled cheese, or nachos with nacho cheese. Our Blackstone grill recipes are amazing. Try our camping meals too.

Classic American appetizers include chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, and buffalo chicken dip. Easy sides for chicken wings can be equally delicious. Don’t forget our best chicken thigh recipes. Delicious! Make sure you try our recipes using shredded chicken. We have some very good chicken recipes throughout our site. Give them a try. Our easy chicken dinner recipes are amazing too. Try our baked chicken breast recipes. Of course baked chicken is always a delicious option.

A few classic American desserts include cheesecake, banana pudding dessert, and ice cream sundaes! There are some great pie ideas here. Try our easy cheesecake recipe. Make sure you try our easy blueberry recipes. Of course who can forget moist banana bread. Make sure you check out our small desserts. Try our cream cheese desserts with few ingredients. Our birthday cake recipes are awesome. Try our instant pot dessert recipes. You can always keep it simple with our easy bundt cake recipes. If you’re looking for what to do with applesauce, a cake is always an option.

And you can’t more American than meatloaf. Our Lipton Onion Soup meatloaf recipe is tasty and delicious. Try the side dishes for meatloaf too. Try our Campbell Soup chicken recipes. Make sure to visit our best soup recipes as well.

If you’re in the mood for something alcoholic, check out Fall mixed drinks. Our easy alcoholic drinks to make at home are divine. 


Argentinian cuisine is described to have Mediterranean influences characterized by its variety of meats and in particular, beef. Asado, or barbeque, is the most famous cuisine in Argentina that consists of grilled meats. Check out our guide on the best way to reheat brisket.

Provoleta or grilled cheese, choripán, and carbonada are all Argentinian foods to try!

A great recipe is chimichurri, a green salsa of chopped parsley, oregano, onion, garlic, chilli pepper flakes, olive oil and lemon juice.

Empanadas, mollejas or sweet bread, and chorizo are all typical appetizers in Argentina.

A few Argentinian desserts include Dulce de Leche ice cream and crepes, flan, and dessert empanadas.


Asian cuisine is hugely versatile and differs depending on which part of Asia you are in (Central, North, East, South, Southeast, and West). Asia is home to many cultures, many of which have their own characteristic cuisine.

Asian foods include fresh Asian slaw, noodle soup, fried rice packed with veggies! Tasty crockpot soup recipes are usually Asian. But there are many delicious instapot soup recipes that are worth a try. Many of these recipes can be turned into keto crockpot meals with a little tweaking. They also can be made into dinner casseroles too. Take a look at beef crock pot ideas. For added inspiration check out chicken crock pot meals. Make sure you check out our dump and go slow cooker meals. Of course you can always try the tater tot casserole too. It makes for a delicious easy weeknight dinner.

A classic Asian dish is stir fry, often made up of meat and vegetables such as peppers (our pepper recipes are amazing), bean sprouts, and ginger which is served on noodles. Veggie sides are a great option with this cuisine. You can make some healthy food processor recipes with Asian cuisine. Try our tasty eggplant recipes too. They go great with our delicious cucumber recipes.

A few Asian appetizers that are packed full of flavor are spring rolls, edamame, and spicy rice cakes. Check out our thin rice noodle recipes.

Asian desserts can range from bubble tea and egg tarts, to matcha tea mochi and mango pudding. They have easy candy recipes too. Try our tea party food.

Gin cocktail recipes go well with Asian food. We have a great summary at great cocktails. Check it out. Our tequila mixed drinks are amazing. On the other hand, I’d prefer a fruity sweet cocktail. For something less sweet try vodka mixed drinkswhiskey mixed drinksrum mixed drinks, or virgin drinks. I like bourbon mixed drinks. Try our blue mixed drinks.

Make sure you check out our Cointreau recipes. Our summer alcoholic drinks are very good. of course our tasty upscale drinks are also very good. Give our delicious mojito recipes a try.

If you like amazing cocktails, make sure you try whiskey and ginger beer. I have always found ginger beer interesting and those cocktails are always good. Many of these cocktails are keto alcohol drinks as well. Of course I do enjoy tasty amaretto liqueur in my drinks. A good amaretto cocktail is delicious. Though I have to tell you, I really don’t like interesting Jagermeister. It smells like cough syrup to me.


Australian cuisine isn’t too dissimilar to British cuisine, and also has inspiration from European, Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Some classic Australian foods include bbq snags (sausages), vegemite toast, and fish and chips. Check out our BBQ side ideas too. They double as amazing BBQ dinner ideas as well. Try are grilled appetizers for an added treat. They’re great cookout ideas.

Australian appetizers include prawn cocktail, Australian oysters, and Australian sausage rolls. They make a great one pan dinner.

