How To Start Baking and Cooking For Beginners: New Home Chef Guide

Nothing beats the smell of a gooey brownie or chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, does it?

The smell fills the house, and the baked goods fill your stomach with that warm, happy, fuzzy feeling. Whether you are a seasoned baker or dipping your toe into the world of measuring cups and egg whites, baking can be a fun and relaxing hobby. A big welcome to all readers. I think you’ll find our content helpful and delicious. Our specialty is recipessubstitutesinternational foodsvegan foodbaking, and side dishes/appetizers/desserts.

One of the easiest things to bake are different types of bread.

You could also try to make homemade tortillas. They are also very easy to make. Do tortillas go bad? Absolutely. Can you freeze tortillas that are leftover. Certainly. Add some chili and you’ll be fine. The best beans for chili are pinto in my opinion. Pinto beans can also be what to eat with chili instead of in the dish itself. The same goes for tamales. How to reheat tamales is very simple.

But for those beginners, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. There are so many cookbooks and gizmos, knowing what you need to start baking can be challenging to find out. That is where this guide comes to the rescue! Remember, if you’d like to take your hobby to a profession you can always attend one of the best culinary schools.

Our guide will tell how to start baking for beginners, outlining exactly what you need to get started! The time of procrastination is over; for now, we bake! There are hundreds of different types of cake you can bake. Try some easy dessert recipes. Our desserts in an instant pot are an easy option. Don’t feel like you have to make a 5 course meal on your first try. In fact I’d recommend you start with something easy like a bundt cake recipe. Of course you can even start with recipes that use applesauce. If you have some Nutella around, our easy Nutella recipes are great.

You can also look at meal services like Hello Fresh. There are many easy Hello Fresh recipes to practice with. They have great sheet pan recipes.

What You Need 

To start baking, you will, of course, need some recipes to try out! You could purchase some cookbooks, or you can search for free recipes online. There is a wealth of information out there for baking, but don’t let that phase you; stick with us, and I can navigate the big bad world of baking for you!

For certain recipes you’ll need to know where to buy a cheesecloth.

Once you have selected a recipe to start with, cookies or cupcakes are easy ones, to begin with; you are going to need some baking utensils. Later, we’ll show you how to make no bake cookies.

If you’re baking a cake, make sure you have a good 9×13 pan. It’s a necessity. You’ll also need a good kitchen strainer. A spider strainer is very helpful for bakers. A good cast iron spatula for pots and pans. You’ll need it. A good dough whisk is always helpful. 

Now, don’t panic! You don’t need to blow hundreds of dollars on a fancy all-in-one mixer; let’s take a look at what should be in every beginning baker’s kitchen. I’d also add a nice 4 door refrigerator too.

You will need to understand ingredients though. Baking powder and baking soda are both important. Don’t worry you can use substitutes. And in today’s healthier eating, it would be good to find a suitable butter substitute for baking. Cake flour or a cake flour substitute are also important for baking. You may also want to try almond flour as a substitute. Given today’s health consciousness, you’ll want to find a healthy substitute for heavy cream. While you’re looking a substitute for evaporated milk is also a wise choice like almond milk. Does almond milk go bad? Yes it does so store properly.

If you can’t get through the day without your coffee, you’ll be happy to learn there are several healthy coffee sweeteners out there. Try our coffee drinks.

A weighing scales

Not just a sad step in the bathroom, weighing scales in the kitchen will quickly become your best friend! A massive part of baking is accurately measuring your ingredients out correctly. Incorrect measurements can lead to baking catastrophes (one of my first cakes exploded in the oven, and I can’t have that happen to you!), and weighing out ingredients can help avoid these. 

A small electronic weighing scale is a worthwhile investment that is usually an affordable purchase to make. Electronic weighing scales tend to be more accurate than their mechanical counterparts. They will take a small battery to operate, but generally, the battery life is excellent. They are a great way of measuring ingredients which are listed in grams or ounces. 

How else do you measure, with cups and spoons, of course! 