To make Australian sausage rolls, simply roll seasoned sausage meat with garlic in pre-made puff-pastry. Brush with egg wash, and bake! 

There are a ton of Australian sweet treats that can be eaten for dessert, including pavlova, vanilla slices, and the ever so nostalgic fairy bread! Viola, simple baking recipe.


Brazilian cuisine is characterized by European, African, Amerindian, and most recently Asian influences. Try our African dishes for more ideas.

Traditional Brazilian foods include Galinhada, a chicken rice dish, Moqueca, a Brazilian fish stew, and farofa. Try our seafood side dishes.

Brazilian chicken salad, coxinha, and rissoles all make delicious appetizers for a Brazilian themed night!

Brazilian desserts include buttery grilled Brazilian pineapple, Brazilian coconut balls, and Brazilian filled donut holes. 

To make Brazilian pineapple, whisk brown sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl. Place pineapple wedges in and coat before grilling!


British cuisine is an amalgamation of classic British dishes and food traditions, as well as more contemporary food eaten in Britain influenced by other cultures.

When you think of Britain, typical foods such as roast dinners, shepherd’s pie, and fish and chips come to mind. However, the national dish of England is actually the Indian dish, chicken tikka masala. It may also work for low carb dinner recipes.

Appetizers like prawn cocktail, soup, and scotch eggs are typically British.

British desserts include apple crumble, bread and butter pudding, and treacle tart.

A British dessert recipe is banoffee pie. To make it melt butter with biscuits for the base. Spread over caramel, before topping with fresh bananas and whipped cream for a truly delicious dessert!


Cajun cuisine, known for its spicy notes and heartiness, is a style of cooking that developed in the Southern regions of America. At its heart, it’s inspired by rural French cooking and by people that lived off the land, but it has adapted.

Cajun food is still heavily rooted in seafood such as crawfish boil, shrimp po’boy, and jambalaya. You can use Cajun seasoning in tasty frozen shrimp recipes and also easy side dishes for shrimp. Shrimp are always a great treat in my house and are easy Saturday dinner ideas. They are an easy shrimp recipe. Cajun food can be an easy family dinner idea. Try the crab cake recipe. Our sides for crab cakes are divine. Try our dinner recipes for kids

A typical cajun recipe is gumbo. Make a roux by combining flour and oil until you have a soft, cookie dough consistency. Next brown the sausage, before cooking the vegetables in chicken broth and adding the sausage. Add broth, vegetables, parsley, and roux to the pot. Bring to a boil, and add chicken, sausage, and shrimp. Keep cooking and season to taste. Serve over warm rice! Rice is great if you’re looking for what to serve with fried chicken too.

My favorite leftover chicken recipe is gumbo. It’s easy to make. Just throw in a crockpot and voila. It’s a great Louisiana recipe.

Cajun appetizers include cajun shrimp toast, baked blooming onion, and cajun fried deviled eggs.

Cajun desserts include French toast, cajun cake, and praline brownies.


The earliest cuisines of Canada have indigenous, English, Scottish and French roots. However, while it has been shaped and influenced by indigenous people and immigrants, Canadian cuisine is difficult to define.

Typical Canadian foods include dishes such as lobster rolls, crispy ginger beef, and Canadian meat pie. It’s a great dinner idea with hamburger meat.

It doesn’t get much more Canadian than the national dish, poutine! Take a plate of thick-cut fries, melt cheese curds, and top with heavenly gravy! Our delicious Popeye’s fries recipe is awesome. Of course you just can’t beat Popeye’s chicken and biscuits.

Canadian appetizers include bacon potato skins, Canadian Caesar salad, and pinwheels. They even double as dinner ideas with bacon.

Nanaimo bars, cinnamon sugar bannock, and maple glazed donuts all make delicious Canadian desserts. The Canadians make some nice gluten free chips.


Chilean cuisine is most heavily influenced by Spanish cuisine and its unique local culture.

Traditional Chilean dishes include estofado beef stew, Chilean beef empanadas, and Chilean hot dogs. 

A typical Chilean recipe is dulce de leche, which is a caramelized milk. Combine whole milk, vanilla extract, sugar, and baking soda and bring to a boil until thickened.

Chilean appetizers include country Chilean bread, pebre (a sauce like salsa), and chilean tomato and onion salad!

If you’re looking for a Chilean dessert, Chilean thousand layer cake, leche asada, and tres leches cake are all winners!


Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest and most diverse in the world, as every region has their own way of doing things. It has four main cooking styles, including Lu cuisine, Chuan cuisine, Yue cuisine, and Su cuisine. I love Chinese food as a Sunday meal idea.

Some typical Chinese foods include chow mein, chicken chop suey, and crispy fried beef.

To make chicken fried rice, sauté onions, peas, and carrots. Scramble eggs until set, then add the rice, cooked chicken, garlic powder and soy sauce and mix well! Try our rice cooker meals for more inspiration. Chinese food makes for an easy Friday night dinner.

If you’re looking for delicious Chinese appetizers, you could try opting for steamed buns, egg rolls, or wontons. 

Chinese desserts include fortune cookies, egg tarts (a simple egg recipe), and fried bananas smothered with maple syrup. 


Colombian cuisine is influenced by its diverse fauna and flora, and is an amalgamation of indigenous and European traditions with a strong Afro-Caribbean influence. 

Colombian foods include the national dish of Colombia, Bandeja Paisa, carne oreada or sun dried steak, and Colombian ceviche. Beef chuck steak is also nice.

To make plantain nachos, fry plantains in hot oil. Sprinkle cheddar and Monterey jack cheese on top. Place diced spring onion on top of the cheese. Broil, serve with guacamole.

Colombian empanadas, papas rellenas, or chicken corn potato soup all make yummy appetizers. They’re an easy finger food idea

If you’re on the hunt for a Colombian dessert, Colombian pound cake, obleas or columbian wafers, and Colombian merengon (pavlova) are delicious options.


Cuban cuisine offers a blend of Caribbean, African, Native Taino, and Spanish cooking styles.

Traditional Cuban foods include shrimp creole, lechon asado, and Cuban breaded steak. What to serve with steak includes plantains, etc.

If you’re looking for a good Cuban recipe, why not try tostones? Tostones are sliced rounds of plantains that are smashed, twice fried, and then seasoned with sea salt.

For some tasty appetizers, you could opt for Cuban sandwiches on a stick, Cuban lentil soup, or bolitas de yuca otherwise known as cheese fried yuca balls. Don’t for get panini food. Try our bagel sandwich ideas too.

A few tasty Cuban desserts are arroz con leche also known as rice pudding, boniatillo, and Cuban shortbread cookies


Dominican cuisine is predominantly made up of an amalgamation of Spanish, indigenous Taíno, and African influences.

Some traditional foods include a casserole called yaroa, chivo guisado or goat stew, and pica pollo which is a Dominican-style fried chicken. 

Foods such as fried dough balls, fried plantains, and fried queso fresco can all be served as Dominican appetizers.

Some beautiful Dominican desserts are torta de tres leches (3 milks cake), caramel flan, and butter cookies.

delicious dessert recipe is called paletas de coco or coconut popsicles. Simply blend coconut milk, coconut flakes, condensed milk, and heavy cream, pour into popsicle molds, and freeze! They’re great if you’re for what to make with coconut milk.


Filipino cuisine had adapted to become a mixed cuisine of Chinese, Spanish and American influences. 

Filipino meals such as beef pares, sinangag or filipino garlic fried rice, and filipino-style chicken adobo are crowd pleasers.

An easy Filipino recipe to make is an eggplant omelette. Simply broil the egg plants, steam, then peel them. Beat the eggs and each eggplant before frying them.

Appetizers such as buchi or sesame balls, pork chicharon, and puto are super yummy. I love shredded pork recipes. Of course our leftover roast pork recipes are divine.

Leche flan is the Filipino answer to crème caramel, while halo-halo and buko salad are also strong contenders. It’s a great Filipino dessert.


French cuisine has been influenced by the cultures of Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, in addition to its own traditions. Cheese and wine play a fundamental role in French cuisine.

French foods such as coq au vin, French fries, and French onion soup have become popular all over the world, and you really can’t beat them.

A delicious French recipe to make is potatoes au gratin. Thinly slice potatoes, make a cheese sauce with milk, butter, flour and season. Add the cheese sauce to the potatoes and bake!

French appetizers include lyonnaise salad, cheese souffle, and baked camembert.

Classic French desserts include creme brulee, Parisian flan, and crepes. It doesn’t get much more delicious than that! Our best French cookies are divine.


While there are regional variations, most German recipes focus on bread, potatoes, and meat that has been braised. Bratwurst in the oven is one of my favorite lunch recipes. It’e even a great lunch idea at home.

Famous German dishes include hunter’s pork chops, German potato salad, and German schnitzel.

To make German potato pancakes, simply grate potatoes finely and squeeze out any liquid. Grate onion, and add nutmeg, egg, season to taste and mix. Fry the potato cakes and allow to drain.

If you’re looking for an appetizer to satisfy your guests, then smoked trout dip, German fries, and beer brat bites are to die for!

Traditional German desserts include semolina pudding, German chocolate pie, and German fruit flan. Try our easy chocolate desserts.