Sometimes, a recipe will ask for ingredients measured in ‘cups’ or ‘spoons’ depending on the recipe. Cups are usually measured in ¼ cup, ½ cup, or a whole cup. These measurements can be converted into ozs to use your scales, but you run the risk of inaccuracies on times and fiddly maths! You’ll also need to know how many ounces in a shot for various recipes.

You can purchase cups that state the cup measurements on them, so you can fill these up stress-free and add them to your mixture. These cups can be practical or be stylish additions to your kitchen and are widely available and an affordable purchase to make too. 

They are also available in a scoop style, which is easier to dip into a bag of flour and get an excellent measurement! These usually come as a set with a range of sizes, either made of stainless steel or silicone. Get yourself a cheese slicer.

You’ll also need ceramic non stick pans. They’re indispensable for cooking and baking.

Silicone gives you added flexibility, which is an excellent feature for scooping out the dregs of flour at the bottom of the bag. Stainless steel is more solid, and from experience, I find these easier to clean. 

More commonly in British recipes, things are measured in spoons, with the measurement relating to the different sizes, i.e., table or teaspoon. You can convert these to cup measurements quickly with a conversion chart. 

Alternatively, similar to the cup scoops, you can buy scoops that are sized ½ teaspoon, tablespoon, etc. these are widely available and an inexpensive purchase for most budding bakers.

Those who don’t want two sets of measuring cups may be worth finding a few recipes that appeal to you and purchasing the cups that correspond to the measurements provided.

What about my liquids?

Milk, water, whatever liquid the recipe requires will also need to be correctly measured out. A measuring jug is an excellent option for this. Usually, microwave and dishwasher safe depending on plastic or glass, you can pour the liquid in up to the appropriate line and add to your mixture like sarsaparilla vs root beer.

A jug is affordable and widely available as well. You have options with the material and whether you opt for a plunger jug, which helps measure multiple liquids. While that is a nifty tool, a regular jug works just as well! You’ll need it for some ingredients like vanilla extract or vanilla extract substitute. If you’re looking to learn how to make Starbucks drinks at home, this is your first ingredient after coffee. Also check out our Starbucks caramel Frappuccino recipe.

When adding liquids to a mixture, it’s best to go slowly, adding a bit at a time and mixing in between to avoid over saturating the mixture. Adding a little at a time also provides you with better control of the mix! Buttermilk can become your new best friend for many recipes. Speaking of buttermilk, many bakers today are lactose intolerant and need alternatives for various recipes. You’ll need to find a buttermilk substitute that works for you and your family. Of course if you’re feeling adventurous, you can look at our delicious sweetened condensed milk recipes too.

The best brandy substitute is rum (alcohol) and apple juice (non alcohol) for your recipes. Our brandy drink recipes are worth a try. Learn the difference between tequila vs vodka. Luckily there are many types of alcohol to use in recipes or serve to guests. Check out our autumn cocktails too. Our good mixed drinks are very tasty. Though I am a fan of simple tequila drinks.

Then again, a tasty sweet cocktail is awesome. For something less sweet try our easy vodka cocktailswhiskey drink recipeseasy rum drinks, or our best mocktail recipes. Try our best bourbon cocktail recipes. Don’t forget our blue curacao recipes. Try our best Cointreau drinks. They are almost as good as our refreshing summer cocktails.

For something a little stronger, try our best Hennessey cocktails. It is an amazing upscale drink. Of course, I still enjoy a good mojito recipe.

If you like unusual cocktails, make sure you try refreshing ginger beer cocktails. I have always found ginger beer tasty and those cocktails are always good. Many of these cocktails can be awesome keto cocktails as well. Of course I do enjoy amazing amaretto in my drinks. A good amaretto cocktail is a delight. Though I have to tell you, I really don’t like harsh Jagermeister. It smells and tastes like cough syrup to me.

My husband enjoys Baileys Irish cream in his coffee during the holidays. Does Baileys go bad? Absolutely so be prepared. Baileys is found in many delicious Irish desserts too. Substitute creme de cacao to your drink recipe if you prefer a more chocolatey taste. Easy candy recipes are a great place to start. Our healthy dessert ideas are awesome.