Greek cuisine is common to many other cuisines of the Mediterranean, and is founded on the triad of wheat, olive oil, and wine that has adapted over the years.

Traditional Greek foods celebrate simple ingredients, and chicken gyros, souvlaki, and moussaka will not let you down. Our filo dough recipes or phyllo dough are awesome.

If you’re looking for a delicious dip to make, then tzatziki is the dish for you. Simply grate and squeeze cucumber. Combine yogurt, olive oil, herbs, lemon juice, garlic, chopped herbs, and salt. You may need a quick substitute for white wine vinegar with these dishes. Try lemon juice. It’s also great with our easy lemon desserts.

Greek appetizers include Greek salad, stuffed vine leaves, and Greek pita bread.

To finish off your Greek meal, why not try baklava, loukoumades or Greek donuts, or the Greek spiced apple cake, milopita. These Greek desserts are delicious. Try the homemade puff pastry recipes.


Guatemalan food derives influence from the cuisine of several neighboring countries, including Mexico.

Guatemalan foods include hilachas, a hearty stew known as pepian, and paches.

If you’re browsing for a Guatemalan recipe to recreate, Guatemalan rice is a simple, yet delicious option. Simply saute onion, and tomato; cook and stir until rice turns light golden brown. Stir water, carrot, celery, and chicken bouillon into the skillet. Simmer until most of the water is absorbed.

A few Guatemalan appetizers are the salad, Chojín, guacamole, and dobladas.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, marzipan, rellenitos and champurradas are a crowd pleaser every time!


The cuisine of Guyana is incredibly diverse, and is inspired by East Indian, African, Creole, Portuguese, Chinese, Amerindian, and European cuisines.

Dishes you can expect in Guyana are dhal, seven curry, and the breakfast meal, bake and saltfish. Not many breakfast sandwich recipes to try though.

For an easy Guyanese recipe, gun oil is super quick. Simply cook corn in coconut milk with salt, pepper, and thyme. It’s a nice creamed corn casserole recipe.

Famous Guyanese appetizers include fried plantain chips, egg balls, and pholourie.

For a sweet treat after your meal, why not try Guyanese fruit cake, baked custard, or salara, locally known as red cake due to the color of the sweet and fragrant coconut mixture.


Hawaiian cuisine incorporates five distinct styles of food that reflect its diverse food history.

Hawaiian foods include Hawaiian chicken kebabs, Hawaiian pineapple chicken tacos, and of course, Hawaiian pizza. What goes on tacos can have a Hawaiian twist.

For a fresh recipe, it doesn’t get much easier than Hawaiian coleslaw. Simply combine ginger, vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, lime juice, honey, sesame seeds, and mix. Pour the mixture over pineapple, coleslaw and mango. Instead of the vinegar you can also try apple cider vinegar as a substitute.

In terms of appetizers, you could always opt for Hawaiian meatballs, Hawaiian bbq chicken cups, or Hawaiian burger bites. Take a look at what to serve with BBQ ribs too. Check out our best smoker recipes for added inspiration.

Fancy a tropical dessert? Hawaiian desserts such as brown sugar grilled pineapple, coconut macadamia nut bars, and Hawaiian dream cake are nothing short of heavenly!


Honduran cuisine has cooking influences from Spain, Africa, and the Caribbean. In many ways Honduran food is similar to tasty Spanish recipes. Particularly the Honduran desserts are very similar to traditional Spanish desserts.

Traditionally, you can expect dishes such as Honduran quesadillas, Honduran bean soup, and pupusas.

For a super easy recipe, try these Honduran refried beans. Simply saute an onion until golden brown. Blend beans, bean broth, toasted onions, cumin, and salt in a blender. Add the beans to a hot skillet to toast.

For a great start to your Honduran-themed night, Honduran enchiladas, all make excellent appetizers.

There are also some tasty Honduran desserts, such as Honduran banana bread, rosquillas or Spanish donuts, and key lime pie.


Hungarian cuisine is mostly inspired by central Europe, with some elements from Eastern Europe.

Hungarian cuisine is warming, particularly when it comes to Hungarian chicken paprikash, Hungarian goulash, and sausage leczo also known as vegetable stew.

To make Hungarian green bean soup, heat oil and flour in a pan before adding paprika. Add in water before adding frozen green beans. Continue adding water, before adding chopped tomatoes and allowing it to simmer. Serve hot!

Cottage cheese spread, Hungarian cauliflower soup, and Hungarian potato dumplings make delicious appetizers! Give our easy dumpling recipe a try.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you’ll love Hungarian chestnut cake, Hungarian sponge cake, and apple strudel. 


Indian cuisine has regional differences and has also influenced many other cuisines, especially British cuisine.

Traditional Indian recipes include butter chicken, Indian dal, and tandoori chicken.