A mixing bowl, your new best friend

Once your ingredients are correctly weighed out, you will need a large bowl to combine them. A mixing bowl is an essential piece of equipment for baking. You have some choice with your bowl, whether you go for a plastic or glass bowl. Try our best baking recipes curated to perfection. Our blueberry dessert recipes are also worth a try. Take a look at our coconut milk recipes for added inspiration.

The benefits of a plastic bowl are for the clumsy baker’s; you will not smash the bowl should it slip out of your hands. A plastic bowl is also microwave safe and often dishwasher friendly, so melting butter or chocolate can be done quickly. For those who are health conscious, you can use sugar free chocolate chips. If you like to bake it’s important to find a good melting white chocolate and a decent white baking chocolate. Make sure you try our easy chocolate recipes.

Marshmallows also offer health conscious options. Vegan marshmallows are quite tasty. They’re great in vegan baking recipes. Our vegan meal ideas are awesome.

However, a glass bowl works well for those who may want to melt chocolate, butter, or other goods overheat. If I’ve lost you, you can do this by placing a saucepan on the heat with a bowl on top containing your ingredients. The heat will heat the bowl and melt your ingredients. It can be a slower process than a microwave, but you do get better control. If you’re making Indian recipes you’ll need to know how to cook with ghee or find a ghee substitute. Give our easy Indian desserts a try.

I like to have the option of glass or plastic mixing bowls, but the choice is ultimately yours. Remember, you can always add Gel colors to spice up your creations too! Don’t be afraid to add cinnamon or cinnamon substitutes for extra flavor. And if you run out of ingredients don’t be afraid to substitute like Chocolate Chip Cookies without Baking Soda. You can also make chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar too. Give the No Bake Oreo Dessert a try. It’s easy and delicious.

I love pecan pie. Does pecan pie need to be refrigerated? Not necessarily. We have some delicious pie recipes. Take a look.

Certain ingredients can add body and flavor. Sour cream and sour cream substitutes can be a baker’s best friend. Make sure you check out spelt flour and spelt flour substitutes too.

An electric mixer, here to save the day?

Once you have all your ingredients in a bowl, you will need to bind them together. You can do this with a wooden spoon or a manual whisk, but these things take time, and frankly, who has the time these days? That’s where an electric mixer comes in to play. But don’t forget a nice hand mixer is always welcome.

Operating usually by a mains plug, the mixer will feature two whisks and a couple of speed settings to help deliver your ingredients’ fast mixing. An electric mixer can sometimes come with a bowl attached, as a larger unit. These all in one mixer are the kind you see dotted over Instagram. Let’s take a look at them as an alternative to buying a separate mixing bowl and mixer. 

All-in-one? Is it worth it?

All-in-one mixers, or stand mixers, are popular tools for budding bakers. Their success can partially be attributed to The Great British Bake Off, where we all saw the benefits. For those living under a rock, the premise is simple; you pour all your ingredients into the large bowl which sits in the stand. A mixer will lower in, you control the settings, and everything mixes together. 

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Popular brands like Kitchen Aid have been a staple in kitchens for bakers for years; those who want to bake bread will enjoy this as there is a lot less time kneading the dough. Generally, they are easy to use and will speed your baking time up. 

There is a flip side to these excellent devices, though. The cost is one of them. Standing mixers are generally expensive; as a baking beginner, the outlay can be off-putting, especially if it turns out you hate baking or don’t get the chance to bake often. 

The other issue is the size. While compact mixers do exist, standing mixers can be quite cumbersome. If you have a large kitchen with plenty of counter space, this may not be an issue for you, but for those with other appliances, or limited counter space, you may struggle to find adequate space for a standing mixer. 

If you want my honest opinion, a standing mixer is geared for the seasoned baker or a small business, rather than an entry-level cupcake maker. If you’re going to make a real investment into your baking, then it is a great option to go for. Try our birthday cake ideas for adults. They have great buttermilk recipes.

However, if you don’t want to empty your bank account, opting for an individual mixing bowl and mixer will save you money and counter space! Your ingredients will still mix well, and depending on the mixer you opt for, it shouldn’t take that much longer. 

How are you stirring? With some wood, I hope! 

Sometimes, it’s best not to use a mixer. I know, the thought of sore biceps pains me too, but hear me out and let me tell you all about the beauty of a wooden spoon. 

Some recipes will use very fine powders; cocoa powder, used in almost every chocolate-based recipe, is one. When added to other powders such as flour, if you put a mixer on it straight away, you will end up with powder everywhere! Using a wooden spoon to mix the two slowly will help reduce the flying powders. And if you’re asking how to make icing thicker, we’ve got you covered. Give French cookies a try.

When it comes to nuts, know the difference between the pecan vs walnut.

Make sure to store yeast properly to avoid contamination. You can freeze yeast.

Sometimes, a recipe will specify that you use a wooden spoon instead of a mixer for those reasons. It can also be helpful when it is time to spoon the mixture out, ready to be baked. And, of course, there is nothing like licking the spoon while your mixture bakes. 

Wooden spoons are widely available and can be picked up at such a low cost! You can even get utensil sets that feature spoons, sieves, rolling pins, and more than your baker’s heart could desire, a great gift, too, if you want to drop some hints!

The importance of trays 

Without a tray to pour your mixture into, your mixture will not become a baked reality. Trays are easily accessible and so affordable that you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank. 

They come in a range of shapes and sizes; your recipe will usually state which size you will need. I would recommend a tray for those beginners for cupcakes, a round cake tin, and a flat tray that can be used for baking cookies. 

This selection will offer you some diversity and cover the basics of baking nicely. As you become more seasoned, you can expand your collection to include all manner of funky shaped tins and trays. 

Added extras

Above, I have told you precisely what you will need to start baking and yield the perfect results, but before you go today, let me share some essential tips and extras for the ideal first bake! 

Preparation is key! Before I start baking, I like to read the full recipe first to avoid any surprises along the way and know what is expected of me with the recipe. Something seemly as simple as how to boil a hot dog can have a decent recipe. So can how to cook brats in the oven. Using herbs where needed to add flavor surely helps like thyme or thyme substitutes. Thyme is an excellent replacement for tarragon. I use tarragon as an ingredient in my homemade gluten free chips.

Allspice and allspice substitutes are underused flavors in baking. If you enjoy cooking, make sure you understand the difference between garlic powder vs garlic salt. Finding a good vegetable oil substitute is also a necessity.

You can also add things like Oreo cookies to your recipes. Are Oreos vegan? Not likely.

Weighing out all your ingredients and having them ready before you start baking will save time and allow you to bake worry-free. There is nothing worse than mixing part of a recipe while other ingredients need to be weighed out. 

Arrowroot powder substitutes include tapioca flour and cornstarch. They work in the same way as arrowroot powder. You may need to adjust your quantities slightly.

The same goes for your oven; pre-heating is crucial! Putting your mixture into a cold oven will slow the process down and can throw your timings out of whack. I like to preheat the oven while I make my mixture so it can go straight in when it’s done. 

Kosher salt should not be used when baking due to its anti-caking agent. A kosher salt substitute would be best.

You may also need a cheese grater for some of your recipes. Hint, it’s not just for cheese. I love cheese with apples. There are many sweet apple varieties for your baking needs. Apple pie made with a pie iron is the bomb. But make sure you have an apple slicer for your kitchen. Add cinnamon to your apple recipes. Learn the difference between Ceylon vs Saigon cinnamon

An oven safe skillet is essential for cooking. Splurge and get a good quality pan. It’s worth the money. You can reheat fries in an oven and you can also reheat fries in an air fryer. However, the rest is probably best put in the microwave. Our Popeye’s fries recipe is amazing. Don’t forget tasty Popeye’s biscuit recipe. Our homemade dumpling recipe is awesome. Give it a try.

If you’re going to be baking make sure you know how to zest a lemon. It’s an invaluable skill in cooking. Learn the difference between lime vs lemon too. Try cardamom or a cardamom substitute. It’s delicious in certain recipes. Try our lemon sweets. Many can be found in our tasty cream cheese desserts.

Make sure you try malted milk powder in your recipes as well. It can be a welcome addition.