To make bombay potatoes, simply chop the potatoes. Add the oil, mustard seed, curry powder, garam masala, and remaining salt to the bowl and toss with potatoes. It’s a great Indian side dish.

Oven bake the potatoes.

In terms of Indian appetizers, vegetable samosas, vegetable pakora, and Indian poppadoms are absolutely delicious to have with fresh onion, lime pickle and mango chutney.

Desserts such as kheer or Indian rice pudding, toasted coconut ladoo, and kalakand also known as milk cake, are absolutely delicious to finish off a meal with. Make sure you try our easy Indian desserts.


Indonesian cuisine varies hugely, and there are a huge variety of recipes due to the fact Indonesia is composed of approximately 6,000 populated islands.

Typical Indonesian dishes include Indonesian coconut turmeric rice, gado gado, and bakwan sayur more commonly known as vegetable fritters.

When planning your Indonesian-themed appetizers, you’ll want to check out lumpia, batagor, and siomay.

For a simple recipe, why not try tahu gejrot cirebon? Fry tofu until golden brown. Bring water, sweet soy sauce, coconut palm sugar, salt, vinegar, chilies, shallot, and garlic to a boil. Pour over the tofu.

Pie susu Bali also known as milk custard tart, lapis legit, and nastar or pineapple cookies.


Irish cuisine is founded upon the crops and animals farmed in Ireland, as well as seafood and fish in the surrounding waters.

Irish food is incredibly filling and hearty. Traditionally, you can expect dishes such as Irish stew, Irish soda bread, and Irish potato soup.

Irish appetizers include colcannon soup, Irish nachos, and Irish potato skins.

Irish desserts include chocolate Guinness cake, Irish shortbread cookies, and traditional Irish apple cake.

If you’re looking for a sweet recipe on St. Patrick’s day, blend vanilla ice cream with green food coloring and mint extract, top with whipped cream, and you have yourself a Shamrock shake! Try the Irish desserts.


Italian food celebrates simple, hearty ingredients and is characterized by the fact each dish uses minimal ingredients.

For a traditional Italian meal, try making calzones, Neapolitan pizza, or the ultimate comfort food, lasagna. Check out sides dishes for lasagna too.

For a simple recipe, you could opt for margherita flatbread. Brush the flatbread with olive oil and garlic and cook until crispy. Learn Italian soup names too.

Place cheese on top of the flatbread, sprinkle with salt & pepper, then place thinly sliced tomatoes on top. Allow the cheese to melt, and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. They’re great if you’re looking for something that goes good with pizza.

Make sure you try our tasty vermicelli recipes and pasta dishes for inspiration.

Italian appetizers include crostini, focaccia, and rich Italian meatballs. Chicken parmesan sides are also a great option. It makes delicious sandwich recipes. Don’t forget what goes with meatballs.

Italian deserts are the epitome of indulgence, the most popular of which are tiramisu, Italian butter cookies, and easy panettone! 

Remember, Italian food makes great easy picnic food.


Jamaican cuisine is influenced by Amerindian, African, British, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Indian, and Middle Eastern people who inhabit the island. It includes various cooking styles, flavors, and spices.

Jamaican food is hearty, including foods like jerk chicken, Jamaican oxtail soup, and fried plantains.

A simple Jamaican recipe is rice and peas. Simply boil the beans, allowing them to sit undisturbed for 1 hour before draining. Bring the peas to a boil with chicken stock, water, and coconut cream.

Add thyme, allspice, scallion, onion, garlic, scotch bonnet, brown sugar, uncooked rice, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil and simmer until rice is tender.

Jamaican appetizers include hot pepper shrimp, fried dumplings, and Jamaican beef patties.

There are a tonne of Jamaican desserts out there, such as coconut drops, sweet potato pudding, and Jamaican rum cake.


Historically influenced by Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine places an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Take a look at our amazing hibachi recipes as well.

Traditional Japanese dishes include udon noodles, sushi, and miso soup. Vegetable gyoza, harmika, and Japanese miso eggplant all make for delicious Japanese appetizers.

For simple sesame cookies, combine the flour, almond meal, sugar, and salt. Add the butter, sesame seeds, and egg yolk. Roll the dough and refrigerate. Divide the dough up, and bake!

Desserts such as soufflé pancakes, Japanese cheesecake, and green tea ice cream are traditional and work beautifully with a variety of different toppings. They’re great if you’re looking for what to make with buttermilk.


Originating from ancient agricultural traditions, Korean food is characterized by high vegetable intake, which is due to the agricultural environment in Korea. 

Korean recipes include foods such as the beloved street food, Korean rice cakes, kimchi pancakes, and Korean stir-fried noodles. 