Once you’ve made your mixture, time is an important one to watch. You don’t want to undercook or burn your creation. You can use the timer on your phone or oven, or you can purchase a timer for your kitchen that will help you keep track and ensure your baked goods are perfectly cooked. For your first easy recipe try Jello Chocolate Pudding Pie No Bake Chocolate Dessert. It’s delicious. Try using vegan M & M’s as an ingredient too.

There are so many tools on the market now for bakers, but for those starting, this guide has provided you with the basics you need to get cracking! See

Recipes to try

Our site is loaded with great recipes. One of our favorites is how to make icing without powdered sugar. Delicious. Try this chocolate frosting too. It’s the bomb. If you’re looking for unusual dessert recipes check out Puerto Rican food. They have some tasty dishes. Dinner tonight has some great recipe ideas. There are also some good ideas for a romantic dinner at home. Make sure you try ground sausage recipes for dinner too. They’re easy dinner party recipes. Make sure you take a look at our easy weeknight dinners too. Our grad party food ideas may be worth a look too.

If you’re just learning your way around the kitchen, start with something simple and make it excellent like boiling a potato.

If you have have stale bread around the house, there are many good stale bread recipes out there. If you’re looking for bread, take a gander at our tasty ciabatta bread recipe.

Traditional Greek food has amazing desserts to try baking. Speaking of Greek food, what is a gyro? I think we all know it’s a popular street food in the Middle East and delicious sandwich alternative everywhere else. What is shawarma? A shawarma is served with grilled, marinated and seasoned meat, and then used as pita bread filing, with lots of veggies on top (Give Ethiopian vegetarian recipes a try). African meals are equally tasty.

Our easy vegetarian recipes are the bomb; especially our delicious vegetarian sandwich recipes. I love it as party food. (take a look at our tea party menu) Make sure you check out our vegetarian appetizer ideas. Add a hard boiled egg too. How long to hard boiled eggs lasted in the fridge? About two weeks. Take a look at our egg recipes too. They’re great with our flat top griddle recipes.

Try rabbit recipes if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Remember any beef recipe can be made better by adding rosemary or a rosemary substitute. Learn how to cook a bottom round roast. It’s an important dish.

Beef brisket is always a good choice for the smoker or BBQ (see our guide on how to reheat smoked brisket). What to serve with brisket is plentiful and tasty. Make sure you check out our barbecue sides. Of course our barbecue recipes are delicious. Check out the BBQ appetizer ideas too. You may find our best dip recipes helpful as well. Make sure you review our easy cold appetizers.

Cheese substitutes. If you’re baking at all, you’ll need to start using cheese in your recipes. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various cheeses like Muenster cheeseAsiago cheeseNeufchatel cheese. There are many easy cottage cheese recipes.

great breakfast recipe is French toast. It’s warm and syrupy. Yum! Don’t forget the waffles and pancakes. If you’re looking for something easy to make, chose a dish from American breakfast. There are many amazingly easy breakfast recipes you should try. You’ll even find the best breakfast sandwich mentioned. Check out the keto breakfast as well. For hunger between meals check out our healthy protein snacks.

Don’t just look at American options. German breakfast food can be interesting too. Though I’m a big fan of Portuguese breakfast recipes ever since my trip to Lisbon.

Waffles without baking powder is also a winner. You can always have breakfast for dinner too! Try a nice Italian breakfast, very nice. If you’re out camping try some of our Camping Breakfast Ideas. (Our camping dinner ideas are also delicious) While we’re on the subject of breakfast try our Waffle No Milk recipe. You should also take a look at how to make pancake mix. It’s quick and delicious. Since we’re talking about breakfast, can you freeze bacon? Yes, you can if you have leftover uncooked bacon. When cooking bacon make sure you use a splatter guard. Give our high protein breakfast ideas a try. Take a look at our bacon ideas too.

If you’re looking for a good pasta dish (check out side dishes for meatballs too), Creamy Chicken Pasta is awesome. Check it out. Our pasta dishes and vermicelli recipes will knock your socks off. Louisiana Chicken Pasta is also great if you’re in the mood for more of Cajun recipe. You can use the leftovers to make good sandwiches. I like it as a panini recipe idea. It’s a great Cajun dinner idea. Our bagel sandwich recipes are delicious too. 