Served as a delicious side dish, Korean sesame broccoli couldn’t be easier to make. Simply blanch broccoli florets. Try as a broccoli side dish. Drain, and toss switch sesame oil, sesame seeds, minced garlic, and salt. I love these Korean BBQ side dishes. Try them as vegetable dishes for dinner. Our easy lentil recipes are also worth a try.

For a Korean appetizer, you could opt for simple recipes, such as sweet and sour radish salad, tuna pancakes, or Korean fried zucchini.

Sweet pancakes, pepero cake, and red bean popsicles all make lovely Korean desserts no matter the occasion!


Malaysian cuisine is a unique blend of different tastes and traditions, with fragrant, spicy, and tangy recipes.

Classic Malaysian foods include Malaysian mushroom korma, Malaysian chicken rendang, and others. 

A recipe to make is mango salad. Simply cube the mangos, slice onion, and chop fresh mint and cilantro. Combine together, and add sambal paste, salt, and sugar. 

A few Malaysian appetizers that are sure to impress are begedil, kerabu, and sweet potato ginger soup.

Desserts such as cashew nut cookies, pandan coconut ice cream, and peanut puffs are perfect to finish a Malaysian meal.


Mexican cuisine’s roots lie in Mesoamerican cuisine, and the food’s staples are native to the land. I love Mexican breakfast recipes.

Classic Mexican dishes are foods like tacos, quesadillas, and fajitas, all of which work with toppings like sour cream, cheese, and jalapenos. Try our authentic Mexican tacos.

A few Mexican appetizers include guacamole with tortilla chips, Mexican salsa, and Mexican street corn salad. They’re all great Mexican sides

Mexican desserts include churros with cinnamon sugar, tres leches cake, and Mexican Bunuelos. 

For a refreshing margarita, add ice, tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice to a cocktail shaker. Give it a shake, pour over ice, and enjoy! Mexican alcohol is great in moderation. Try the Mezcal drinks too.

Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern cuisine includes a variety of cuisines, which include but are not limited to Arab, Armenian, and Cypriot cuisines.

Typical Middle Eastern dishes include shakshuka, falafel, and Middle Eastern chicken kebabs.

To make falafel, soak chickpeas overnight. Add the chickpeas, herbs, onions, garlic and spices to the large bowl of a food processor. Refrigerate the mixture before forming into patties. Fry and drain the falafel.

Appetizers such as tahini salad, hummus, and Middle Eastern chickpea salad are commonly served in the Middle East.

Desserts like kanafeh, rice pudding, and stuffed dates are served in the Middle East.


Moroccan cuisine is usually a mix of Amazigh, Andalusian, and Mediterranean cuisines, with slight European influences.

Dishes such as Moroccan chicken tagine, Moroccan lamb stew, and Moroccan couscous with roasted vegetables are all typical foods. The sides for lamb are also quite tasty.

Moroccan appetizers include bessara, Moroccan carrot and chickpea salad, and Moroccan hummus cups.

To make Moroccan fruit salad, simply cut up strawberries, apples, bananas, and oranges. Mix in sugar, add in yogurt, and stir. Squeeze in the juice of another orange, and stir. Serve!

Almond crescent cookies, Moroccan lemon cake, and cinnamon oranges are all delicious Moroccan desserts.


Nigerian cuisine, like many West African cuisines, is renowned for being spicy, and consists of dishes from hundreds of ethnic groups that comprise Nigeria. Ethiopian food recipes are very similar to Nigerian.

Nigerian foods include egusi soup, Nigerian tomato stew, and Nigerian chicken stew.

If you’re looking for something to kick off your Nigerian meal, appetizers include egg rolls, ogbono soup, and chin chin.

To make coconut candy, extract and shred the coconut meat. Place the coconut in a pan with sugar and salt. Continue to toast until it turns golden brown and all of the moisture has gone. Allow to cool before serving.

Nigerian desserts include puff puff, Nigerian coconut balls, and Nigerian buns.


Norwegian cuisine is based largely on the foods readily available in Norway and its mountains, wilderness, and coast. 

Classic Norwegian dishes are foods such as Norwegian fish soup, lutefisk or fish that has been baked, and Norwegian potato dumplings.

For light Norwegian appetizers, why not try Norwegian smoked salmon canapes, tomato and pesto appetizers, or antipasto. They’re great if you’re looking for what to do with leftover salmon. Make sure you try our canned pink salmon recipes.

To make Norwegian lemon butter sauce, combine garlic, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in a blender until smooth. Add melted butter and blend. Pour mixture into saucepan, add capers and parsley. Heat and serve.

Desserts like Norwegian almond cake, Norwegian apple pie, and Norwegian krumkake cookies.