Chicken will be a big part of any picnic food list. Start with fried chicken. You can’t go wrong. Our chicken thigh dinner recipes are also great. Give them a try. Our shredded chicken dinner ideas are also tasty. Try our best chicken dinner recipes too. Our best easy chicken ideas are worth a try as well. Try the healthy chicken breast recipes. Of course, our oven chicken recipes are equally delicious.

I’m really starting to like using my Instant Pot more and more. Give this recipe for Instant pot corned beef and cabbage a try. It’s great on a cold day. There are many easy electric skillet recipes to try too. Make sure you check out chicken parm sides.

Can you freeze cabbage? Absolutely, so you have ample opportunity to make corned beef and cabbage. If you have a Ninja Foodi, our Ninja Foodi deluxe recipes are curated perfection. There are many air fryer recipes for beginners. There are also some tasty Ninja air fryer recipes. Many times it works well for an easy low carb meal.

When cooking rice in an instant pot know the rice cooker ratio (Try our tasty rice cooker recipes). Our tasty rice noodles are also a hit.

If you’re using an instant pot, there are many great recipes for leftover prime rib. There are many quick ground beef recipes to try too. There are many that qualify as a keto crockpot recipe. Make sure to check out our easy dinner casseroles too. Make sure you check out our steak crockpot and slow cooker recipes. For added inspiration check out our best chicken crock pot recipes. Check out our dump dinners too. Our best tater tot recipe is a casserole.

Chipotle seasoning is a great addition to many dishes like a beef burrito recipe. You’ll need cilantro or a cilantro substitute. Give it a try! You can also use cilantro if you’re interested in how to make pho.

If you’re a fan of balsamic vinegar make sure to try Balsamic Pork Chops. For some extra zing you can use apple cider vinegar as an alternative. You may want to add chili powder or a good chili powder substitute. If you’re making burgers, make sure to use a good burger spatula. Plastic spatulas will melt.

For seafood lovers, here’s a few options; what to serve with scallops. Also make sure your canned tuna hasn’t gone bad before using in your recipe. And if you like it spicy try Cajun Shrimp Pasta. There are just so many recipes to try if you enjoy shrimpHawaiian Shrimp is one of my family’s favorites. It’s an easy family dinner. Give it a try. It’s great with frozen pre cooked shrimp recipes and also what to eat with shrimp. Shrimp is always a treat in my house and are easy, fun recipes. Of course I do prefer spicy shrimp recipes.

The proper utensils are key when making fish make sure you have the proper pans for cooking fish. Canola oil is great oil for frying fish. It’s healthy and easy to use. Side dishes for fish can also use canola oil. Our fried fish sides are delicious.

If you’re looking to enjoy a crab boil or Frogmore stew, don’t forget the Old Bay seasoning or an Old Bay seasoning substitute. Be careful you don’t use freezer burnt shrimp. Try our best crab cake recipe. You won’t be disappointed.

Learn the difference between steelhead trout vs salmon if you want to start cooking fish. What does salmon taste like? It depends on type. The flavors are much different and will have an impact on what sides you choose. What to serve with salmon is always interesting. Keep it simple. Try our tasty leftover salmon recipes too. Our best canned salmon recipes are great as well.

Sushi is always an option. Try a dragon roll. They’re delicious. I prefer the Boston roll. It has more flavor. Try oyster sauce or an oyster sauce substitute with your Asian seafood dishes. It also works with good imitation crab recipes. If you like Chinese dishes it’s definitely worth a try.

Try octopus. What does octopus taste like? It has the taste and consistency of lobster. Calamari is delicious. How to cook calamari is easy once you learn how to prep the squid.

You should also try lobster. What does lobster taste like? It tastes like a cross between crab and shrimp.

If you like chicken check out Parmesan Crusted Chicken. It’s amazing. You also need to learn how to parboil chicken. It’s a great technique. If you’re frying chicken a good deep frying pan is essential. Canola oil is one the best oils to fry chicken. You really can’t go wrong with a fried chicken dinner. It’s always good to have a chicken broth substitute available.

What to serve with chicken wings is varied and tasty. Take a look.

Speaking of chicken, give Pan Seared Chicken Breast a try. It’s a winner. Add smoked paprika for added zing. Creamy Spinach Chicken is also just as good. If you like ranch dressing, try Ranch Chicken recipes. Take a look at good canned chicken recipes. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

For health reasons you may want a substitute for ricotta cheese. It has a high fat content. You can also substitute milk for heavy cream in an alfredo sauce recipe.

Since chicken can be bland at times make sure you add side dishes for chicken that add interest and flavor. If you’re a fan of rosemary try Rosemary Chicken Thighs. Yum! For those who like pasta give Chicken Pasta Recipes a try. Make sure you understand how to use poultry seasoning or a poultry seasoning substitute when working with poultry. And if need be, there are substitutes for cream of chicken soup available. It’s great in instant pot soup. I really like a good healthy soup.

I like turkey deli meat on a sandwich. Can you freeze lunch meat? Yes, you can. It’s great for ground turkey meals.

When making Chicken Marsala, you may need a marsala substitute. There are just so many delicious Italian dishes to try. Appetizers are also a place Italian food shines. Though what goes with lasagna has excellent options as well. Delicious canapes usually have an Italian or French flair. They can be quick appetizers too. They’re an easy finger food recipe and great to eat with pizza.

Here’s a great list of leftover roast beef recipes. Give them a try. Some fun dinner ideas are just around the corner. You may want to try a Korean BBQ grill too (Try the Korean side dishes too). If you’re really feeling adventurous, try our hibachi recipes. Check out barbecue chicken sides as well. Make sure you check our our smoker ideas too. They can make a cheap dinners too. It’s great on a cookout food list.

My family loves this recipe for sirloin tip steak. Yours will too. There are many delicious steak dinner sides. Our beef chuck recipes are delicious too.

Don’t forget the burger too. There are many fun burger toppings to try. Hamburger sides are varied and tasty.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, give Beef Wellington a try. Don’t for get the Beef Wellington sides. They can be just as delicious. Keto sides are great as what goes with meatloaf too. Lipton meatloaf mix recipe is delicious. It makes an easy keto lunch too. They are great for recipes using a food processor. Try our quick lunch ideas too. Our healthy lunch recipe options are the bomb too. We even have school lunch ideas for kids.

If you like Chinese food, learn the difference between Hunan Chicken vs Szechuan Chicken. They’re both different and both delicious. It’s also good to learn the difference between chow mein vs lo mein noodles.

Since we’re on poultry, make sure you give boneless turkey breast recipes a try. It’s great if you’re trying to decide what to make with leftover turkey.

Great leftover chicken recipes are always available. If you buy rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, you’ll love our rotisserie chicken recipes. If you’re cooking poultry, don’t forget the stovetop stuffing recipes.

Dinner recipes for two are always a fun idea, particularly if the kids are out of the house. Try a sous vide recipe option. You’ll be glad you did. For something different try a southern recipe. If the kids are in the house try our quick dinner ideas for kids.

If you’re looking for something with pork, try Leftover Pork recipes. You’ll find something to love. You can also give sides for ribs a try too! Sauce for pork chops is a great recipe as well. If you like pork try Cuban recipes. They’re delicious. Try glazed pork tenderloin too. Very nice for the holidays.

Learn how to steam tamales. It’s an easy dish once mastered. Longaniza is an amazing pork to cook with if you enjoy Latin cuisine. Longaniza is a key ingredient in Spanish food recipes. It brings back childhood memories, but I still enjoy a good frozen corn dog.

Great ground pork recipes are available if you like to work with that meat. Crockpot dinner ideas are plentiful with pork. There are even many delicious vegetarian crockpot meals. I like them for lazy Sunday dinner ideas. Of course the crockpot is amazing for soupsSlow cooker soup is the way to go. I also really like skillet dinners for easy evenings. You’ll need a few vegetable ideas to make your meal balanced and tasty. Make sure you give what goes with tacos a try. Those sides are delicious. Our Mexican tacos are amazing.