Persian cuisine, or Iranian cuisine, comprises the traditions of Iran, but has been influenced by the neighboring cuisines including Turkish, Greek, and Levantine cuisine to name just a few. 

Classic Persian foods include Fesenjan or pomegranate walnut stew, Persian chicken kebabs, and kuku sabzi or frittata.

For a Persian recipe, why not try making shirazi salad? Dice tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and bell peppers. Add fresh herbs, dried mint, salt and pepper, and sumac. Add lime juice and olive oil, and toss to combine.

Persian appetizers include mast o khiar or Persian yogurt cucumber dip, Persian eggplant dip, and kookoo sibzaini or Persian potato patties.

Persian rice cookies, baklava with walnuts and rosewater, and saffron zulbia.


Peruvian cuisine includes influences from the indigenous population and immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Standard Peruvian dishes include oven roasted Peruvian chicken, lomo saltado, and aji de gallina or Peruvian chicken stew.

An easy Peruvian recipe, try Peruvian chicken soup. Saute poblano pepper and onion until soft. Add aji amarillo paste and garlic then transfer to a blender.

Add chicken stock, cooked chicken, potatoes, carrots, rice, peas, cumin, to a saucepan and stir. Cook until potatoes and rice are tender. Add cilantro, lime and chicken stock and blend.

Appetizers such as Peruvian beef tequenos, Peruvian salad, and cauche de queso are very popular.

Peruvian desserts include arroz con leche or rice pudding, picarones, and Peruvian bread pudding.

Puerto Rican

Puerto Rican cuisine has its roots in the cooking traditions of Europe, Africa and the native Taínos. 

Dishes such as Puerto Rican chicken stew, pernil or slow-roasted pork shoulder, and mofongo are super popular. 

A simple Puerto Rican recipe is sofrito. Chop the garlic, onion, red and green bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, and parsley leaves roughly before adding them to a food processor. Blend and store it in a glass container.

Puerto Rican appetizers include empanadillas, tostones, and rellenos de papa, or mashed potato croquette with picadillo or ground beef.

Classic Puerto Rican desserts are guava cheese empanadas, coconut pudding, and pumpkin flan.


Romanian cuisine is rich and diverse, and is heavily influenced by Hungary, Germany, Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Bosnia. 

Traditional Romanian foods include Romanian sausage stew, Romanian meatballs, and Romanian potato moussaka. 

Romanian appetizers such as Romanian cabbage rolls, Romanian potato salad, and Romanian eggplant salad.

A good Romanian recipe is white cabbage salad. Slice the cabbage thinly. Add it to a bowl, add salt and leave it for half an hour. Squeeze the cabbage to get rid of the excessive moisture, add the oil, vinegar, and black pepper. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Romanian desserts include a sweetened, flaky bread known as cozonac, Romanian layered lemon cake, and filled peach cookies.


Russian cuisine is distinctive and unique, with its foundations being laid by the peasant food of the rural population in a harsh climate. It therefore offers a number of vegetarian dishes. Try our vegetarian dinner recipes. Our vegetarian appetizer recipes are awesome.

Typical Russian foods are foods such as borscht, Russian cabbage pie, and Russian beef stroganoff.

A few Russian appetizers include Russian cabbage salad, marinated mushrooms, and Russian cabbage soup. Try tasty shiitake mushrooms for a great kick. You can also try delicious Enoki mushroomsearthy lion’s mane mushroomstasty king oyster mushrooms, and regular oyster mushrooms.

As a no-bake dessert recipe, strawberries romanoff couldn’t be quicker to whip up. Combine strawberries with sugar and liqueur. Combine 1 cup cold heavy cream and 1/4 cup powdered sugar. Beat until stiff peaks form. Add strawberries and cream to a bowl and serve.

For other Russian dessert options, you could opt for bird’s milk cake, Russian fudge, or Russian apple cake. Yummy! 


Samoan cuisine is based around fresh tropical fruit and vegetables, locally grown meats and seafood. 

Classic Samoan dishes include Sapa Sui or Samoan chop suey, kale moa or Somoan chicken curry, and pani popo also known as Samoan coconut rolls.

An easy Samoan recipe to replicate is Samoan chicken curry. Saute onion until fragrant before adding the garlic, ginger and curry powder. Add chicken, water, and coconut milk and bring to a boil. Add vegetables and cook until soft. Make a slurry of flour and water, and add it to the curry to thicken. Season and serve!

Some Samoan appetizers include smoked salmon spread, spicy zucchini salmon rolls, and potato pancakes.

Somoan desserts include panikeke or Somoan pancakes, half moon pies, and coconut caramel bread. 