And since we’re talking about pork, make sure you have sides for ham and side dishes for pork chops. Don’t miss leftover pulled pork ideas. I like my leftovers on a sandwich with a Dijon mustard substitute. The best buns for pulled pork are brioche buns in my opinion. Leftover ham can be a great place to start with these recipes. Many Hawaiian dishes use leftover ham. You can always try the Paula Deen corn pudding as a side.

If you’re on a keto diet make sure you try Low Carb Pork Chop recipes. Give Romanian food a try. You won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for unusual pork recipes Filipino food lechon is the bomb. Tasso or a tasso substitute may be an option.

Salami and pepperoni are great ingredients work with for Italian food. Learn the difference between Salami vs Pepperoni. Balsamic vinegar is an underutilized ingredient. I love it, my husband hates it. So we compromise and use a balsamic vinegar substitute. The best substitute for white wine vinegar is red wine vinegar.

Definitely find a tomato paste substitute as real tomato paste is not very healthy. Crushed tomatoes are great to use is sauces. There are plenty of substitutes for crushed tomatoes too.

Remember, there are many types of edible mushrooms that are delicious. It’s good to learn the difference between the various types of mushrooms. Oyster mushroom recipes are slightly different from King Oyster mushroom recipes. I find Enoki mushroom recipes to be mostly Asian and Lion’s mane mushroom recipes are always a treat. I really enjoy sautéed shiitake mushrooms. You can also add plenty of pickles and plenty of gherkins. Yes, they are different.

It would be wise to know the difference between bisque vs soup. They both are important in Italian soup recipes today.

For birthdays, there’s plenty of options available. Birthday dinner ideas has a plethora of choices to make the day special.

For a great dessert recipe, check out these options. For cookies check out Sugar Cookies without Baking Powder. They’re great. You really need to use sour milk in your recipes. It is a welcome addition. candy is sometimes used in dessert recipes. Are skittles vegan? Take a look. Easy German desserts are always an option for bakers. Try our mini dessert recipes too. They have many ideal puff pastry dessert options.

If you like cheesecake, you can make cheesecake without sour cream. You can add bananas. They make some of the best banana desserts ever. Our super moist banana bread recipe is also delicious. Give our Philadelphia cheesecake recipe a try too.

For an international flavor check out Asian desserts too! There are some amazing Vietnamese desserts to try. Of course Polish recipes are tasty as well.

Greek desserts are tasty and very unique (Try our phyllo dough dessert recipes). They are somewhat similar to Russian desserts, but less sweet. I’m a big fan of Japanese sweets so give these recipes a try. Many Thai desserts recipes are also easy to make. Don’t forget to check out those tasty Spanish dessert recipes too. Of course you can’t forget traditional Italian desserts.

Cooking sherry is an important ingredient in many dessert recipes. A good substitute for cooking sherry is essential. A substitute for milk in baking is a must.

If you’re looking for a few nice dessert recipes, check out Chinese desserts for a taste treat. You can always add some rice vinegar or a rice vinegar substitute to add flavor. 

If you’re looking for a great salad recipe, try the Olive garden salad recipe. It’s great. Try expensive truffles if you can afford it though truffle taste is not for everyone. 

Don’t forget the hummus too. Hummus sides are delicious.

McDonalds vegan options are few and far between.

You really need to try the Korean desserts though. Amazing options from a country not known for desserts. Filipino desserts are equally delicious. Easy Mexican desserts are also worth a try try the Mexican fruit drinks too. Try our simple mixed drinks.

Easy orange dessert recipes are readily available too. Feel free to substitute guava for oranges if you have them. 

Sweet Rosé wine pairs well with fish and lamb. It also pairs well with side dishes for lambMoscato sweet wine pairs well with desserts and Asian cuisine. For those with a classier palate, you can give cognac a go. You can learn how to drink Hennessy and have an interesting evening. Don’t forget the best gin drinks.

Foods that start with letters of the alphabet

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Final word

Baking at any level can provide you with hours of fun. Also, consider setting up a Baking Station to organize all of your utensils and ingredients. You can approach your new hobby with no previous experience and still enjoy yourself! To get started, there are a few steps I’d recommend, such as selecting recipes and ensuring you have the right equipment ready to go. These things can all be picked up at a relatively low price, and within no time, you can be baking! Make sure you check out: 

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