Spanish cuisine is uncomplicated and is based on ingredients available locally, and influences many other cuisines. The herbs most commonly-used include parsley, oregano, rosemary and thyme. Try our dips for chips too.

Traditional Spanish dishes include arguably the most famous Spanish dish, paella, as well as gazpacho, and migas.

Spanish appetizers include patatas bravas, Spanish rice stuffed tomatoes, and pan fried Spanish cauliflower.

If you’re looking for a simple recipe to recreate, you can’t go wrong with tomato and butter bean dip. Saute onion and garlic, add tomato paste and paprika. Add drained beans, red wine vinegar, and olive oil and season to taste.

If you need a Spanish dessert to finish off your Spanish-themed dinner party, then crema catalana or Spanish crème brulee, churros, and Spanish apple tart won’t let you down! It’s great dinner party menu idea.


Thai cuisine places an emphasis on preparing dishes with strong aromatic flavors and a spicy edge. Thai cuisine has been influenced by India, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Thailand is home to some of the best Asian foods out there, including pad Thai, massaman curry, and Thai green and red curry.

For a Thai recipe, why not try mango tapioca pudding? Simply soak the tapioca pearls in non-dairy milk. Transfer the mixture to a saucepan, and add coconut milk, sweetener, vanilla, and salt. Bring contents to a boil, allow to cool, and serve.

For appetizers, why not try your hand at salt and pepper squid, Thai prawn crackers, or Thai mango salad?

Thai desserts include Thai coconut ice cream, Thai fried banana fritters, and the most famous dessert, Thai mango sticky rice. 


Turkish food can be described as a fusion of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Balkan, Central Asian, and Eastern European amongst other influences.

Traditional Turkish recipes are foods such as Turkish meatballs, Turkish stuffed eggplant, and doner kebab.

Turkish appetizers are often dishes such as roasted red pepper dip, Turkish zucchini fritters, and Turkish beans.

For Turkish hummus, add chickpeas and minced garlic to a food processor. Add ice cubes, tahini, salt, and lemon juice. Add a drizzle of olive oil, and serve.

There are various Turkish desserts, such as baklava, Turkish coffee brownies, and the ever so famous, Turkish delight. Serve with Starbucks drinks at home. It’s great if you’re looking for how to make a Starbucks Frappuccino. Try our coffee drink recipes.


Ukrainian cuisine has been heavily influenced by neighboring countries, the rich soil that their vegetables grow in, as well as the hard-working locals. Many of their recipes lend themselves to easy air fryer dinner recipes. I think you’ll also like our curated list of Ninja air fryer recipes too.

Classic Ukrainian foods include chicken kiev, vareniki or dumplings, and potato pancakes.

A refreshing summer dish, Okroshka, is often served in Ukraine. To make it, simply peel and dice potatoes and cover with water. Add vinegar and bring to a boil then continue boiling for 10 minutes.

Drain and set aside. Boil 3 eggs and then place them in cool water. Dice eggs, cucumbers, ham, dill, and green onions and combine.

In another bowl, whisk cold water, sour cream, vinegar, and salt, and pour the mixture into the egg mixture. Combine and serve.

For easy Ukrainian appetizers, you could serve pampushki, Ukrainian liver cake, or ikra eggplant spread.

Ukrainian desserts include honey babka, classic honey cake, and Ukrainian apple cake that all work beautifully after a traditional Ukrainian meal.


Vietnamese cuisine is one of the world’s healthiest, creating dishes with a complex taste and vibrant color.

Some Vietnamese recipes include pho, Vietnamese curry, and pok pok chicken wings. Give our pho broth recipe a try too.

In terms of recipes, papaya salad couldn’t be simpler. Shred carrots, cabbage, red bell pepper, and papaya, as well as lettuce. Combine lime juice, maple syrup, oil, garlic, chili paste, and salt. Toss to combine. Serve with fried onions and roasted peanuts.

Vietnamese appetizers include recipes such as mung bean dumplings, purple yam soup, and Vietnamese spring rolls.

Traditional Vietnamese desserts include Vietnamese fruit cocktail, sweet corn pudding, and pandan waffles. Tasty!

Final thoughts 

There we go! You have come to the end of the ultimate guide to international foods.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to spice up your usual food routines, we hope these recipes will be of use to you next time you’re hosting an international themed dinner party or simply fancy a change!

One of the best parts about experimenting with new ingredients and new recipes in the kitchen is discovering new favorites that you can incorporate into your regular routine.

Once you start trying new recipes packed full of flavor and new textures, you’d be surprised how boring the same old recipes seem! It only takes one recipe to blow you away for you to open your mind.

Whether you’re familiar with many of these recipes, or are just learning of some of them now, you are bound to find something that suits everyone’s tastes.

Have fun and enjoy experimenting!